the global pharmaceutical industry n.
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The Global Pharmaceutical Industry

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The Global Pharmaceutical Industry - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Global Pharmaceutical Industry. Sabena Ahmad Iveta Smincakova Dawn Bradbury. Porter’s Five F orces F ramework. Johnson et al, (2006), Exploring Corporate Strategy, 7 th Ed, Essex: Pearson Education Limited, p.80. Introduction.

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the global pharmaceutical industry

The Global Pharmaceutical Industry

Sabena Ahmad


Dawn Bradbury

porter s five f orces f ramework
Porter’s Five Forces Framework

Johnson et al, (2006), Exploring Corporate Strategy, 7th Ed, Essex: Pearson Education Limited, p.80

  • Application of the framework at strategic business unit level (diversity in operation and marketing)
  • Understanding the connections between competitive forces and the key drivers in the macro-environment is essential
  • Forces are not independent of each other
  • Competitive behaviour may be concerned with disrupting these forces

Johnson et al, (2006), Exploring Corporate Strategy, 7th Ed, Essex: Pearson Education Limited, p.79-80

the threat of entry
The Threat Of Entry
  • Depends on the extent to which there are barriers to entry
  • Barriers entry include:
  • Economies of scale
  • The capital requirement of entry
  • Access to supply or distribution channels
  • Customers or suppliers loyalty
  • Experience
  • Expected retaliation
  • Legislation of government action
  • Differentiation
the threat of substitutes
The Threat of Substitutes
  • Forms of substitution:
  • Products-for-products substitution
  • Substitution of need
  • Generic substitution
the power of buyers suppliers
The Power of Buyers & Suppliers
  • Buyer power depends on:
  • Concentration of buyers
  • The cost of switching
  • Threat of the supplier being acquired by the buyer
  • Supplier power depends on:
  • Concentration of suppliers
  • The switching cost from one supplier to another
  • Possibility of the supplier competing directly
competitive rivalry
Competitive Rivalry
  • Factors affecting rivalry:
  • The extent of balance between competitors
  • Industry growths rates
  • High fixed costs
  • High exist barriers
  • Differentiation