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Uluru (Ayers rock). By Tien. The Legend. Uluru was a sea or ocean. The Legend. There was a battle. The Legend. People were killed and there was blood. The Legend. The blood formed into a rock. The Legend. Thats how Uluru became a rock. Info.

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The legend
The Legend

  • Uluru was a sea or ocean.

The legend1
The Legend

  • There was a battle

The legend2
The Legend

  • People were killed and there was blood

The legend3
The Legend

  • The blood formed into a rock

The legend4
The Legend

  • Thats how Uluru became a rock


  • Uluru is 348 metres high and more than 9 kilometres aroud its base. However the section that is visible is only one third of the rock. This makes Uluru one of the largest moonliths in the world. In 1873,Bitish exploror named the rock the premier of South Australia, Henry Ayers .In 1985 the goverment handed the rock and the the surrounding ,Kata Tjuta park back to the Aboriginal custodians.It is a listed world heritadge for both its culteral and natural values. Now it is known by its traditional name Uluru.


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