Genetic material
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Genetic Material. Fun DNA Facts!. DNA is too small to see, but under a microscope it looks like a twisted up ladder!. DNA stands for: D: Deoxyribose N: Nucleic A: Acid.

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Genetic material

Fun DNA Facts!

DNA is too small to see, but under a microscope it looks like a twisted up ladder!

DNA stands for:D: DeoxyriboseN: NucleicA: Acid

Every living thing has DNA. That means that you have something in common with a zebra, a tree, a mushroom and a beetle!!!!

Nucleus contains the genetic material
Nucleus contains the genetic material.

Genetic material

Inside the nucleus are


Chromosomes are made up of genes
Chromosomes are made up of genes.

Genes are made up of dna deoxyribonucleic acid

Genes are made up of DNA(Deoxyribonucleic Acid)

Dna is made up of nitrogen bases phosphate and sugars

“Rungs of ladder”


Base (A,T,G or C)

“Legs of ladder”

Phosphate &

Sugar Backbone

DNAis made up ofNitrogen bases, phosphate and sugars

A history of dna

  • Discovery of the DNA double helix

    A. Frederick Griffith– Discovers that a factor in diseased bacteria can transform harmless bacteria into deadly bacteria (1928)

    B. Rosalind Franklin- X-ray photo of DNA.


    C. Watson and Crick- described the DNA molecule from Franklin’s X-ray.


Genetic material

The function of genetic material is to determine characteristics of living things. It is passed from parent to offspring.

The structures found in genetic material are as follows: Base pairs make up the DNA, DNA make up the genes , genes make up the chromosomes and chromosomes are found in the nucleus of cell.