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Enterprise Resource Planning

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Enterprise Resource Planning - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Enterprise Resource Planning. Agenda. About Us Introduction Overview Of Avon ERP Modules Technology Deployed Implementation Approach Support Program Benefits Value Proposition At The Finish Line. Avon Technologies. Focused on Enterprise Solutions for select verticals

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Enterprise Resource Planning

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    1. Enterprise Resource Planning

    2. Agenda • About Us • Introduction • Overview Of Avon ERP Modules • Technology Deployed • Implementation Approach • Support Program • Benefits • Value Proposition • At The Finish Line

    3. Avon Technologies • Focused on Enterprise Solutions for select verticals • Exports software solutions to USA, Korean and East African Markets apart from the domestic market • ERP for Automotive, Food Processing, Garment and trading verticals and has strong domain knowledge • Follows strict quality standards (undergoing ISO: 9000: 2000 audit) • Working with leading companies like Tata Steel, Apex Auto, Eureka Forbes , Arthur Andersen India, Max New York Life India, Circata Inc USA, Glutech Inc, USA etc.

    4. Introduction • Our premier product is an ERP Solution for OEMs • It blends solid accounting and manufacturing practices in an easy to use and implement package that has gone through continuous critique and improvement • This application has been designed exclusively for the industries keeping in mind the complexity of their production cycle.

    5. Current Scenario • Affordability of ERP Solutions Such As SAP, Oracle, BAAN, etc. • Implementation Complexity and Long Implementation Cycle of SAP/BAAN/Oracle etc • Additional Customization Requirements & Complex Integration Issues • High Training,Maintenance & Support Costs

    6. Customer’s Expectations • Availability Of An ERP Solution That Has The Features The Customer Expects • Minimum Implementation Cycle & Complexity • ERP Solution that Meets the current Business Process • Easy To Use • Needs A Modest Amount Of Training

    7. Avon’s ERP Solution • Avon has Developed An ERP Solution: • With Low Total Cost Of Ownership And High Return On Investment. • User Friendly And Flexible In Usage. • Adopts Plug & Play Approach. • Scalable Architecture. • Embodies Features Most Required

    8. Avon ERP Modules An Overview

    9. Avon ERP Modules Sales Purchasing Inventory Control Production Administration & Security Finance HR and Pay Roll Plant Maintenance

    10. Avon ERP TM PFI QT MTO PP SP SB PL PS MS SGR SN DO ST SFC CRP CT SU MR SI WH BOM MRP Inter Company Billing AS GL AR CS GR CPO FM CM AP PI PO PR How it is Integrated(Please go on clicking your mouse) SR SO QA Bar Coding Tooling

    11. Sales Order Entry • Sales Order Capture • Blanket/Standard Sales Order • Supplier Quotation Reference • Billing and Shipping Sites. • Tax details as per Shipping Site • Sales account responsibility and Sales Credit • Delivery Schedule (Releases) • Purchase Order reference. • Release Management • Quantity based Discount. • Staggered Delivery

    12. Sales Order Entry Order Status List of Items

    13. Bills of Materials • Input for MRP(Materials Requirement Planning) • Generation of MPS(Master Production Schedule) • Gives an Idea about • Products and Sub-products combinations • Store Item requirement • Raw materials usage & Yield Factor • Operation precedence • Ideal time(Man Hours)

    14. Bills of Materials Quantity and UOM Sub Products

    15. Master Production Schedule • Production Scheduling takes care of • Multi Location & Multi Warehouse • Multiple Unit of Measure • Available to Promise(ATP) • Actual vs. Simulated

    16. Materials Requirement Planning • Materials Requirement Planning(MRP) • Inputs from BOM(Bills of Materials) • Master Production Schedule(MPS) • Demand Planning • Order delivery deadlines • Lead Time consideration • Safety Stock Level(FOQ Model) • JIT(Just in Time) concept

    17. Capacity Requirement Planning Allows the production department to detect bottlenecks before they occur • Work Center Management • Resource Loading • Breakdown History

    18. Breakdown Reports/Work Orders • Allows for Capturing details such as • Type of breakdown(Electrical,Mechanical etc) • Urgency • Breakdown Date & Time • Maintenance history • Department and User details • Attention alerts

    19. Breakdown Reports/Work Orders Attention Priority Breakdown Equipment

    20. Breakdown Attention and Repairing Details • Breakdown Attention captures • Attention Status • Attention Detail along with Date & Time • External Repairing details • Spare parts used • Breakdown History • Breakdown duration • Frequency of breakdown • Major actions taken • Preventive measures

    21. Breakdown Attention and Repairing Details Details in case of external repair Spare parts used during repair

    22. Purchase Indents • Purchase Indent Captures • Cost Center (Department) and User • Purpose of Indent • Required by Date and Urgency • Item Details • Indent Status(In process, Approved, Complete) • Auto Indent Number Generation • Pre-defined Sequence

    23. Purchase Indents Auto updating from Receipts Approving Authority Priority setting as per Need Date

    24. Purchase Orders • Purchase Orders Captures • Standard/Blanket Purchase Order • Supplier Site • Billing and Shipping Location • Quotation Reference • Purchase Terms & Conditions • PO status (Incomplete, Approved, Cancelled, Complete) • Capture Delivery Schedule • Allows for Staggered Delivery

    25. Purchase Orders Productive / Non-productive Quotation Reference

    26. Material Receipt • Goods Receipt Entry • GRN (Goods Receipt Note) • Material Receipt at the gate. • Physical inspection cross check with the PO • Maintains PO reference • Additional Costing • Excise amount • Sales Tax amount • Transportation amount • Capture Serial/Lot details • Goods Inspection & Stock entry

    27. Material Receipt Auto updating after Inspection Purchase Order Reference Enter Serial/Lot Details

    28. Merchandise Receipts Report • Merchandise Receipts Report allows to analysis the material Inflow • Vendor Performance Analysis by capturing • Late deliveries • Irregular deliveries • Below order deliveries(in-sufficient deliveries) • Frequent delivery of Materials with poor Quality

    29. Merchandise Receipts Report

    30. Purchases and Payables • Payables are generated after material receipt and captures • Purchase Reference • Supplier and Supplier Sites • Terms and Conditions • GL postings • Tax details • Automatically update invoice paid status upon payment • Allows for Payables approval and cancellation

    31. Purchases and Payables Supplier Reference Line Accounts Detail

    32. Pending GRN for Inspection Choice of Selecting an Option Double Click to view GIN Detail

    33. Quality Control and Inspection • Inspection Process • Follows Material Receipt • Considers Checklist parameters • Updates Stock along with its status • Enforces quality control • Ensures that standards are met

    34. Inspection before Stock Entry GIN Reference Rejections Click to Enter Inspection Serial/Lot and Checklist parameters

    35. Material Requisition Note • Material requisition captures • Requirement Details • Department & User reference • Need by Date • Requisition purpose • Requisitions can be prioritised by • Date/Time or • Urgency

    36. Material Requisition Note Requisition Authorization Requisition Approval Selection of Material from List of Values

    37. Pending Requisitions for Issue Select an option Double Click to view Requisition Detail Click to Issue Materials against Requisition

    38. Requisition Based Material Issue • Requisition based Issue • Requisition sorting • Priority setting • Stock verification • Department and User reference • Alerts if quantity-on-hand is below requested amount or goes below re-order level. • Automatic generation of Issue Code

    39. Requisition Based Material Issue Issued to Employee Issue Serial/Lot List of Materials as per Requisition

    40. Work in Process • Work-in-Process • Materials already Procured and in the Assembly Line • Finished Products awaiting Delivery • Storage Locator • WIP status • Inventory control

    41. Sales Challan/Invoice • Sales Challan serves as the primary document reference for • Order Delivery confirmation • Material & Quantity dispatched • Customer Sites(Billing & Shipping) • Shipment details • Sales Order reference • Part serial no • Tax Details • Basic Excise Duty, CST, GST and localised Tax • Packing and forwarding charges

    42. Sales Challan/Invoice Sales Order Reference Serial No List of Parts

    43. Receivables • Integrated To Sales Order • Automatically generates Receivables transaction upon Invoicing • Captures • Invoice no • Customer & Customer sites • Tax details • GL postings • Automatically update receivables status upon receipt of funds • Allows for Receivables Approval and Cancellation

    44. Receivables Customer reference Account No Invoice Posting

    45. Material Movement Through Gate Pass • Movement Type Include • Returnable • Non-returnable or • Job work • Capture Supplier details • Dispatch mode, authorisation and receipt details are captured as security checks. • Check Returned Quantity

    46. Material movement through Gate pass Returnable / Non-Returnable / Job Work Date Picker to Select a Date

    47. Value Sets • Value Set for each accounting segment • Parent Child relationship • Validity • Type • Postings not allowed for parent segments • Balance sheet, P/L statement depends upon the segment type(Assets,Liabilities,Expenditure & Revenue)

    48. Value Sets COA Segments Value Type Value Sets Defined only for the Basic Accounting Segment

    49. Chart of Accounts • User Definable Chart of Accounts • Flexible and dynamic • Segment Positioning • Segment Length • Numeric or Character type • Posting or Non-Posting • Budgeting allowed or not

    50. Chart of Accounts Segment Length Segment Position in the Flex field