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GBC Succession Committee

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GBC Succession Committee. International Leadership Sanga Mayapura 2012. Committee Members. Bhaktivijnana Maharaja Devamrta Maharaja Anuttama das Dinasarana devi dasi Jaya Krsna das Rasa Krida Parayana das Tamohara das Vamsivadana das. Srila Prabhupada on Training leaders.

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GBC Succession Committee

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gbc succession committee

GBC Succession Committee

International Leadership Sanga Mayapura 2012

committee members
Committee Members
  • Bhaktivijnana Maharaja
  • Devamrta Maharaja
  • Anuttama das
  • Dinasarana devi dasi
  • Jaya Krsna das
  • Rasa Krida Parayana das
  • Tamohara das
  • Vamsivadana das
srila prabhupada on training leaders
Srila Prabhupada on Training leaders

“So I am very much pleased upon you for your kindly guiding and training the new devotees in so many ways. Yes, if you simply instruct them as I have taught also you, being yourself always the perfect example and above suspicion, that will act with great force. I am doing that. And you have pointed out that you want to train others to be leaders, because you have observed there is at present not very many qualified leaders. That is good proposal.”

  • Srila Prabhupada December 1972
what is succession planning
What is Succession Planning?
  • Succession planning is an ongoing process of systematically identifying, assessing, and developing talent to ensure leadership continuity for all key positions in an organization. 
why is succession planning necessary
Why is Succession Planning necessary?
  • Many of our leaders are aging, approaching “retirement”
  • In many areas there is a shortage of new leaders to replace current ones when needed.
  • When a need arises, it is often a “crisis” with stop-gap measures put into place and insufficient solutions.
  • Often, current leaders at all levels are insufficiently trained or experienced at leadership.
  • We need to engage new and younger devotees with ability to spread the Krishna Consciousness movement.
work of the succession committee
Work of the Succession Committee
  • Work has been in two primary areas:

1. Developing the culture, processes, and tools for leadership succession planning.

2. Developing training and educational programs for leaders.

developing a culture of succession
Developing a Culture of Succession
  • Commitment from all levels of leadership
  • Current leaders devoting time and effort
  • Constant search for high potential devotees
  • Commitment to developing younger devotees
  • All successful organizations devote time, energy, and resources to the succession process.
stages of succession process
Stages of Succession Process
  • Identify key positions for succession
  • Develop clear requirements of those positions (service descriptions)
  • Identifying devotees who can perform well in such positions and assessing their capabilities
  • Preparing devotees to assume each identified position – training, experience, mentoring
tools developed by succession committee
Tools developed by Succession Committee
  • Assessment tool to evaluate potential leaders
  • Assessments to evaluate discrepancies in current abilities and needed abilities for new service
  • Performance development and service assessments.
  • Job descriptions
  • To learn more about these – Attend the Succession Committee Seminar – Fri/Sat/Wed Jaya Krishna prabhu)
  • Leadership training and courses NEXT
leadership training
Leadership Training

Formal classes and courses in leadership is one aspect of training, along with:

  • On-the-job progressive training experiences,
  • Mentoring by senior devotees and leaders
  • Krishna Conscious philosophical study
  • Comprehensive training is needed for newer and potential leaders
  • Focused training needed for current leaders
leadership training programs
Leadership Training Programs

Currently developed in:

  • India
  • Russia
  • North America
  • Others beginning (Germany)
training program north america
Training Program – North America
  • Twelve week training course completed last year
  • Six separate two-week sessions held over 2 years.
  • Topics include:
  • Spiritual Foundations (1/3 of the course)
  • Personal and Management Skills (2/3 of course) Leadership skills, Team Building, Strategic Planning, Communications, Devotee Care, Conflict Resolution, Coaching, Outreach Preaching, Congregational Development, Fund-Raising, Legal and financial, Grhastha Training, Child Protection, etc.
training program india
Training Program - India

ISKCON LEADS - ISKCON Leadership Education And Development System

  • Under authority of GBC Succession Committee and Indian RGB
  • Organized by:
  • Director: Bhakti Brhat Bhagavata Swami
  • Chairman: Radheshyam Dasa (RNS)
  • Secretary General: VamsiVadana Dasa (RNS)
iskcon leads program
  • Program length is two 6-week semesters (12 weeks)
  • Between March 2009 to February 2012, ISKCON LEADS has trained 175 devotees in six locations.
  • See Succession Committee Booth for more information
  • Curriculum Details
iskcon leads curriculum
  • Inter-Personal Spiritual Development
  • ISKCON Institutional Development
  • Missionary and Family Spirit Development

Interpersonal Spiritual Development

  • Namamrta Program: Level One (4 Days)
  • SrimadBhagavatam: Canto One (12 days)
  • Bhakti Sadacara (5 Days)
  • Deity Worship Basic Standards (4 Days)
  • Bhajans and Kirtanas (2X3 days)
iskcon leads curriculum1

ISKCON Institutional Development

  • Administration (4 days) / Management Principles (6 Days)
  • Communications (4 Days) / ISKCON Resolve (3 Days)
  • Srila Prabhupada, Our Founder –Acarya (5 Days)

Missionary and Family Spirit Development

  • Book Distribution (5 Days) / Varnasrama Develop (5 Days)
  • Devotee Care (4 Days) / Friend and Fund Raising (3 Days)
  • Brahmachari Asrama Leadership (5 Days)
  • Youth Preacher Training (5 Days) / Congregational Development (4 Days)
what leaders need to do
What leaders need to do
  • Prepare and train for your next leadership responsibility
  • Identify new leaders in your area and help them to develop
  • Let us know of any devotees who can help with leadership development & Succession Committee
  • Attend seminar on Succession Practices
  • Visit the Succession Committee Booth
srila prabhupada s succession planning and development
Srila Prabhupada’s Succession Planning and Development

For more information please contact: