characteristics of genre n.
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Characteristics of Genre

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Characteristics of Genre - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Characteristics of Genre. Biography/Autobiography/Memoir. Bio – life, graphy – write: story of someone’s life written by someone else Auto – self, bio – life, graphy – write: story of someone’s life written by that person

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biography autobiography memoir
  • Bio – life, graphy – write: story of someone’s life written by someone else
  • Auto – self, bio – life, graphy – write: story of someone’s life written by that person

3. Memoir – memory: a short account of the author’s experience

  • Definition: a composition intended for representation by actors
  • Characters can be any kind (person, animal, robot, etc.)
  • Plot and setting can be anything

4. Meant to be read aloud or performed

fable fairy tale folkore mythology
Fable/Fairy Tale/ Folkore/Mythology

1. Fable: short story with a moral often told through talking animals

2. Fairy Tale: simple stories of humans and their dealings with magical beings, intended for children

  • Folklore: traditional beliefs, myths, tales and practices of a specific people (originally told, not written)
  • Mythology: symbolic tales of the past involving gods and goddesses interacting with humans

1. Definition: contains unrealistic elements, represents the impossible or unexplained

2. Characters: talking animals, mythical creatures, magic users

3. Setting: medieval, time travel, magic

4. Plot: hero’s journey or quest, good vs. evil

historical fiction
Historical Fiction

1. Definition: brings history to life by fictionalizing the past, reflects on specific time period

2. Characters: often famous historical people, or average people who lived in the past

3. Setting: pre-1970, often historically important sites

4. Plot: authentic historical events involving significant (or average) people

  • Definition: factual information
  • Purpose: provides information on a wide range of topics
  • Topics: science, crafts, sports, articles, Social Studies, etc.

4. non-fiction – factual


1. Definition: a detective (amateur or professional) solves a crime or series of crimes

2. Characters: detectives, investigators, spies

3. Setting: crime scene, detective agency, creepy house

4. Plot: crime or mysterious event + clues = solution

poetry anthology
Poetry Anthology
  • Definition: a shortened form of writing
  • Use of figurative language – metaphor, simile, personification, etc

3. Anthology = Collection

science fiction
Science Fiction

1. Definition: deals with the impact of science (actual or imagined) on society

2. Characters: mutants, robots, aliens, “mad” scientist, talking computer

3. Setting: advanced tech. cities, spaceships, other solar system or planet, time travel (technology)

4. Plot: alien attack/visit, time travel, technology, experiments gone wrong

chapter book choice
Chapter Book Choice
  • Definition: A book with chapters

2. Purpose: to entertain or inform

3. Reading Level: must be appropriate

you can do it
You Can Do It!!!
  • 40 books starts with just one page.