the mae wilson and the walter scott n.
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The Mae Wilson and The Walter Scott

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The Mae Wilson and The Walter Scott - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Mae Wilson and The Walter Scott . Mae Wilson. Walter Scott. Mae Wilson Theatre. Some info on M ae Wilson T heatre. Who was the M ae W ilson theatre made by?. The Mae Wilson theatre was made by a

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some info on m ae wilson t heatre

Mae Wilson Theatre

Some info on Mae Wilson Theatre

who was the m ae w ilson theatre made by
Who was the Mae Wilson theatre made by?

The Mae Wilson theatre was made by a

Calgary architect named James McTeague in 1913. But not as the Mae Wilson Theatre originally as the Monarch Theatre, due to The World War the Monarch was never completed. The Allen theatre chain took over the project and made changes to the blueprints


Grand Opening 

The theatre had its grand opening on August 19, 1916. The Allen Theatre in Moose Jaw was the largest Theatre in Saskatchewan. The 910 seat Theatre ran under the Allen name until 1922 with showing films up to October 1.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

The Theatre operated under the Allen name until 1922 and at that time the name was changed to the Capitol Theatre. In 1929 the Theatre was renovated for sound and became Canada’s 21st Theatre in the Famous Players Chain to receive Movie tone and Vita tone equipment. The Theatre operated in this capacity between 1923 to 1982. By 1983 the demand for a modern Theatre had transformed the Capitol into the Capitol 3 Theatre. The Theatre was subdivided into a 652-seat triplex and operated as a triplex until its closure in August 2001.

1913-15 - Monarch Theatre (never finished)1916-22 - Allen Theatre1923-82 - Capitol Theatre1983-2001 - Capitol 3 Theatre

This guy named Gary heard about the Allen theatre about to be turned into a parking lot. He was devastated about it so he bought it and took care of the Allen theatre until school was beginning, then he found a music star from the Wilson family and asked him to buy it for $350 and the big music star from the Wilson family said “Only if we name it after my mother Mae Wilson.” and that is why the Mae Wilson theatre is named what it is now.
hurting and helping
Hurting and Helping

How has Mae Wilson helped Moose Jaw?

How has Mae Wilson hurt Moose Jaw?

Mae Wilson could possibly hurt moose jaw to many people but not to me the reason I think people think it hurts moose jaw cause it could be used for many different things but to me I think I think that it is perfectly fine. But people have different opinion’s

  • In my opinion I think that Mae Wilson has helped moose jaw more than it’s hurt it. Because it brings family together and has anyone noticed how much people listen to music people all over the world listen to music or participate in dancing or watch dancing so to me I think that Mae Wilson really helps Moose Jaw for all the people who love to do or participate in any music or dance activities
about thomas walter scott
About Thomas Walter Scott

The picture in the background is Thomas Walter Scott. Scott was born in 1867 in Ontario London Township, in rural south western Ontario, the child of George Scott and Isabella Telfer. He moved to Portage La Prairie, Manitobain 1885, and then – at the age of 19 – to Regina, the capital of northwest territories, in 1886. He worked for and then ran a number of Grit newspapers.

He became a partner in the Regina Standard from 1892 to 1893. From 1894 to 1895, he was the owner and editor of the Moose Jaw Times. Scott then bought the Regina Leader (known today as the Regina Leader-Post) in 1895, and was its editor until 1900.

During this period, Scott gained a measure of fame as pitcher for a local baseball team.

deep info about walter scott
Deep info about Walter Scott

1st Premier of Saskatchewan

In office1905–1916 Preceded by Frederick W. A. G. Haultainas Premier of North West Territories Succeeded by William Melville Martin Member of the Legislative Assembly of Saskatchewan for Swift Current

In office1908–1916 Succeeded by David John Sykes Member of the Canadian Parliamentfor Assiniboia West

In office1900–1905 Preceded by Nicholas Flood Davin Succeeded by William Erskine Knowles Born October 27, 1867(1867-10-27) London Township, Ontario

Died March 23, 1938(1938-03-23) (aged 70)Guelph, Ontario Political party Saskatchewan Liberal Party Other politicalaffiliations Liberal Party of Canada Profession newspaper owner and publisher Cabinet Saskatchewan:Minister of Public Works (1905–1916)Minister of Education (1912–1916)

Religion: Presbyterian (Religion of Scotland, England, Wales, Ireland, France, Italy, Hungary, North America, United States, Canada, Latin America, Africa ect.)


Scott was first elected to the Canadian House of Commons in 1900 for the constituency of Assiniboia West, defeating the incumbent Nicholas Flood Davin. Scott represented his constituency in the North-West Territories as a backbencher in the Wilfrid Laurier government and was re-elected in the general election of 1904. Scott and the Minister of the Interior, Clifford Sifton, influenced the development of the autonomy bills which created the two new provinces of Alberta and Saskatchewan. Three controversial issues arose: one province or two; should the provinces have control of mineral rights; and should there be separate schools. Two provinces were created; the two provinces did not gain the right to control their own mineral rights until twenty-five years later; and separate schools were allowed but within one public school system. On September 4, 1905, Saskatchewan became a province.

hurting and helping1
Hurting and Helping

How does the Walter Scott help Moose Jaw?

How does the Walter Scott hurt Moose Jaw?

  • I think that

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