Frontiers contradictions and paragraph structure
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Frontiers, Contradictions, and paragraph Structure - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Frontiers, Contradictions, and paragraph Structure. Thursday, February 2. Show me you read it!. What do Solomon and Maasik mean by “Privatizing the Public Sphere.” Do you agree with their assessment of what this trend means in America? Why or why not?

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Show me you read it
Show me you read it!

  • What do Solomon and Maasik mean by “Privatizing the Public Sphere.” Do you agree with their assessment of what this trend means in America? Why or why not?

  • Please compose your answer on the back of this week’s participation and preparation self-study.

American frontiers
American Frontiers

  • Share key quotes and passages from Shames

  • Brainstorm American frontiers and write each frontier down on stickie: frontiers abstract and specific are welcome—connections between the two are best!

  • Add your stickies to the poster on the wall

Frontiers contradictions and paragraph structure

Populism vs. Elitism

CulturalPuritanism vs. Capitalist sexual marketing

Individualism vs. Conformity

American Paradox




Freedom / equality vs.

Racial History




Define paradox

Develop Examples

Topic sentences
Topic Sentences

  • What does this product/iteration tell us / reveal to us about _________ in America?

  • Explicit link between product/iteration and value—best stated in active voice.

    • Bacardi’s “Discover the Party Within” ad appeals to the American dream of freedom

  • Best sentences explore contradiction, ambivalence, or other complications:

    • While the Bacardi ad “Discover the Party Within” appeals to the dream of freedom in America, it also debases that dream by linking it to sexual objectification and materialistic excess.


  • Minimum Goal

    • Evidence / Details

    • Explanation / Interpretation

  • Exemplary Level

    • Detailed evidence

    • Thorough and persuasive explanation / interpretation

  • Structures

    • D, D, D, D, I, I, I

    • D/I, D/I, D/I

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Class Business

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