a brief introduction to the english curriculum at n.
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A Brief Introduction to the English Curriculum at PowerPoint Presentation
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A Brief Introduction to the English Curriculum at

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A Brief Introduction to the English Curriculum at - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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A Brief Introduction to the English Curriculum at. Diocesan Girls’ School. Aims of the DGS English Curriculum To empower students in the use of English to an exceptional standard such that they. think analytically, critically and independently;

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Aims of the DGS English CurriculumTo empower students in the use of English to an exceptional standard such that they
  • think analytically, critically and independently;
  • become acquainted with the culture and conventions of the language behaviour of other countries;
  • acquire lifelong education in institutions both locally and abroad;
  • develop an aesthetic appreciation for language

and a love of reading;

  • are equipped for the world as a global village of the twenty-first century.
junior curriculum streaming rationale
Junior Curriculum StreamingRationale
  • To tailor the pace and level of teaching to the the standard of each student in the class.
  • To provide a non-threatening environment for greater interaction, both with the teacher and with their peers.
  • To allow greater flexibility of materials and style of teaching and learning.
  • Streaming has proven very effective in achieving the desired learning outcome.
implementation of streaming
Implementation of Streaming
  • Screening Test conducted in Form 1 in late April.
  • The Screening Test comprises 4 different papers; they include dictation, comprehension, usage and composition.
  • Class size for each set ranges from 35-25 students per class.
  • As they move up the Form, there is mobility between sets based on performance in the subject as well as the teacher’s recommendation.
literature as a key component to language appreciation
Literature as a key component toLanguage appreciation
  • S1 to S3 students have at least one lesson of English Literature in the curriculum.
  • This helps to supplement the Language Arts

curriculum in the junior curriculum as well as fit in with the proposed NSS curriculum.

  • By the end of Secondary 3 they will have done each of the three genres of Prose, Poetry and Drama.
  • They will have a good appreciation of Literature, and have the option of studying it at Form 4 and beyond.
texts covered in the literature curriculum
Texts Covered in the Literature Curriculum
  • Secondary 1
  • Enchanted Island, an introduction to Shakespeare.
  • Enjoying More Poetry.
  • Bridge to Terabithia.
secondary 2
Secondary 2
  • Enchanted Island.
  • Enjoying More Poetry.
  • Snapshots – a collection of short stories.
secondary 3
Secondary 3
  • Working with Short Stories.
  • Focus on Drama.
  • St. Joan by George Bernard Shaw.
  • Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice ;
  • and Romeo and Juliet(Penguin Readers).
other strategies to enhance language acquisition
Other strategies to enhance language acquisition
  • Use of overseas textbooks as well as resources developed in-house.
  • Set Texts for different Forms e.g. Diary of Ann Frank, Walk Two Moons, Animal Farm, Fahrenheit 451, To Kill a Mockingbird etc.

- Participation in speech festival, public speaking, debates, Model United Nations, both in Hong Kong and at Cornell University, US.

  • English Club activities, Inter-House English Drama.
  • Publications including the School Magazine, the DGS Times, 5A Magazine.
  • Extensive Reading Scheme.
  • Exchange Trips with schools in Melbourne and Singapore.
  • Writes of Spring writing competition.
challenges ahead
Challenges Ahead
  • The need to adjust to the New Senior Secondary Syllabus.
  • The need to handle the logistics of moving to the new hotel school.
  • Timetabling – the need to run the current AS Syllabus and the NSS concurrently.


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Thank you

Powerpoint prepared by Mr. Joe Oddie

Head of English