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  1. EC ENERGY STAR Programme • Overview of programme implementation in the European Union • set up in January 2002 • registration facilities • programme management and follow up • promotion and dissemination • working plan for the next 3 years

  2. The EC ENERGY STAR Programme • US-EC Agreement to co-ordinate the energy-efficient labelling programmes for office equipment:signed in December 2000 and approved by the Council in May 2001 for an initial duration of 5 years • EC ENERGY STAR Programme launched in January 2002 to introduce the ENERGY STAR logo in the Community, set the rules for its use and prohibit its misuse and establish the rules and procedures for the implementation of the Agreement • it is part of a wider Action Plan to improve energy efficiency in the European Union (reduce consumption by 1%/year)

  3. Programme Registration • programme guidelines and application forms at or • the temporary site includes other basic information about the programme and provides a link to the US web site • programme database of registered participants and products - common EC-US lists (Article V of the US-EC Agreement)

  4. Programme management andfollow up: the ECESB (1/3) “…the ECESB shall review the programme implementation within the Community and provide advice and assistance to the COM to enable it to carry out its role as management entity…” • Membership: national representatives designated by each Member State and • Membership: relevant industry representatives (e.g. associations) • Membership: other interested parties with the product groups (e.g. consumers’ associations) • Membership: may be adapted as appropriate (at Commission or ECESB initiative, subject to Commission approval)

  5. Programme management and follow up: the ECESB (2/3) • consulted on the Working Plan and its revisions • draw-up an Annual Report on market penetration of ENERGY STAR products • encourage use of the logo by the organisation of appropriate awareness raising actions and information campaigns for consumers, suppliers, dealers and general public • contribute to COM efforts to promote the proper use of the logo, to market enforcement and control of abuses

  6. Programme management and follow up: the ECESB (3/3) • contribute to the revision of the technical specifications and product groups covered by Annex C to the EC-US Agreement, in particular:  may provide suggestions to the COM following an indicative calendar set in the frame of the Working Plan  shall be consulted by the COM on every proposal received by the COM from the US-EPA  COM keeps the ECESB regularly informed about exchanges and meetings with the US EPA; ECESB members may participate at meetings of the Technical Commission (Article VI of Agreement)

  7. Promotion and dissemination The COM and the ECESB members are committed to encourage the use of the ENERGY STAR logo by appropriate awareness raising actions and information campaigns for consumers, suppliers, dealers, general public,... • Tendering procedures are being launched for action at Community level (e.g. concerning an EU ENERGY STAR web-site) • Member States initiatives for targeted information campaigns • Other, private initiatives (e.g. by a large EU Universities’ network)

  8. ENERGY STAR Working Plan (1/2) The Programme Regulation requires that the Commission establishes a Working Plan in the course of 2002 This includes a strategy for the development of the ENERGY STAR Programme for the next three years, 2003-2005, in particular • objectives for the energy efficiency improvements: bearing in mind the need to pursue a high standard of consumer and environmental protection, and the market penetration that the ENERGY STAR programme should seek to achieve at the EU level

  9. ENERGY STAR Working Plan (2/2) The Strategy for the development of the ENERGY STAR Programme for the next three years, 2003-2005 • a non-exhaustive list of office equipment products : that should be considered as priorities for inclusion in the ENERGY STAR programme • proposals for educational and promotional campaigns • proposals for co-ordination and co-operation between ENERGY STAR and other energy labelling schemes in Member States