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URL Obscuring

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URL Obscuring. COEN 152/252 Computer Forensics. Thomas Schwarz, S.J. 2004. URL Obscuring. Internet based fraud is gaining quickly in importance. Phishing: The practice of enticing victims with spoofed email to visit a fraudulent webpage. http://www.antiphishing.org/

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url obscuring

URL Obscuring

COEN 152/252 Computer Forensics

Thomas Schwarz, S.J. 2004

url obscuring2
URL Obscuring
  • Internet based fraud is gaining quickly in importance.
  • Phishing: The practice of enticing victims with spoofed email to visit a fraudulent webpage.


Graphics courtesy of Tumbleweed Communications

url obscuring3
URL Obscuring
  • Target receives e-mail pretending to be from an institution inviting to go to the institutions website.
  • Following the link leads to a spoofed website, which gathers data.
    • It is possible to establish a web-presence without any links:
      • Establish website with stolen / gift credit card.
      • Use email to send harvested information to an untraceable account, etc.
      • Connect through public networks.
url obscuring phishing example
URL Obscuring: Phishing Example

Visible Link: https://www.usa.visa.com/personal/secure_with_visa/index.html?t=h1_/index.html

Actual Link: http://www.verified-web-us.com/Visa%20USA%20%20Personal%20%20Protect%20Your%20Card.htm

Actual website IP:

Uses Java program to overwrite the visible address bar in the window:

url obscuring6
URL Obscuring
  • Phishs need to hide web-servers
    • URL Obscuring
    • Javascript or other active web-technology overwrites URL field
  • Other techniques to hide web-server address
    • Use hosts file
  • Hiding illegal web-server at legal site
url basics
URL Basics
  • Phishs can use obscure features of URL.
  • URL consists of three parts:
    • Service
    • Address of server
    • Location of resource.


url basics8
URL Basics
  • Scheme, colon double forward slash.
  • An optional user name and password.
  • The internet domain name
    • RCF1037 format
    • IP address as a set of four decimal digits.
  • Port number in decimal notation. (Optional)
  • Path + communication data.



obscuring url addresses
Obscuring URL Addresses
  • Embed URL in other documents
  • Use features in those documents to not show complete URL


URL rules interpret this as a userid.

Hide this portion of the URL.

obscuring url addresses10
Obscuring URL Addresses
  • Use the password field.
    • www.scu.edu has IP address
    • Some browsers accept the decimal value 129*256**3 + 210*256**2 + 2*256 + 1 = 2178023937 for the IP address.
    • http://www.usfca.edu@2178023937
      • Works as a link.
      • Does not work directly in later versions of IE
obscuring url addresses11
Obscuring URL Addresses
  • http://www.usfca.edu@ works.
  • Hide the ASCI encoding of @:
    • http://www.usfca.edu%40129.210.2.1
  • Or just break up the name:
    • http://www.usfca.edu%40%127%167w.scu.edu
  • Or use active page technologies (javascript, …) to create fake links.
enroll your card with verified by visa program
'Enroll your card with Verified By Visa program'
  • 2004 Phish sends SPAM consisting of a single image:
enroll your card with verified by visa program13
'Enroll your card with Verified By Visa program'
  • The whole text is a single image, linked to the correct citi URL.
    • If the mouse hovers over the image, it displays the correct citi URL.
  • But surrounded by an HTML box that leads to the phishing website.
enroll your card with verified by visa program14
'Enroll your card with Verified By Visa program'
  • Target webpage has an address bar that is overwritten with a picture with a different URL.
  • Go to www.antiphishing.org .
hiding hosts
Hiding Hosts
  • Name Look-Up:
    • OS checks HOST file first.
    • Can use HOST file to block out certain sites
      • adservers
  • Affects a single machine.
subverting ip look up
Subverting IP Look-Up
  • In general, not used for phishing.
    • Economic Damage
      • Hillary for Senate campaign attack.
      • Hiding illegal websites. (Kiddie Porn)
  • DNS Server Sabotage
  • IP Forwarding
subverting ip look up19
Subverting IP Look-Up
  • Port Forwarding
    • URLs allow port numbers.
    • Legitimate business at default port number.
    • Illegitimate at an obscure port number.
  • Screen clicks
    • Embed small picture.
      • Single pixel.
    • Forward from picture to the illegitimate site.
    • Easily detected in HTML source code.
  • Password screens
    • Depending on access control, access to different sites.
phisher finder
  • Carefully investigate the message to find the URL.
    • Do not expect this to be successful unless the phisher is low-tech.
  • Capture network traffic with Ethereal to find the actual URL / IP address.
  • Use Sam Spade or similar tools to collect data about the IP address.
phisher finder21
  • Capture network traffic with Ethereal when going to the site.
    • This could be dangerous.
      • Disable active webpages.
      • Do not use IE (too popular).
    • Look at the http messages actually transmitted.
    • Expect some cgi etc. script.
phisher finder22
  • Investigation now needs to find the person that has access to the website.
    • This is were you can expect to loose the trace.
      • The data entered can be transmitted in various forms, such as anonymous email.
        • For example, they can be sent to a free email account.
        • IPS usually has the IP data of the computer from which the account was set up and from which the account was recently accessed.
        • Perpetrator can use publicly available computers and / or unencrypted wireless access points.
        • Investigator is usually left with vague geographical data.