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Health Pooled Fund

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Health Pooled Fund. 2 nd South Sudan Health Sector Summit December 2013. Contents. Background information on the Health Pooled Fund Oversight and Ownership Primary Health Care Health Systems Strengthening Use of Government Systems Coordination and Planning Sustainability

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health pooled fund

Health Pooled Fund

2nd South Sudan Health Sector Summit

December 2013

  • Background information on the Health Pooled Fund
  • Oversight and Ownership
  • Primary Health Care
  • Health Systems Strengthening
  • Use of Government Systems
  • Coordination and Planning
  • Sustainability
  • Responding to issues raised by the states
  • Information and coordination gaps
  • Conclusion
background information
Background Information
  • Three and a half year Programme, October 2013-through April 2016
  • Covering PHC in six states; EE, WBeG, Unity, Lakes, Warrap, and NBeG states
  • Financed by Australian Aid, Canada, European Union, Sweden , and the United Kingdom for a total amount of £120,000,000


  • Continuity of services 22 bridging contracts for a total of £10.5M
  • Strengthening government ownership/ stewardship of the CHD, 39 County based contracts for a total of £56M
  • Expecting the support to approximately 15 hospitals for a total of around £15M
  • Support to SMOH monitoring and oversight
oversight and ownership
Oversight and Ownership


  • Steering Committee at MOH and Oversight Committee at the State level


  • HPF at MOH
  • State Coordinators at State,
  • and County Partners at CHD


  • HPF provided financial package to states who distributed it to counties
  • MOH and SMOH participated in bid evaluation and NGO selection
  • Implementation Workshops at the State Level with joint presentation of work plan and budgets of CHD and County Partners
  • Several Counties shared their budges with their States
primary healthcare
Primary Healthcare
  • HPF is supporting 39 counties in six states with an approximate population of approximately 5 million persons. Approximately 700 verified and un-verified facilities including:
    • 478 PHCU
    • 147 PHCC
    • 17 county level hospitals (including six faith based facilities)
    • 5 State hospitals
  • Strengthen county wide referral system up to county level hospital
  • Support appropriate implementation and management of the BPHNS
  • Involve community beyond the facilities
  • Work in and with the County Health Department
    • Co-location
    • Equipping the CHD to be fully functional
    • Joint Planning and budgeting
    • Capacity building (governance, supply management, financial management, HMIS/DHIS, supervision)
health systems strengthening
Health Systems Strengthening
  • HSS Assessment in 6 states
  • HRIS Design, roll out and training
  • SSEPS training
  • Inventory/De-junking of the Pharmaceuticals
  • Developing leadership training for the CHD
  • Pharmaceutical Procurement Assessment Study (ongoing)
  • Clean-up of DHIS data
  • Training of CHD, CP, and state on HMIS and DHIS
  • Support State capacity to carry out supportive supervision and monitoring: State Fund average of £115,000/State/year
use of government systems
Use of Government Systems
  • HPF makes use of government systems HMIS/DHIS, SSEPS, HRIS,
  • HPF systems training of government staff in implementing in the above systems (DHIS/HMIS/HRIS)
  • HPF is supporting government-led reform efforts by aligning with Government Policies and guidelines
coordination and planning
Coordination and Planning
  • Coordination with other FM, and other development partners and stakeholders:
    • 1st harmonisation workshop Dec 2012
    • TOR for coordination unit developed
  • All counties are supported to work towards one plan one budget per county for 2014
  • Providing full access to the information all financial and technical plans, budgets and reports
  • Through strengthening the government system approach,
  • In using and training on use of government tools,
  • Involving communities in their own Health Care monitoring
  • Exploring ways to strengthen the Private Sector participation and Private Public Partnerships (PPP)
  • Capacity building at various levels especially leadership programmes at the county level
  • Good governance through HRIS and SSEPS and Attendance monitoring systems
  • Supporting government to achieve agreed bench-marks that would enhance donors confidence to channel fund through government systems
  • Supporting the government effort at rationalisation and harmonisation of salaries
responding to issues raised by states
Responding to Issues Raised by States
  • Salary Scales
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • HR Training and capacity building
  • Shortage of Skilled health workers
  • Complete and timely data collection
  • Construction
  • Rehabilitation of health facilities
  • Ambulances and referral systems
  • Lack of transparency from County Partners

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