kinderlab robotics offers best in class robot n.
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KinderLab Robotics Offers Best-in-Class Robot Kits for Kids PowerPoint Presentation
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KinderLab Robotics Offers Best-in-Class Robot Kits for Kids

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KinderLab Robotics Offers Best-in-Class Robot Kits for Kids - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Education robots give teachers a fun, hands-on way of introducing scientific, technological and social concepts to young children. By designing, assembling and experimenting with their own small machines, kids can strengthen their ability to follow detailed instructions and solve problems. KinderLab Robotics is a leading provider of premium-quality, educational robot toys for young children. Its flagship product, the KIBO, won a 2017 Parents’ Choice Award in the Toy category.

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kinderlab robotics offers best in class robot

KinderLab Robotics Offers Best-in-Class Robot Kits for Kids

KinderLab Robotics designs and develops high-quality robot kits for kids. The company’s main

product, the KIBO, gives children aged 4-7 a fun, engaging way to learn about programming and

other scientific topics. KinderLab also offers educators a set of curriculum materials to help

them touch on literacy, community and other subjects through robotics.

The KIBO robot kit draws from over 20 years of research in the field of youth development.

KinderLab Robotics’ co-founder, Dr. Marina UmaschiBers, heads the DevTech research group at

Tufts University. The group’s efforts focus on the positive impact that new technology such as

educational robots and child-friendly apps can have upon how kids learn and grow.

KinderLab Robotics currently offers four KIBO kits. Two of these kits, KIBO 18 and KIBO 21, are

available as Classroom Packages, which come with curriculum materials aligned with Common

Core math and literacy frameworks. Teachers can also choose from a variety of accessories,

which include:

building brick extension sets these come with

• Building Brick Extension Sets: These come with four building brick bases, which students can

use to add more to the bodies of their robots.

• Lightbulb Module: This module enables the KIBO to light up in three colors.

• Sound Record/Playback Module: Kids can use this module to make the KIBO talk or play

music. It includes three Playback programming blocks.

Through its carefully developed robot toys for young children, Kinderlab Robotics works to

make learning both more fun and more effective. The company’s products help children

develop the skills which they will need to become engineers, artists, choreographers and more.

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