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Atalanta. Jina Suh Lily Jordan Andrew Watts Nicole Boccia. Infancy. Atalanta’s father was very disappointed that he had a daughter instead of a son. Atalanta’s father then decided that she was not worthy bringing up and had her left on a wild mountainside to die of cold and hunger.

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  1. Atalanta Jina Suh Lily Jordan Andrew Watts Nicole Boccia

  2. Infancy • Atalanta’s father was very disappointed that he had a daughter instead of a son. • Atalanta’s father then decided that she was not worthy bringing up and had her left on a wild mountainside to die of cold and hunger.

  3. Childhood • She was found by a she-bear who then took charge of her, nursed her and kept her warm. • As a result, Atalanta grew up to be an active, daring little girl. • Later on, she was found by kind hunters who took her to live with them.

  4. Fighting Centaurs • “Once two Centaurs, swifter and stronger by far than any mortal, caught sight of her when she was alone and pursued her.” • She stood still and didn’t fear them because she thought it would be foolish if she ran. • She got her bow ready and took the first shot and then shortly after a second shot followed. • She ended up mortally wounding both of the centaurs that she faced.

  5. Calydonian Boar Hunt • The King, Oenus recruited the bravest men of Greece to fight the famous Calydonian boar. • Atalanta, joined the group of men, due to her masculine characteristics, and reputation of being “The Pride of the woods of Arcady” • The boar killed two men that attempted to fight the boar, but Atalanta was able to wound the boar with her arrow. • This represents the task to kill the boar.

  6. Atalanta’s Appearance Physical appearance • “as for her face, it seemed too maidenly to be that of a boy, and too boyish to be that of a maiden.” • Her hair was simple and caught in a knot Characteristics • Masculine traits • Independent • Confident, sometimes cocky • Strong willing • Cunning • Brave • Intelligent • Skillful • Athletic • Fierce • Temptress • Renders strong men weak

  7. Heroic Flaws • One of the only heroic flaws that Atalanta had was Hubris. • She was so confident in her abilities that she believed that no one could beat her in the race. • This pride ended up causing her to lose the race and get married to Melanion.

  8. Meleager • He was Oenus’s son, and fell in love with Atalanta at first sight, when they met eachother at the Calydonian Boar Hunt. • Atalanta never fell for Meleager, because she was very independent and was determined to never marry. • He is willing to die for her, and he kills his two uncles in her defense (Atalanta is viewed as the temptress) • He ends up being killed by Althea who was his mother.

  9. Adventures Minor Major Atalanta defeated the terrifying boar when she went on the Calydonian Boar Hunt. Atatlanta has a footrace to determine who gets to marry her. • Atalanta appeared at a funeral where a wrestling match was being held, and conquered the great hero Peleus.

  10. Reunion with Father • After the Calydonian boar hunt, Atalanta was reunited with her father. • Her father wanted her to get married, but she had no interest at all in being married. • Agreed that whoever beat her in a race could marry her.

  11. The Foot Race • Atalanta’s father wanted her to get married, but Atalanta had no interest at all in being married. • She ended up reaching a deal with her father that if anybody could defeat her in a footrace they could marry her. • She believed that she was so great and that no man would be able to beat her. • During the race a young man named Melanion outsmarted Atalanta by rolling golden apples that she would chase after and slow her down. • Melanion ended up beating Atalanta and marrying her.

  12. Ultimate Fate • Ultimately after Atalanta got married to Melanion they had a son name Parthenopaeus. • Later on at some point though Melanion and Atalanta upset Zeus. • This resulted in both of them getting turned into lions.

  13. View of Women • This story is emphasizing that no matter how independent a women is she is bound to end up depending on a man. So the story is trying to say that women are inferior and need a man to depend on.

  14. Archetypes • Hero- Atalanta is considered a hero because of the heroic attributes and traits throughout the several events in the story. • The Helpful Animal-The she-bear in this story is considered a helpful animal because she raises Atalanta when she is a child and ends up turning her into a daring women. • Temptress-In some ways Atalanta can also be considered a temptress because she renders strong men weak. • Trickster- Melanion can also be seen as a trickster because he uses cunning tactics by throwing the golden apples on the ground as a distraction. His tricks end up with him getting married to Atalanta • The Task- The task in this story is when they go on the boar hunt and Atalanta kills the boar.

  15. Themes • An independent women is bound to be married, no matter how hard she tries to avoid it. This is one of the major themes found in this story because she tries to avoid getting married but in the end still does end up being married. • Pride goes before a fall. This is an archetypal theme but is used in this story because Atalanta was so confident that no men could beat her in a footrace, but she was so full of pride and hubris that she ends up losing to Melanion. Her pride leads to her downfall because she is so confident that she will never be married and that no one can beat her in a race. That pride ends up leading to her downfall.

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