industrial training briefing 2011 l.
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Industrial Training Briefing 2011

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Industrial Training Briefing 2011 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Industrial Training Briefing 2011. For ME & MM Programmes website: Programme Industrial Coordinator (Mechanical Engineering). Mr King Yeong Jin – SA 3 rd Floor West Wing optional: add me at facebook at

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Industrial Training Briefing 2011

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industrial training briefing 2011

Industrial Training Briefing 2011

For ME & MM Programmes


programme industrial coordinator mechanical engineering
Programme Industrial Coordinator(Mechanical Engineering)
  • Mr King Yeong Jin – SA 3rd Floor West Wing

optional: add me at facebook at

  • Mr Loh Chiun Tai – SA 4th Floor East Wing

programme industrial coordinator materials manufacturing engineering
Programme Industrial Coordinator(Materials & Manufacturing Engineering)
  • Mr Chen Kah Pin – SA 4th Floor West Wing

  • Faculty’s Industrial Training Site
  • Departmental’s Industrial Training Site
  • Industrial Training Management Portal
  • Training Detail
  • Assessment
  • Industrial Training Report
  • Presentation
industrial training
Industrial Training
  • Part of EAC requirements for accreditation.
  • Employers will expect you to demonstrate a range of practical skills and soft skills as stated in Program Outcomes.
  • Therefore, you must know the required POs and improve yourself accordingly.
  • Industrial Training is one of the means for the University and the company to measure your achievement of the POs.
  • Expose students to engineering practices in the industrial sector under the supervision of experienced engineer or technical staff.
  • Expose students on matters relating to human relations, engineering management, human resource management and the like in the industrial sector.
learning outcomes
Learning Outcomes

On completion of this unit, a student shall be able to:

  • apply knowledge of engineering fundamentals.
  • demonstrate in-depth technical competence in the specific engineering discipline during the industrial training.
  • demonstrate problem identification and solving skill.
  • apply the relevant references, guidelines and code of ethics related to engineering practices.
  • apply systems approach to design and evaluate operational performance.
  • apply interpersonal communication skill with technical or/and non technical staff in the work place.
importance of itp in obe
Importance of ITP in OBE
  • To demonstrate achievement of POs.
  • Technical skills.
  • Ethical and professional skills.
  • Teamwork and leadership skills.
  • Communication skills.
  • Awareness of cultural, global and environmental responsibilities in decision making.
  • Life-long learning.
industrial training management portal
Industrial Training Management Portal
  • ITMP is aimed to manage student’s industrial training placement more systematic and efficient
  • It is also aimed to reduce the use of paper (Go Green!)
  • Please visit:
search for company on your own
Search for Company on Your Own
  • Find company which offer training relevant to your studies.
  • Not allowed to work in company belongs to your family members or relatives.
  • You are not allow to apply the company in the UTAR’s company list.
  • Find on your own, e.g. search the Internet or newspaper etc.
  • Ask family members, relatives and friends for recommendations.
  • Call the company for availability first!
  • Obtain the following:
    • Name, Address, Contact Person, Contact Email & Tel & Fax No.
  • Pass your offer letter with all your details and company details to program industrial coordinator!
utar s company list
UTAR’s Company List

All students can view the UTAR’s Company List from the ITM Portal

application process
Application Process
  • Sign in to the Industrial Training Management Portal and complete the form in the when you signed in.
  • [For students who WANT UTAR to find placement for them] You are only allow to choose the location/area that you want to do your industrial training. For example, Shah Alam, Johor Bahru, Ipoh etc.
  • [For students who DO NOT WANT UTAR to find placement for them] You are required to find placement by your own and you are NOT ALLOW TO APPLY those company listed in UTAR’s Company List.
  • You will need to make your decision once you log in to the ITM Portal either you WANT or DO NOT WANT UTAR to make placement for you.
  • Check the website regularly for status update.
  • Once accepted, you are not allowed to change anymore!
training detail
Training Detail
  • 5 months or min. of 20 weeks training period.
  • Proposed by University 23rd May 2011 to 08th Oct 2011
  • You may be visited by a Visiting Supervisor during the training.
  • In case you are not visited by a Visiting Supervisor, you need to download from the website and make sure “Student Appraisal Form” and “Student Visitation Form” are filled by your Industrial Supervisor and submit together with your report.
attitude on industrial training
Attitude on Industrial Training
  • Be punctual to work.
  • Positive, can-do attitude.
  • Put in efforts and interests in your work.
  • Try to learn as much as you can.
  • Ask when you have queries, don’t keep to yourself.
  • Request for opportunity to involve in technical work.
  • Report & Log Book – 60 %
  • Student Appraisal – 30 %
  • Oral Presentation – 10 %
  • Submit Report and Student Appraisal by 21 Oct 2011 (must follow report guideline).
  • Oral Presentation will be scheduled in the 1st week of Oct 2011 trimester.
  • Students will only be graded PASS or FAIL.
  • Not contributing to GPA.
training report log book
Training Report & Log Book
  • Follow the instruction given by the Industrial Report Writing Guidelines available at the website.
  • Report not following the guidelines will be rejected.
  • You may write and type for the log book.
  • You may record your log book daily or summarize it weekly.
  • Marking scheme can be found in the Faculty Appendices on the website!
  • Remember to register and pay your fees.
  • Midway through the training, if your student status turned into ET, you must withdraw from the training. The training will be invalid and you need re-register for training after you get back to EN status.
  • Inform your Industrial Supervisor first if you have any problem.
  • Contact Industrial Coordinator if problem persists.

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