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William Shakespeare

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William Shakespeare. Hey Homies , I’m Will.I.Am Shakespeare. Greatest play writer of all time!. Background. Born roughly around April 23, 1564 Actual date of birth is unknown Baptized on April 26, 1564 in Stratford-upon-Avon , Holy Trinity Church

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William Shakespeare

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william shakespeare

William Shakespeare

Hey Homies, I’m Will.I.Am Shakespeare. Greatest play writer of all time!

  • Born roughly around April 23, 1564
    • Actual date of birth is unknown
    • Baptized on April 26, 1564 in Stratford-upon-Avon, Holy Trinity Church
  • Is the third child of John Shakespeare and Mary Arden
    • John was the town lawyer for time
  • Had 2 Sisters
    • Joan and Judith
  • And 3 Brothers
    • Gilbert, Richard, and Edmund
life and time
Life and Time
  • During Shakespeare life the bubonic plague spread throughout Europe.
    • A plague is a disease that affects humans and other mammals.
    • Plagues are caused by bacterium
  • Shakespeare lived in Elizabethan England during his life time.
    • Elizabethan refers to the time period and lifestyle that existed in England at the time it was under Queen Elizabeth’s rule (Approx. 1485-1603)
    • During Shakespeare’s life there were TWO reigning monarchs.
      • Queen Elizabeth I
      • King James I
the life and times
The life and times
  • Little is know about Shakespeare’s early life.
    • This is because during his life time playwrightsand actors were not considered very important people (what a difference from today)!
  • It is believed he went to school at King’s New School, in Stratford.
  • Shakespeare was allowed to attend school free-of-charge until the age of 14 due to his father’s social status.
  • During his time in school, Shakespeare studied Latin, Greek language and British and World literature. This can be seen in his historical plays such as Julius Caesar, Richard III, and Henry IV
early adulthood and marriage
Early adulthood and Marriage
  • John Shakespeare began going through financial difficulties around 1578.
  • William Shakespeare married Anne Hathaway (not the actor) on November 28, 1582.
  • The marriage between Shakespeare and Hathaway was very odd for it’s time.
  • Hathaway was pregnant before the marriage.
  • Shakespeare was only around 18 years old (21 was consent) while Hathaway was 26 (creepyyyyyyyy!!!).
creepyyyyyyyyyyyyyy cont
  • Shakespeare and Anne Hathaway had three children
    • Susanna was their first born, May 26, 1583
    • The twins, Hamnet and Judith were born on February 2, 1585.
      • However…Hamnet would die 11 years later due to unknown causes (possibly creating the character Hamlet?).
  • After the marriage and birth of his children, history loses track of Shakespeare for several years
  • These years would be known as the “lost years”
  • Scholars widely debate what Shakespeare could have done during this time period.
life in london
Life in London
  • It is believed that in the mid to late 1580’s Shakespeare moved to London.
  • As Shakespeare lived in London he began to produce his own plays (although, like a human being he too was an amateur).
  • London was a busy city, in which Shakespeare could start to make a name for himself.
  • London was a place to trade, meet people, and start over (think of it like New York City almost)
  • Shakespeare earned the nickname “The Bard,” which means poet.
globe theater
Globe Theater
  • In 1599 Shakespeare and his business partners build their own theater on the south bank of the Thames River, this theater became known as the Globe Theater.
  • The Globe Theater has actually burned down twice in history and closed multiple times due to plague.
establishing himself
Establishing Himself
  • By 1597 Shakespeare had published 15 of his played (there are 37 in all).
  • During the time of publishing Shakespeare’s most well known contemporary was Christopher Marlow
  • Records show that during this time Shakespeare bought the “second largest house in Stratford.”
  • It is believed that Shakespeare
  • Only returned home once a year.
  • Shakespeare established his own

own acting group known as

The Lord Chamberlin’s Men

some accomplishments by shakespeare
Some Accomplishments by Shakespeare
  • Wrote 37 plays (that was know of)
  • 154 sonnets (fun fact: 154 is the maximum number of syllables a sonnet can reach)
  • Invented 1700 words!
  • Was the first true successful actor, director,

and playwright

Hipster Shakespeare

types of plays written by shakespeare
Types of plays written by Shakespeare
  • Comedy
    • Midsummer Night’s Dream,

The Tempest, As You Like It

  • History
    • Richard III, Henry VI
  • Tragedy
    • Macbeth, Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet
  • Church records indicate Shakespeare was interred on April 5, 1616
  • Buried in Straford-upon-Avon Holy Trinity Church
  • Left most of his possessions to his eldest daughter, Susanna
  • He left his wife the “Second-best bed” (leads to speculation that their marriage was not a pleasant one)
  • After his death two actors in his company, John Hemminge and Henry Condell, began compiling his works for his first folio.