a brief introduction to the n.
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A brief Introduction to the

A brief Introduction to the

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A brief Introduction to the

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  1. A briefIntroduction to the GANG OF GIRLS (Group A PGGCG 11 India)

  2. Apeet Dhillon and Chaitanya Jonker A teacher once called me aloof, not without good reason. I prefer books over people and you can catch me reading novels between and even during lectures. I’m still struggling to learn how to drive a car  I’m extremely moody and unpredictable. A guitarist who loves Maggi noodles. I love exploring the unexplored, especially in Delhi- my hometown and the capital. I want to be the witness to a miracle, yet to happen 

  3. Davneet Kaur and Deepika Sharma Friends since 8 years ,we have spent all our good and bad days together. We laughed ,cried, sang ,danced and even shared crushes. I, Davneet(the one on the left) come across as a reticent personality. Being a voyager at heart, I love adventure and would describe myself as a ‘soul on wheels’ hehehe… And I, Deepika , am a candid personality, very passionate. I love interacting with people and chocolates are my weakness.

  4. Ashima Irfan and Pavan Puneet Ashima: “I like reading novels and travelling to new places. In my free time, I prefer to chat with my friends and surf the net.” Pavan Puneet: “I’m just me. Often live in the world of books. My folks back home believe that if anything needs to be broken or damaged, bring that to me ” We: “Together now, close forever .”

  5. Ankita Tandon and Shuchita Sharma One word that would describe me best is friendly. Life is short so I believe in living every moment and trying out new things. Though I’m an introvert but with my close ones, I become an entirely different person. When it comes to reading, I only go for fiction. The Godfather by Mario Puzo is my favorite book. I love eating and am a big foodie. I want to experience the real gelato in Italy. I want to travel all around the globe.

  6. All belonging to different states,with individual characteristic shades,yet sharing a close knit relation,which we think is no less than a celebration. With Love from INDIA