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INDUSTRIAL TRAINING BRIEFING. By Industrial Training Committee COLLEGE OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY 7 th October 2011. Outline of the briefing. Industrial Training Committee Introduction Requirement Placement Important Things To Do Before, During & After The Industrial Training

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industrial training briefing


Industrial Training Committee


7th October 2011

outline of the briefing
Outline of the briefing
  • Industrial Training Committee
  • Introduction
  • Requirement
  • Placement
  • Important Things To Do Before, During & After The Industrial Training
  • Method of Evaluation
  • Questions & answers
industrial training committee of coit
Industrial Training Committee of COIT
  • Aliza bt. Abdul Latif (Coordinator)
    •, 03-89212364
  • Alicia Tang Yee Choong
    •, 03-89212336
  • Ammuthavali A/p Ramasamy
    •, 03-89212312
  • Azimah bt. Abdul Ghapar
    •, 03-89212328
  • Lim Kok Cheng
    •, 03-89212020 ext 3255
  • Masyura Ahmad Faudzi
    •, 03-89212324
  • Zailani bt. Ibrahim
    •, 03-89212330
  • Course code:
    • BIT(Hons.), BCS(Hons.) 3 yrs program
      • 110 credits - CGNB314
      • 120 credits – CGNB316
  • For Special Semester (Sem 3) 2010/11 the period is:
    • 30th January 2012 – 20th April 2012 (12 weeks)
  • Objective:
    • The objective of the industrial training is to expose students to the various aspects of industrial practices and ethics.
  • Minimum credit hours:
    • Bachelor of Information Technology (Hons.) 3 years program AND Bachelor of Computer Science (Hons.) 3 years program - sixty (60) or more credit hours.
  • Have taken the pre-requisite subjects:
    • CSEB213 (Advanced Programming)
    • CSNB143 (Discrete Structure)
    • CSEB223 (Fundamentals of Software Engineering)
    • CISB224 (Database System)
  • Pre-registration for Special Semester 11/12,
    • 17th December 2011.
i t advisor
I.T Advisor
  • To facilitate the industrial training processes and for students’ benefit, all I.T candidates will be grouped into several groups.
  • Each group will be placed under one advisor i.e. industrial training committee member.
  • Students under a particular group must seek advise and assistant from the group’s advisor.
  • The I.T groups have be determined and finalized for students who had submitted Form A(refer to Important Things To Do - Before)
  • Students need to apply for the placement on their own.
  • The place chosen should give some exposure on the field of his/her major. Student MUST check the company profile and activities before applying.
  • A list of companies from previous I.T. will be posted on the notice board, published in the I.T websiteand I.T. blog
    • comp)
    • (Latest ads) OR
    • Notice Board in Level 4 lobby
documents for placement
Documents for Placement
  • An application letter
    • Ensure that coordinator’s name is included
    • Enclose the verification letter and CV
documents for placement9
Documents for Placement
  • A curriculum vitae
    • Personal Particulars
    • Educational Background
    • Achievements
    • Working Experience - if relevant
    • Activities and Hobbies
    • Career Ambition
documents for placement10
Documents for Placement
  • A verification letter
    • Each student will be given a verification letter from the college. Students are allowed to make copies of it.
    • Will be distributed after this briefing ( to those who have submitted it before 23rd September 2011)
  • If student hold any scholarship, he/she is required
    • to consult with his/her sponsor for approved placement of industrial training
    • to find out if industrial training placement is provided
  • Having the industrial training overseas are not encouraged. (Lecturer cannot visit those students)
  • A different documents are required for those who do their training overseas. Please liaise with ITC members.
  • Students are advised to check with COIT’s admin office for the offer/rejection letters from companies from time to time.
  • Include both, COIT address and your home address for the purpose of receiving your placement letter
  • Students are allowed to collect ONLY their own letters. A student ID card must be produced when collecting the letters.
  • Confirmation of placement must be made latest by 20th January 2012(Submission of Form B – Final Placement Confirmation form)
  • Any changes to placement must be informed to your I.T advisor or the coordinator.
  • Second confirmation of placement must be submitted by 6th February 2012 (Submission of Form C – Report of Duty Notification).
    • Any student who changes company without notifying the college will get FAIL grade.
placement interview
Placement - Interview
  • Some organizations may call for an interview
  • Students must be properly dressed for the interview.
  • Be prepared with some background information of the company
  • Make use of your interpersonal skills, knowledge and experiences
placement aptitude test
Placement - Aptitude Test
  • Some organizations may require student to sit for an aptitude test.
  • Student is advised to refer to sample aptitude test books that can be purchased at major bookstores.
important things to do before
Important Things To Do - Before

1. To submit Form A -

Industrial Training


  • Please complete Form A and submit it to your I.T coordinator to confirm your eligibility.


important things to do before17
Important Things To Do - Before

2. Placement Application

  • The students are required to apply the placement on his or her own.
  • The organization chosen should give some exposure on the field of his or her major.
  • The companies addresses will be published on the notice board (Checking on the company profiles is a must).
  • The documents needed for applying to a company are:

Curriculum Vitae (CV)

Verification letter

  • Scholarship holders please consult with your sponsors for approved placement of industrial training.
important things to do before18
Important Things To Do - Before

3. Subject Registration (CGNB316 or CGNB314)

  • To register the industrial training as a subject during the pre-registration.
  • Pre-registration’s date: 17th December 2011.
  • If you fail to register, no visiting lecturer will be allocated for you, which means you work for 3 months without being evaluated. You will need to repeat your Industrial Training.

4. Placement Confirmation

  • To inform your I.T advisor upon receiving an offer letter from the company applied.
  • Due date for placement confirmation is 20th January 2012 (Form B – Final Placement Confirmation)
  • Grade “BS” will be given to those who fail to do so.
important things to do during
Important Things To Do - During

1. To submit Form C -

Report of Duty Notification

  • Students are required to submit Form C within seven (7) days after they have reported for duty (6th February 2012).

Email /Mail or fax to :

The Coordinator – Industrial Training Programme

College of Information Technology

Universiti Tenaga Nasional

KM7 Jalan Kajang - Puchong

43009 Kajang, Selangor

Tel : 03-8921 2364

Fax : 03-8921 2161

  • Failure to do so or student is found to have changed companies without notifying the college before hand will be given a FAIL grade.
important things to do during20
Important Things To Do - During
  • 2. Placement Changing
  • Placement changing without official approval is strictly prohibited
  • Grade “FAIL” will be given for those who do so
  • 3. Student’s Conduct
  • During the training, the students conduct must be in accordance with the organization working schemes, rules and regulations.
  • Have you any problem or question, you can contact the industrial training coordinator or any of the Industrial Training Committee members.
important things to do during21
Important Things To Do - During

4. Form D2 – Host Supervisor’s Report

  • Please give the Form D2 to your host supervisor for the evaluation of your industrial training program. It must be signed and stamped with the company stamp.
  • The complete form should be returned to your visiting lecturer after the industrial training period ends in a sealed envelope, together with log book and report.
important things to do during22
Important Things To Do - During

5. To submit Form E – Student’s Report

  • This report must be completed and submitted to the visiting lecturer during his/her visit.
important things to do during23
Important Things To Do - During

6. Student’s Presentation

  • During the visiting lecture’s visit, students are required to perform industrial training’s oral presentation which will be assessed by the visiting lecturer and host supervisor and/or representative from the company.
  • The assessment is included within Form D1 or D2.

Important Things To Do -


  • 1. To submit Industrial Training Report and Log Book.
  • The students are required to submit a complete industrial training's report and the log book as well as the Form D2 – Host Supervisor’s Report to your visiting lecturer.
  • Due date: Two (2) weeks after the new semester begins or any date set by the ITC.
important dates
Important Dates
  • 23rd September 2011:Submission of Form A (Industrial Training Notification).
  • 7th October 2011: List of eligible students approved for Industrial training.
  • January 2012 : Second briefing to students going for I.T. (tentative)
  • 17th December 2012 : : Special Sem. Pre-registration.
  • 20th January 2012:Submission of Form B (Final Placement Confirmation).
  • 30th January 2012: : Industrial Training commences.
  • 6th February 2012: Submission of Form C (Report of Duty Notification).
  • If you decline an offer for I.T., write a letter to the company.
  • Once you have accept an offer or report for duty , you cannot change company.
  • If absent e.g. sick etc., please inform your host supervisor early
  • If you need to extend your training period, please inform your visiting lecturer and the I.T coordinator.
  • Please submit to COIT the necessary forms so that arrangements could be made for your lecturers’ visits
  • Make sure you have register for Industrial Training
it result pass or fail


The passing marks will be 50%.

FAIL result will also be given to those who

Fail to submit the industrial training report by the given deadline

Fail to conduct a presentation during lecturer’s visit

Students who receive complaints from company with regards to those who do not send proper decline letter, or any other valid complaints.

Those who are failed are required to repeat the training (like other subjects).

IT Result: Pass or Fail
method of evaluation
Method of Evaluation
  • Visiting Lecturer’s Report (Form D1) - 5%
  • Host Supervisor’s Report (Form D2) - 40%
  • Industrial Training Report & Logbook - 40%
  • Student’s Presentation - 15%
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