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  1. Mathsstories science pictures reflection kites GLYNNS PORTfOLIO This portfolio contains things that are… creepy. Scary. Utterly terrifying. And some other, less utterly terrifying stuff. Anywho, enjoy.

  2. “Your fired” shouted my psychotic boss as he took my name Keith Trevor Maxwell off the “world’s greatest v8 rookie poster “as I stormed out of his office I mumbled under my breath “you’ll need me, Mr. psycho” I went down to the parking lot and into my car trying so hard to get his red face out of my head. The next day I was looking for a new job I needed a job with a good pay so I could move out of my old, rotting house that’s lying right in the middle of the gangster infested 21st street, now it’s not the gangsters that trouble me it’s the rotting houses that do, so I looked through the paper some more and soon I found the article I’ve been waiting for

  3. g • What you need 2 strait pieces of dowel about 80 cm and 60 cm long scissors string tapelines a stick coloured ribbons or strips of paper a sheet of light but strong paper and you have everything you need to make a kite SACRIFICE

  4. End of year reflection • This year I have learned much more about Math and Literature, I have worked out the meanings to heaps of words that I now use really often. I am also much better at fractions then I used to be. In short, I wasn’t particularly happy about repeating. but I think I have had a good year and I'm looking forward to the next one 

  5. weekend NO MERCY On the weekend I did the school sports it was fun I did not win any mettles but the gold teem won and I'm in the gold team and we won the big shield and that’s the sports

  6. Kites did you now kites have been around for over 2000 years vengeance

  7. unforgiving

  8. Forte city youse to be lush and green it is now overcome by zombies off all shapes and sizes a famous motorbike rider by the name of chuck green has crashed his private plane in this baron land now his fate rests in his own hands ……………………………………….. ZOMBIE he screamed as he saw the first of the zombies it had along neck and torn clothes it was very wrinkly and it was as pale as the moon chuck looked all threw his bag and could not find a weapon too protect himself then suddenly the zombie looked back and attacked! Strait for chuck it swiped at him he dodged and gave it a hard punch then it staggered back and fell to the ground and it looked quit dead and it was chuck green who killed it and then he heard the ground shake and saw at least 20 ZOMBIEs oh my he said he felt tired and worn but he had no choice he quickly ran toward them smashing everything in his way and eventually killing everything YEEEEEEEAAAAAAASSSSSSS he yelled chuck green does it again chuck did not now that the police jets were patrolling the area and he would be safe! Glynn egger

  9. ULTRANET Cool math games GOOGLE

  10. shovel A light and crisp pastry A win execution choux edition nhh To be put to death A long handled scoop used for digging A new .......