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Audience Response System PowerPoint Presentation
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Audience Response System

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Audience Response System - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Audience Response System
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  1. Audience Response System e

  2. Audience poll is a dynamic tool where all individual participants in a conference are given the Radio Frequency keypads. The individuals express their opinion with a press of the button corresponding to their choice of answers. The results are shown in real time to make the meetings highly interactive. Audience Poll - The approach

  3. The questions can be incorporated before, in-between or/and after the presentations Audience Poll – Collate opinion

  4. The feedback can be displayed after live voting or can be maintained offline for evaluation Audience Poll – Collate feedback

  5. The QnAs can be used to test the knowledge / retention and effectively tailored to drive home the message Audience Poll – QnAs

  6. The spreadsheet of individual responses against every keypad number The JPEG snapshots of all questions with the opinion split The information thus gathered will be provided in 1 or 2 days after the event The Requirements The template on which the question appears to be provided The poll questions and the juncture at which they are played Note: The logos in JPEG format and the questions should be provided 2 days prior to the conference The Deliverables

  7. Average rating Comparison of votes (before and after phenomenon) Audience Poll – Other applications

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