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Technology in the gym

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Technology in the gym. By: Andrew Brawner. Technology Human Psyche. Ever where you look there is new technology being used or made. Our culture is a progressive culture we want the newest “Thing.” Whether it is necessary or not, we have to have to have it or want to use it!.

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technology in the gym

Technology in the gym

By: Andrew Brawner

technology human psyche
Technology Human Psyche
  • Ever where you look there is new technology being used or made.
  • Our culture is a progressive culture we want the newest “Thing.”
  • Whether it is necessary or not, we have to have to have it or want to use it!
technology for today
Technology for Today

What can help us Today?

  • Wii Fitness- a video game that keeps it’s players moving.
  • Healthy food posters/BMI Poster-Posters that inform

clients on how to eat and stay healthy.

  • Facebook-A way to promote our company.
  • Sound System- Motivation.
  • Television- Home-like feel.
wii fitness
Wii Fitness

The Facts

  • Easy to use.
  • All ages.
  • Fun! and exciting!
  • Can be used individually or in a group.
  • Wide variety of exercises.
  • A lot of options(from strength training to Yoga).
wii fitness continued
Wii Fitness Continued

Why we need it

  • People like new- Brings in customers.
  • Makes exercising fun- People want to exercise with a smile.
  • Price- It gives more bang for its buck ( under $300).
  • History- Keeps a history to show a clients progress.
posters bmi

The facts

  • Many people are visual learners.
  • A positive way for clients to motivate themselves.
posters bmi continued
Posters/BMI Continued

Why we need it

  • Provides motivation for clients.
  • Provides knowledge of how to eat healthy.
  • BMI(Body Mass Index) shows how healthy they are for their age.

The facts

  • Over 800million active users online!
facebook continued
Facebook Continued

Why we need it

  • There is no better way to promotes our company.
  • Good way for our clients to get in touch with us.
  • A way for clients to take surveys, to see what we can improve on or are doing well at.
sound system
Sound System

The facts

  • Music is a great motivational tool.
  • Puts people in a good mood.
  • Helps clients stay focused.
  • Helps speed up recovery.
sounds systems continued
Sounds Systems Continued

Why we need it

  • Plain and simple it works-
  • Its affordable.

The Facts

  • There are on average 2.93 TV’s per house hold.
  • People enjoy watching television.
televisions continued
Televisions Continued

Why we need it

  • Makes workout experience more enjoyable- allows for a more exciting enjoyable workout.
  • Helps client drift off-On a treadmill this allows them to think less of the task, which makes it easier to complete.
  • Multi-tasking- Allows clients to catch up on their interests while at the gym
wrap up
Wrap up

To sum it up all up with the additions of:

  • Wii Fit
  • Healthful Helpful/BMI posters
  • Facebook
  • Music
  • Television

We can improve our gym drastically!

the end
The End

Thank you for your time!