production quality control n.
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Production Quality Control PowerPoint Presentation
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Production Quality Control

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Production Quality Control - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Production Quality Control. Statistics & Risk Management. The Faces of Quality.

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Production Quality Control

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    1. Production Quality Control Statistics & Risk Management

    2. The Faces of Quality Quality Control emphasizes testing of products to uncover defects and reporting to management who make the decision to allow or deny product release Quality Assurance attempts to improve and stabilize production (and associated processes) to avoid, or at least minimize, issues which led to the defect(s) in the first place.

    3. Total Quality Management (TQM) Quality can and must be managed. Processes, not people, are the problem. Don’t treat symptoms, look for the cure. Every employee is responsible for quality. Quality must be measurable. Quality improvements must be continuous. Quality is a long-term investment.

    4. Capture Data at Each Critical Production Process • Document • Flows • Process Issues • Inspections • Variances (sick employee, machine broke down, etc.) • Rejects

    5. Randomly Test Product Samples Pull products at all stages of the process and inspect-test. Document results

    6. Document Issues Identify Statistical Significance of Issues Identify Statistical Patterns Gather Employee Thoughts

    7. Gather User Experiences Surveys Phone/Email Follow-ups Reviews (web) Google

    8. Deliverables Documents Presentations White Papers

    9. Follow-Ups Persistence Improvements

    10. Does it Matter? For contract work, particularly work awarded by government agencies, “quality control” issues are among the top reasons for not renewing a contract.