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The Young Astronauts, Hannah Gammond, Timmy Grable, And Blaise Panzini return from their trip in space. You, the lucky 5MF class and their teachers get an exclusive presentation about their trip . . Extra, Extra, read all about it!. Our Vacation to Space!!. The Sun. Uranus. Uranus.

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The Young Astronauts, Hannah Gammond, Timmy Grable, And Blaise Panzini return from their trip in space. You, the lucky 5MF class and their teachers get an exclusive presentation about their trip.

Extra, Extra, read all about it!

Our Vacation to Space!!


The Sun



What is the size of the sun compared to everything else in the Solar System?

What is a Sun?

  • The Sun is our biggest star. It lies in the center of the Solar System.

Why is the Sun important to our Solar System?

  • The Sun provides all the sunlight and heat that help fuel life on Earth.
solar system
Solar System

What is the Solar System?

  • The Solar System is based around the Sun. Our nearest star. There is nine sphere in space that orbit the Sun.

Where is our Solar System located?

  • Our Solar System is located in the Milky Way Galaxy.

What is the order of the Planets in size?

  • Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Earth, Venus, Mars,

and Mercury

What is a Planet?

  • “Planets are huge objects in space. They are shaped like a ball.”
  • The are made up of ice, glass, rock or metal.

What is the number of planets?

  • 9 planets

Why do Planets orbit the Sun?

  • The Suns gravity pulls the planets around in an orbit.

What is the order of the planets from the Sun?

  • Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and


  • Why are asteroids important to know about?
  • Asteroids are hard objects that can wipe out billions of people we need to watch them to make sure an asteroid doesn’t cause a natural disaster

What are Asteroids?

  • “Large chunks of rock and other matter that orbit the sun.”

Where are most asteroids located?

  • Most asteroids are found in a certain place in space called the asteroid belt.

Why do asteroids orbit the sun?

  • Asteroids circle the sun in a series of rings called the main belt.

What is a moon?

  • The moon is a gray, rocky ball about 2,160 miles across.

Why do moons orbit their planets?

  • The tides make a gravitational pull from it’s planets.
  • What is the path the comet will take?
  • Halley’s Comet starts at Mars goes past Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and then goes around Neptune and back to Mars. When the comet is circling Mars to restart its journey Halley’s comet will be visible from Earth.

What is a comet?

  • “a ball of ice and dust. It whirls through space on a long orbit.”

What is the name of one major planet?

  • Halley’s comet

When’s the next time we’ll see Halley’s comet?

  • Halley’s comet is visible every 76 years. It was last seen 1986. It’ll be back in 2062.


  • What is the length of a year on Uranus? Why?
  • 84 Earth years because it’s so far from the Sun.
  • How many moons does Uranus have?
  • 21 moons
  • How long is a day on Uranus? Why?
  • 17 hours because it spin upside down which makes it go faster.
  • What special features does Uranus have?
  • Winds up to 450 miles per hour
  • 11 rings
  • Discovered in 1871
dwarf planets
Dwarf Planets

What is a Dwarf Planet?

  • A Dwarf Planet is a planet that goes into other planets paths.

How many Dwarf Planets are in our Solar System?

  • There are 3 Dwarf Planets in our Solar System. Their names are Ceres, Pluto, Eris.

What are the location of the Dwarf Planets?

  • Eris-9,000,000,000 miles from the Sun
  • Pluto-3.7 billion ,miles from the Sun
  • Ceres-260,000,000 miles from Sun


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