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Healthy heart guidelines

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Healthy heart guidelines. By: Marie-Jo Orbase.

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healthy heart guidelines

Healthy heart guidelines

By: Marie-Jo Orbase


Heart Attack is one of the largest killers in Australia but what harms cardiac muscles and what can you do to stop it from happening to you? If you read my presentation you can find the guidelines on how to stop heart attack happening to you. I will name five main things you should do to risk heart attacks.

1 have a healthy diet
1.Have a healthy diet

I would say that to risk having a heart attack you should eat less junk food and eat more healthy food.

Eg: apple, banana, citrus fruit etc.

You should avoid food like chips, chocolate and donuts.

These food are mostly greasy food, salty food and junk food.

2 don t smoke
2.Don’t smoke

Smoking can affect your brain in many ways but it also affects the risk of you having heart attacks. You should lay off smoking and tobacco products if you want to avoid having heart attacks. Tobacco has over 4,800 chemicals that can damage your heart and blood vessels.

3 get active
3.Get active

Getting active can reduce getting heart disease and help your breathing. You should start by taking the stairs and walking the dog as a first step of reducing heart attacks.

4 maintain a healthy weight
4.Maintain a healthy weight

You should keep your weight in control so it won’t increase your blood pressure to lead to heart attacks. You should take care of your weight to stay healthy and mostly to relieve from heart attacks.

5 check blood pressure
5.Check blood pressure

Checking your blood pressure is important. Checking your blood pressure every two years is not weird it is so you know how high your blood pressure is. How high your blood pressure is affects the heart in many ways. Try to keep your blood pressure low to avoid heart attacks.


If you follow these five healthy guidelines you are on your way to avoiding heart attacks. Remember the top five things to do to avoid heart attacks is to have a healthy diet, don’t smoke, get active, maintain a healthy weight and check your blood pressure every two years.