“Live”, “Shop”, and “Drink” Components for Lunch-To-Go
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“Live”, “Shop”, and “Drink” Components for Lunch-To-Go - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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“Live”, “Shop”, and “Drink” Components for Lunch-To-Go. Claire Quinn- Group Director, Category Advisory Services, Shopper Insights [email protected] FAST FACTS – Lunch to Go l i v e . shop . drink .

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“Live”, “Shop”, and “Drink” Components for Lunch-To-Go

Claire Quinn-

Group Director, Category Advisory Services, Shopper Insights

[email protected]

FAST FACTS Lunch-To-Go– Lunch to Go live. shop. drink.

  • Lunchisthe#1mealfor foodservicetake6outwith an average of 36Xannually per person1

The annualnumberof take homelunchesperperson(13.4) istrendingupwith13%growthvs. 10years

  • agoand56%growthvs.20years ago1

  • 51%oflunchopportunities areeatenat home,34% areeatenaway fromhome and13%areskipped(2not reported)1

  • Lunchisthemealmost likely tobeskipped(13%)1

  • Overall 47%offoodserviceLunchoccasionsareconsumedonHpremise, 30% arecarryout,21%drivethr and2% delivery3

  • AmongRetailFoodservicelunchoccasions, 94%arecarryout,with the remaining6%beingonHpremiseconsumption3



moments ofeveryday life

  • Thefoodservice lunchoccasionisahuge business,worthover $141Billion annually,up2%vs. YAG2

  • QSR isthemost commonlocationforthe away fromhomelunchoccasionwith a60%share,followedby FSRwith a34%share andRetailwitha 6%share2

  • Lunchaccountsfor28%ofGrocery foodserviceoccasions,behinddinner at41%3

  • Lunchaccountsfor31%ofCHStorefoodserviceoccasions,whichis #1forthechannel3

  • Themost importantlocationattributesforFoodserviceLunchshoppersare–“Foodconsistently tastesgreat”(85%),“Foodisservedin atimely manner”(82%),“Foodpreparationisalways cleanandsafe”(82%) and“Isagoodvalue”(78%)3

  • Thehighestindexinglocationimportance attributefortheLunchoccasionis“Offerscombinationmeal deals”(51%, 111indexvs. allfoodservicediningoccasions)3

  • 28%ofQSRoccasions include anEntrée,Side andBeveragewhileonly 13%ofRetailFoodserviceoccasionsinclude allthree3

  • WhenCocaHColais bundledwith FreshDeli items,includingsandwichesandpaninis,the averagelift for CocaHColais 2%,but the averagepartner itemlift is 11%6

  • MadetoOrderSandwichbuyersspent,onaverage,2mins,36secshopping/ordering and4min,42secwaiting. WhilewaitingH58%just stoodaround,18%shoppedpreparedmeals, 16%shopperother areasof thedelisectionand8%shopped/interactedwith the fountain/teatower5

  • Beverage incidence is13% amongdelishoppers,butthenumberrisesto44%whenpreparedfood(deli sandwich,preHmadesandwich,preHmademeal)is purchased5

  • 90%ofGrocery MadetoOrderSandwichbuyerscamestraight tothedelifromoutsideontheir shoppingtrips,and90%of themhadnocart orhandbasketsuggestingmost areImmediate Consumption trips5

  • ImmediateConsumptiontrips are muchless planned: inGrocery,only19%makea list (47indextoFill In)andonly9%bringcoupons(56indextoFillIn)7




  • Coca6ColaClassicisthe #1PreferredBeverageatlunch witha 13.4% shareofalloccasions,followedbyDiet Cokeat8.2% andPepsi6Colaat5.8% share4

  • CocaHColaTM brandsare130%moreprevalent atlunch thanPepsiTM brands –22.5% incidencevs.

  • 9.7% incidence4

  • Topincidencebeverages amongallfoodservicelunchvisitsare: SSD(41%,135indextoall foodservicevisits),Tea(13%, 132index),Tap water (9%,113index) andNonHcarbsoftdrinks(5%,124index)3

  • Topincidenceitemsbroughthomefromfoodserviceare: NonHburgersandwichesat anallHtimehigh




(34% incidence)followedby SSD(31%),French Fries(28%)&Burgers(26%)

FAST FACTS Lunch-To-Go– Lunch to Go live. shop. drink.

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