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dermalogica partnership school program segment 1. school program Segment 1. introduction. course goals. To provide you with the highest level of technical and theoretical skills To help you reach your professional goals in the exciting field of professional skin therapy

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dermalogica partnership school program

segment 1

school program

Segment 1

course goals
course goals
  • To provide you with the highest level of technical and theoretical skills
  • To help you reach your professional goals in the exciting field of professional skin therapy
  • To support you throughout the term with an emphasis on excellence in education, using the most current educational resources in the skin care industry
course outline
course outline
  • Product knowledge: prescription for home care and professional treatments
  • Learn the dermalogica skin treatment
  • Design prescription (customized) skin


  • Dermalogica Face Mapping®skin analysis procedure
  • Discuss and perform exfoliation techniques
course outline1
course outline
  • Learn and practice extraction techniques
  • Determine different types of serums and

masque applications

  • How to build a clientele and prescriptive retailing
the dermalogica skin treatment
The dermalogica skin treatment
  • The professional environment
  • The consultation
  • Face Mapping® skin analysis for prescriptive retail
  • The techniques and professional product application
creating a dermalogica skin care environment
creating a dermalogica skin care environment
  • Visually – Sense of sight
  • Verbally – Spoken word
  • Kinesthetically – Through touch and feel
room set up preparation
room set up - preparation

First Impressions

  • Warm and inviting atmosphere
  • Supplies and equipment in working order and on hand
  • Cabinets clean and organized
  • Freshly laundered bedding, towels, and client garments
core elements of a skin care treatment

Cleanse eyes and lips

Cleanse 2x

Skin analysis







core elements of a skin care treatment
treatment options

Cleanse eyes and lips

Cleanse x 2 -steam/electric brushes

Skin analysis

Exfoliation -steam/electric brushes


Vacuum suction with steam


High frequency

Massage -infra red



Electric pulverisator

High frequency




treatment “options”
your professional products
your professional products
  • Largest selection of professional products
  • Used by professional skin therapists only
  • Formula breakthroughs and maximum strength
  • Full ingredient listing on packaging
  • Specialty products and retail products in professional size
the consultation card

the consultation card

Discovering more about your client

conducting the consultation
conducting the consultation
  • Complete the card 15

minutes before treatment time

  • Client signature is critical
  • The card is essential for the Face Mapping® procedure
  • Expectations and

concerns are addressed

the consultation card1
the consultation card

your health

1. Within the last year, have you been under a dermatologist or other physician’s care?

2. Within the last 9 months, have you undergone any surgery? If yes please specify ___________________________________

3. Have you had any health problems in the past or present? If yes please specify ___________________________________

4. List any medications, supplements, vitamins, diuretics, slimming tablets etc. that you take regularly ___________________________________

5. Do you smoke?

the consultation card2
the consultation card

your health

6. Do you exercise regularly?

7. Do you follow a restricted diet?

8. Do you wear contact lenses?

9. Do you have metal implants or pacemaker?

10.Rate your own level of stress on a scale of 1

to 4 (1 = low stress, 4 = high stress). _________________________________

the consultation card3
the consultation card

your skin

11. Do you have any special skin problems pertaining

to your face or body? If yes, please specify __________________

12. What skin care products are you currently using?

face: soap cleanser toner moisturizer

masque exfoliator eye products

body: soap shower gel scrubs oil body

moisturizer depilatory products

self tanners

the consultation card4
the consultation card

exfoliation history

13. Have you ever had microdermabrasion, chemical

peels or any resurfacing treatments?

14. Do you use Accutane, Retin-A, Renova, Adapalene

or any other prescription skin products?

15. Are you currently using any products that contain

the following ingredients:

 glycolic acid  lactic acid  any exfoliating


any hydroxy acid product

 vitamin A derivatives (i.e. retinol)

the consultation card5
the consultation card

moisture hydration

16. How much plain water do you consume daily?_____________

17. How many alcoholic beverages do you consume

weekly? ___________________

18. Do you ever experience these conditions on your skin?

 flakiness  tightness  obvious dryness

19. What SPF sunscreen do you use on your face? _____

body? _______

20. Do you sunbathe or use tanning beds?

 yes no

the consultation card6
the consultation card

capillary activity

21. Do you burn easily in moderate sunlight?

22. Do you blush easily when nervous?

23. Do you have a tendency to redness?

24. Do you suffer from sinus problems?

oil secretion

25. Do you ever experience oily shine during the day?

26. Do you ever experience skin breakouts?

the consultation card7
the consultation card

nerve activity

27.Do you drink more than 4 caffeinated beverages daily?

(coffee, tea, soft drinks)

28. Do you ever experience a burning, itching sensation on

your skin?

29. What is your pain threshold?

 low  medium  high

30. Have you ever experienced claustrophobia?

31. What type of massage pressure do you prefer

 light  medium  firm

32. Have your ever had a reaction to any the following?

 cosmetics medicine iodine  pollen  food  animals

 hydroxy acids  fragrance  sunscreens


the consultation card8
the consultation card

female clients only

33. Are you taking oral contraception?

34. Are you pregnant or trying to become pregnant?

35. Are you lactating?

male clients only

36. What is your current shaving system?

37. Do you experience irritation from shaving?

38. Do you experience ingrown hairs?

the consultation card9
the consultation card

questions to discuss every visit

39. Are you currently having or due for

your menstrual period?

40. Have your started any new

medication since your last visit?

41. Have you had any recent dental x-rays?

42. What are your skin care goals?

let s look at

let’s look at…

skin types vs. skin conditions

contra indications
  • Herpes Simplex
  • Impetigo
  • Infected Acne
  • Malignant melanoma
  • Allergic reaction
  • Cuts/abrasions
  • Open skin/bruises
  • What are some of the characteristics of the professional treatment room?
  • How important is the consultation card to the success of the treatment?
  • Review pages 166 -170 “the book”

understanding the skin treatment

segment 2

school program

Segment 1

preview the skin treatment
preview-the skin treatment
  • Each step in the treatment is unique and needs to be mastered
  • We will start out with an overview of each step and continue to expand on them as we progress in the course
room set up preparation1
First Impressions

Warm and inviting atmosphere

Supplies and equipment in working order and on hand

Cabinets clean and organized

Freshly laundered bedding, towels, and client garments

room set up - preparation
  • Get to know your client and their concerns about their skin
  • Ascertain medical background
  • Review client’s current home regimen
  • Prescribe effective skin care treatment and home care
  • Eye and lip cleanse is performed with a mild cleanser for the delicate eye area
  • 3 small dampened cotton pads to apply and remove product
  • Rinse with damp sponges or warm steam towel
  • Cleanse twice
    • First, to remove makeup
    • Second, oils and surface debris
  • Clean water is used for each cleanse
    • You may choose to use a different cleanser once you have removed client’s makeup
skin analysis1
skin analysis
  • To confirm visual observation – you will use:
      • Face Mapping ® skin analysis technique
      • Magnifying Lamp or headset
      • Wood’s Lamp

(if available)

      • Your touch; feel for congestion, hot spots, texture, oiliness, etc.
  • To remove dead cells and increase cell turnover
  • You have options – condition of client’s skin determines your choice
    • Enzymes – all skin conditions
    • Abrasive scrub – normal/combination
    • Hydroxy acids – normal, oily, congested, sluggish or

underactive skin conditions

    • Hydroxy acid/vitamin combination – dry, sun damaged,

underactive skin conditions

  • Performed on oily, congested, acne prone skin
    • Steam – to aid in deep cleansing
    • Desincrustation – to undo blockages, using galvanic current on – negative pole
    • Vacuum suction, galvanic and high frequency – to soften and prepare skin for extraction procedure
  • The massage technique used is based on client’s skin condition and needs
    • Standard massage using effleurage, petrissage, tapotement and friction
    • Dermalogica pressure point massage
  • Concentrates, complexes and serums contain ingredients to treat underlying skin conditions such as:
    • Oily/acne-algae, zinc
    • Dehydrated-glycolipids, hyaluronic acid
    • Aging skin/pigmentation- licorice, green tea, vitamin C
    • Sensitized skin-fumatory extract, lemon extract, coneflower
  • Applied under the masque and before moisturizer
  • Iontophoresis – on the + positive pole to aid in penetration
  • Pulverized into the skin – Dr. Lucas
  • To calm, hydrate, nourish and treat superficial dehydration
    • Setting – clay base
    • Non-setting – cream or gel
    • Specialty – paraffin wax, colloidal oatmeal
  • To rinse, condition, even out porosity of skin
    • Pressure spray – from your skin care machine
    • Spritz - manual
    • Dr. Lucas Pulverizer/Eco Spray – electric or portable emits fine spray to calm and hydrate client’s skin
  • Boosters (retail) deliver daily treatment for client’s underlying skin conditions
    • Improve level of hydration
    • Protect barrier function
    • Slow down aging process
    • Improve fine lines and wrinkles
    • Sun protection
moisturize sunscreen
  • Moisturizers seal and protect the skin’s natural moisture and are chosen according to skin condition or skin type
    • Oil-free, oil based, oil controlling, humectant and anhydrous
    • Sunscreens contain chemical and/or physical ingredients to protect face and body
  • How many times do we cleanse the client’s skin and for what purpose?
  • What concept or tools do we use to determine the type of ingredients we should use within the treatment?
  • What type of skin requires the use of a clay based setting masque?

dermalogica live!

professional use only

segment 3

school program

Segment 1

retail and professional
retail and professional
  • Cleansers: 32 ounces
  • PreCleanse: 16oz
  • Exfoliants/Toners
    • Skin Prep Scrub, Daily Microfoliant: 6oz
    • Multi-Active Toner : 16oz
    • Antioxidant HydraMist and
    • Ultracalming™ Mist: 12oz
  • Masque
    • Intensive Moisture Masque and MultiVitamin Power Recovery® Masque: 6oz
  • Moisturizers: 4oz or 6oz
the importance of cleansing
the importance of cleansing
  • The basis of skin perfection and the skin care treatment is thorough cleansing. The skin must be cleansed thoroughly without overstimulation or disruption of the natural acid mantle.
  • A successful cleansing routine must remove all the tinted make-up and debris from the skin’s surface, and gently remove dead cells.
  • Ingredients should be formulated to effectively cleanse and purify, be non-stripping, water-soluble, easy to rinse, leaving the skin smooth and refreshed.
precleanse and the dermalogica double cleanse
precleanse and the dermalogica double cleanse
  • A light weight plant based cleansing oil
  • Dissolves surface oils and debris, emulsifies with water, rinses away oil and water soluble grime
  • Effectively removes oils, sunscreens, pollutants and cosmetics; gentle enough to remove eye make-up
  • Great for oily and sensitized skin
  • Will not disrupt barrier lipids
    • Professional size: 16 oz.
dermalogica cleansers
dermalogica cleansers
  • Dermal Clay Cleanser – Contains oil-absorbing ingredients for oily, congested skin conditions
  • Special Cleansing Gel – A foaming gel cleanser formulated for all skin conditions
  • Essential Cleansing Solution – A milky creamy solution formulated for dry to ultra dry skin conditions
  • Professional size: 32 oz.
dermalogica cleansers1
dermalogica cleansers

Specialty cleansers

  • Ultra Calming™ Cleanser – Gentle cleansing gel-cream for extremely sensitive or sensitized skin conditions
  • Clearing Skin Wash – Foaming antibacterial wash for acneic skin conditions
  • Skin Resurfacing Cleanser – A dual-action cleanser that smoothes and retexturizes
  • Tri-Active Cleanse – a triple action concentrated cleanser for hyperpigmented and uneven skin tones

*Professional size: 16 oz.

  • Soothing Eye Make-up Remover* – An oil and alcohol free gentle cleanser to remove makeup – all skin conditions

*Professional size: 8 oz.

  • MultiActive Toner – An ultra light hydrating spritz for all skin conditions
  • Ultra Calming™ Mist– An ultra calming spray that desensitizes while easing redness and stinging.

*Professional size: 16oz.

    • Antioxidant HydraMist – A refreshing antioxidant shield with flash-firming properties

*Professional size: 12oz.

what we ll explore next
what we’ll explore next
  • Exfoliation choices
  • Extraction mediums
  • Massage mediums
  • Customization
  • Masque therapy
professional exfoliation

professional exfoliation

Biologically active exfoliants to smooth, refine and prepare the skin for absorption

  • The process of removing excess dead cells
  • Allows for better penetration of treatment ingredients
  • Encourages new cell growth
  • An exfoliant is the medium used to smooth and even texture of the skin
  • May be physical or chemical
  • All skin conditions
  • Acne
  • Dehydration
  • Aging Skin
  • Pigmentation
safety steps contraindications and precautions
safety steps: contraindications and precautions
  • Signed consultation is critical & always face map
  • Lipid barrier must be intact – look for signs such as recent colds, caffeine, sensitivity, travel, low fat diets, exfoliation products at home. Check history of resurfacing treatments, chemical peels, etc
  • Do not exfoliate highly sensitized, broken, injured, sunburned or recently waxed skin (24 hours)
  • Prevent problems arising- can patch test
  • Do not use on any clients who are taking Isotretinoin or have taken it in the past 6 months
  • Do not use on clients who use Retin-A, Renova, Adapalene, Epiduo or any other medically prescribed topical acne products, they need to discontinue use for at least 2-4 weeks
  • Never leave a client unattended and always remove thoroughly!
  • Always apply and prescribe a sunscreen! No sun exposure for a week
dermalogica professional exfoliants
dermalogica professional exfoliants
  • Skin Prep Scrub
  • Daily Microfoliant®
  • Daily Resurfacer
  • Skin Exfoliant System
  • MultiVitamin Power Exfoliant
  • Exfoliant Accelerator 35
dermalogica exfoliants
dermalogica exfoliants

Professional and Retail

  • Skin Prep Scrub –

A skin polishing scrub exfoliant for all skin conditions

  • Daily Microfoliant® –

A rice based enzyme powder gently microfoliates skin surface, for all skin conditions

    • Professional size: 6 oz.

*Except clients who have been using Retin A or Accutane.

daily resurfacer
daily resurfacer


Salicylic acid, sugar cane, hibiscus fruit extracts and bacillus ferment,

Hyaluronic acid, rooibos tea and green tea

Brightening complex: citrus unshiu peel and rice bran extract


Gentle enough to use throughout the treatment to resurface, degrease and brighten the skin

How to Use

all skin conditions

skin exfoliant system
skin exfoliant system


Enzymatic Base, Part A (powder base)

Papain and bromelain enzymes

Acidic Activator, Part B (liquid portion)

Lactic and salicylic acid, sulfur


Non abrasive self neutralizing, professional strength exfoliation, 3 multipurpose ways to use!

How to Use

breakout-prone or skin with

excess oil production

part of the

MediBac Clearing® line

multivitamin power exfoliant
multiVitamin power exfoliant


Fruit, vegetable and flower oil base

Retinol, lactic acid and 15% salicylic acid

Oil-soluble form of vitamin C

Bioactivity score = 25


Maximum strength exfoliant in a lipid base, delivered in a single dose and re-sealable capsule. Achieves visible results on the skin.

How To Use

part of the

AGE Smart® line

dry, sun-damaged or prematurely-aging

exfoliant accelerator 35
exfoliant accelerator 35


Lactic acid (30% @ pH 3.2)

Papaya juice (carica papaya) enzymes

Olive leaf (oleaeuropaea) extract

Bacillus ferment


Provides intense active exfoliation when used alone or use to customize other Dermalogica chemical exfoliants

thick coarse sun damaged skin

how to safely use
how to safely use

Customize by mixing with other Dermalogica chemical exfoliants:

  • Daily Microfoliant®- ½ tsp + 1 pump EA35
  • Skin Exfoliant System - 1 scoop Enzymatic Base + ¾ tsp. Acidic Activator + 3 pumps EA35
  • MultiVitamin Power Exfoliant- 1 applicator MultiVitamin Power Exfoliant + 1 pump EA35

Or use Exfoliant Accelerator 35 alone


Do not apply to highly sensitized, broken, injured, sun burned or recently waxed skin (24 hours)

Do not use on any clients who are taking Accutane or have taken it in the past 6 months

Do not use on clients who use Retin-A, Renova, Adapalene, Tazorac or any other medically prescribed exfoliating products, they need to discontinue use for at least 2-4 weeks

  • Let’s recap:
    • Which skin conditions benefit from exfoliation?
    • Name 2 contraindications to professional exfoliation?
    • What are the steps for removing MultiVitamin Power Exfoliant?
    • Which Dermalogica exfoliants are retail and professional use?
extraction mediums
extraction mediums

Pre and post-solutions to provide the most hygienic and effective manual extraction technique

scaling fluid

Natural herbal base of watercress, burdock, lemon, sage and ivy, saponariaofficinalis, sodium salts


Desincrustation solution that can be used in numerous ways to soften impacted sebum for easier hygienic extractions

How to Use

scaling fluid

congested skin, prone

to comedones


right vs. wrong!!!

post extraction solution
post extraction solution


Salicylic Acid 0.5%, tea tree,

centipedacunninghamii, licorice, panthenol, alginated zinc triplex


Decongests the follicle, reduces sebum production helps eliminates p. acnes

While promoting healing and reducing inflammation

How To Use

congested skin, prone

to comedones

  • What ingredients are used to prepare

the skin for extractions?

  • Can you use the scaling fluid without galvanic current? If you use galvanic, what polarity would you use and what is it called?
  • What are the benefits of using the Post Extraction Solution after performing extractions?

1 Massage Cream

1 Oil Free Massage

3 Additives

3 Botanical Mixers to

customize your


= 8 choices!

massage cream
massage cream


Essential fatty acids, mallow, ivy, sambucus, cucumber and arnica


Water-soluble, creamy formula melts, and liquefies on contact. Ideal for European massage

How to Use

normal to dry skin conditions



Base of Hazelnut, Avocado, Wheatgerm Oil

3 types:

1. Revitalizing

2. Clearing

3. Soothing


Blend of essential oils that detoxify, oxygenate and hydrate the skin can be used for Aromatherapy and lymph drainage massage techniques

How To Use

all skin conditions

oil free massage
oil free massage


Niacinamide, horse chestnut, yeast, panthenol, caffeine, licorice, sarcosine, camphor


A silky water-soluble, oil-free lavender

flower massage medium that purifies &


How To Use

Part of the

MediBac Clearing® line

excess oil or breakouts

hydroessential botanical mixers
hydroessential botanical mixers


Floral water base with hydroessential blends

3 types:

1. Calming

2. Purifying

3. Replenishing


Powerful water-soluble, aromatherapy blends, to enhance performance and customize almost all treatment products

How To Use

all skin conditions

  • How many choices do we have for massage?
  • List all of the Dermalogica massage mediums
  • Which Dermalogica massage medium is most suited for European massage techniques?
  • What do we mean by water soluble?
  • What are the properties of essential oils?
  • How would you use the botanical mixers to customize your treatment?


Concentrated highly active professional-use-only treatment products to treat underlying problems, correct skin concerns & intensify results

4 choices - part of the skin concern segments, MediBac Clearing®,

AGE Smart®,ChromaWhite TRX® ,UltraCalmingTM

How to Use

  • Apply under treatment masques and moisturizers
  • Mix into some key products
  • Pulverize onto the skin
  • Ionize with galvanic current on the positive polarity
  • Use with pressure point massage
  • Use 6-10 drops
medibac clearing complex
mediBac clearing® complex


A concentrated acne fighting professional serum to address the 4 factors of acne

  • Salicylic acid exfoliates and clears impaction plugs
  • Niacinamide, horse chestnut, yeast, panthenol & caffeine regulate sebum
  • Comfrey & licorice soothe irritated skin
  • Nordihydroguaiaretic acid slows cell proliferation
  • Zinc gluconate and caffeine inhibit bacteria

acneic and breakout prone

age smart complex
AGE Smart®complex


A concentrated power rich professional serum to help reverse signs of aging

  • Arginine/Lysine Polypeptide fight AGEs
  • Soy & White Tea inhibit (ROS, MMPs and AGEs)
  • Oligopeptide, PalmitoylTetrapeptide and Palmitoyl Tripeptide-5 stimulate collagen and elastin synthesis
  • SaccharomycesCerevisiae Extract stimulates wound healing, collagen and oxygen utilization

mature or


chromawhite tr x complex
ChromaWhite TRx® complex




A concentrated brightening professional serum to correct and control uneven pigmentation

  • Oligopeptide inhibits melanogenesis
  • Niacinamide inhibits transfer of melanosomes
  • Zinc glycinate inhibits melanogenesis
  • Ferula foetida root extract slows enzyme activity
  • Phytic acid chelates Cu++
  • Palmariapalmata inhibits messenger protein that triggers melanogenesis
  • Lactobacillus enzymes stimulate natural exfoliation
ultracalming complex
UltraCalming™ complex


Highly concentrated treatment serum to relieve sensitive, redness, itching and burning, it continues to work after the professional treatment

UltraCalming™ Complex reduces sensitivity, redness, and irritation

Saccharomyceslysate extract repairs inflamed tissues

Caffeine reduces redness

Panthenol (pro-vitamin B5) aids skin repair

Sodium hyaluronate (hyaluronic acid) and hydrolyzed glycosaminoglycans maintain proper hydration levels of skin

sensitized, reactive and recently resurfaced skin

professional masques
professional masques
  • Plankton Masque Base
  • Colloidal Masque Base
  • MultiVitamin Power Recovery® Masque
  • Clinical Colloidal Oatmeal
  • Contour Masque
  • MediBac Clearing® Masque System

*Don’t forget! 6 oz. Intensive Moisture Masque

masque therapy
masque therapy

Plankton Masque Base


Alginates from bladderwrack and marine plankton, bentonite and kaolin, grapefruit, zinc oxide, bisabolol, vitamin E


Balances sebum, purifying, detoxifying and deep cleansing clay formula removes dead skin cell debris and absorbs excess oil

How to Use

Colloidal Masque Base


Hyaluronic acid, mallow, ivy, cucumber, vitamins A and E, orange, sambucus, arnica and allantoin


Cooling, hydrating, anti-inflammatory multipurpose masque that be used on eyes and lips

How To Use

multivitamin power recovery masque
multivitamin power recovery® masque


Beta glucan & algae extract, Essential fatty acids

vitamins A,C,E and B5,Licorice, comfrey and burdock


A powerful antioxidant masque to help skin recover from damage. Reduces inflammation, helps promote collagen and elastin production while promoting tissue repair

How To Use

mature or


clinical colloidal oatmeal
clinical colloidal oatmeal


Pharmaceutical grade Colloidal Oatmeal


A super soothing, calming masque that helps boost the immune function of ultra sensitive skin. Relieves itching associated with eczema, helps to soothe skin rashes and irritation and can be used on eyes and lips.

How To Use

sensitized, reactive and recently resurfaced skin

contour masque
contour masque


Diatomaceous earth, calcium sulfate, grapefruit oil and algin


Setting masque, cooling & calming, reduces edema, infuses underlying product, firming, diatomaceous earth

How to Use

sensitized, mature or


medibac clearing masque
mediBac clearing® masque


  • Salicylic acid removes impaction plugs
  • Sulfur kills bacteria
  • Activated charcoal adsorbs excess oils and impurities
  • Clays & diatomaceous earth absorb excess sebum
  • Niacinamide, horse chestnut, yeast, panthenol

& caffeine regulate sebum

  • Licorice and panthenol soothe skin & aid in healing
  • Tea tree leaf oil and camphor are kill bacteria


A two part medicated treatment masque that clears bacteria, reduces excess sebum & calms skin

acneic, prone to


so let s recap
so let’s recap…
  • Exfoliation choices
  • Extraction mediums
  • Massage mediums
  • Customization
  • Masque therapy
tone treat and protect
tone, treat and protect

Tone: Spritz, Dr. Lucas Pulverizer, Eco Spray

    • Multi-Active Toner
    • UltraCalmingTM Mist
    • Antioxidant HydraMist
    • Complexes
    • Botanical Mixers

Treat: Complexes, Boosters, introduce specialized

retail products, eye care

  • MultiVitamin Power Firm


  • Professional size moisturizers,
  • Solar Defense Booster SPF30

The dermalogica skin treatment

segment 4

school program

Segment 1

the dermalogica skin treatment1
the dermalogica skin treatment
  • This treatment forms the foundation of Dermalogica’s selection of services
  • It is customized at every step by the skin care therapist based on the Face Mapping® skin analysis
  • You will be using the Face Mapping® skin analysis Consultation card to check for any skin or medical conditions that might contraindicate a product selection
  • The Face Mapping® skin analysis Prescription Sheet is used to prescribe a customized Dermalogica home care regimen for your client
face mapping skin analysis and consultation
face mapping® skin analysis and consultation

Step 1

  • Complete the card 15 minutes before treatment time
  • Client signature is critical
    • The card is essential for the Face Mapping® skin analysis procedure
    • Expectations and concerns are addressed
cleanse eyes and lips
cleanse eyes and lips

Step 2

Prepare damp cotton pads to cleanse lip and eye area

Soothing Eye Make-up Remover

  • Gentle cleansing, oil and alcohol free, conditions lashes


  • For waterproof and resistant makeup

Step 3

The dermalogica double cleanse which begins with


  • a lightweight plant-based cleansing oil
  • Dissolves surface oils and debris then emulsifies when water is added to rinse away oil and water soluble grime

Step 4

Perform the second cleanse with the appropriate

Dermalogica cleanser for your client.

    • Ultra Calming™ Cleanser, Essential Cleansing Solution, Special Cleansing Gel, Dermal Clay Cleanser or Medibac Clearing® Skin Wash
  • These can also be customized with Dermalogica Botanical Mixers.
    • Calming Botanical Mixer, Purifying Botanical Mixer and Replenishing Botanical Mixer, depending on client’s skin condition

Step 5

Remove all traces of

cleanser with a warm

steam towel, sponges or

damp cotton pads,

customizing your rinsing

water with a Botanical


Step 6

A thorough skin analysis will aid you

in customizing the treatment and link

directly to the prescription

  • Apply eye pads and use your magnifying lamp
  • Don’t be afraid to question and share your findings with the client

Step 7

Select the correct Dermalogica Professional Exfoliant

  • Daily Microfoliant®, Skin Prep Scrub (can be mixed with cleanser) Skin Exfoliant System, MultiVitamin Power Exfoliant System or EA35
  • You may also choose to add mechanical brush cleansing to this step. For extra deep cleansing use with Skin Prep Scrub (mixed with a cleanser) or Daily Microfoliant®

Step 8

Scaling Fluid – whip up a small amount to a light foam using

a dry masque brush and apply to congested areas under

steam for 10 minutes

  • Carefully perform extractions, remove product with damp cotton pads or sponges
  • Apply small amount of Post Extraction Solution to cotton and wipe over the extracted area (if performing high frequency, use before applying Post Extraction Solution)

Step 9

Perform classic massage or Dermalogica pressure

point massage using a massage medium customized

for the client

  • Oil based system- Massage Cream, Soothing Additive, Clearing Additive or Revitalizing Additive
  • Serums – UltraCalming™ Complex, MediBac Clearing® Complex, and AGE smart®Complex

Step 9 continued…

Oil free massage - a silky water soluble medium that purifies and calms – customize with

Hydroessential botanical mixers -powerful water-soluble, aromatherapy blends: calming, purifying and replenishing

serum application
serum application

Step 10

Serums, complexes or concentrates correct and treat

underlying skin conditions

  • UltraCalming™ Serum Concentrate, MediBac Clearing® Complex, AGE smart® Complex and ChromaWhiteTRx Complex

Serums may be used in combination with galvanic (+)

current, under a masque or moisturizer


Step 11

Apply the appropriate Dermalogica masque

  • Colloidal Base Masque, Intensive Moisture Masque, Plankton Masque Base, Multivitamin Power Recovery® Masque, MediBac Clearing® Masque System, Clinical Colloidal Oatmeal Masque, or Contour Masque
  • Remove after 10-15 minutes (allow an extra 10 minutes for a setting masque); Contour or the Clinical Colloidal Oatmeal masque

Note: While masque is on fill in Face Mapping® skin analysis Prescription Sheet

tone concentrated boosters
Step 12

Spritz the client’s skin with:

Multi-Active Toner or UltraCalming™ Mist

Step 13

Choose from a professional

serum or retail booster

Extra Firming Booster

Skin Hydrating Booster

Special Clearing Booster

Gentle Soothing Booster

tone/concentrated boosters
moisturize eye care
Step 14

Apply suitable Dermalogica


Active Moist

Oil Control Lotion

Skin Smoothing Cream

Intensive Moisture Balance

Super Rich Repair

Sheer Tint Moisture SPF15

Barrier Repair

Step 15

Extra care is needed to

protect the delicate

area around the eye

Total Eye Care SPF15

Intensive Eye Repair

Multivitamin Power Firm

Age Reversal Eye Complex

moisturize/eye care
daylight defense
daylight defense

Step 16

Apply appropriate sun protection from Dermalogica’s

Daylight Defense System:

  • Solar Defense Booster spf30
  • Oil Free Matte Block spf20
  • Super Sensitive FaceBlock spf30
  • Extra Rich FaceBlock spf30
complete the face mapping skin analysis prescription sheet and present to your client
complete the face mapping® skin analysis prescription sheet and present to your client
  • Once client is dressed, meet them at the tester unit and present your prescription for a customized home care program
    • Hand the client a mirror as you talk through so they may look at their skin!
    • Follow through with every client regardless of whether they chose to purchase at that time
    • Give the client the original prescription and staple the copy to the consultation card for future reference
    • Book the follow-up appointment!
demonstration and workshop
demonstration and workshop
  • During your hands on practical you have handy guides to reference until you become confident in your Dermalogica techniques and product knowledge
    • The Skin Treatment “cheat sheet”
    • The Face Mapping® skin analysis “cheat sheet”
    • The Product “cheat sheet”

Note: They can be found in the back of your Dermalogica

training manual – “the book”



retail segment 5

school program

Segment 1

class content
class content
  • Segmentation lines:
  • Daylight Defense
  • system
  • MediBac Clearing®
  • AGE Smart®
  • Dermalogica Shave
  • ChromaWhite TRx®
  • UltraCalmingTM
  • Body therapy

Overview: Concepts and the

Grey Line

  • Face Mapping® skin analysis
  • Skin types and conditions
  • Cleansers
  • Exfoliants
  • Masques
  • Toners
  • Concentrated boosters
  • Targeted treatments
  • Eye treatments
  • Moisturizers

Designed by The International Dermal Institute to use exclusively with Dermalogica products and The Dermalogica Skin Treatment

  • User-friendly skin analysis for
  • correct product prescription
  • 14 different zones covering the
  • face, neck and chest
skin type vs skin condition
skin type vs. skin condition

Genetically determined,

measured by the oil in

the skin or reactivity

  • Normal/combination
  • Alipoid
  • Oily
  • Acne
  • Sensitive/Rosacea

Caused by external

factors, internal influence

like hormones, diet,

lifestyle, stress, etc.

  • Dehydration
  • Sensitized
  • Aging/premature
  • Pigmentation
  • Congestion/breakouts
let s map
let’s map!

Map your findings: skin condition

b = breakout activity

c = comedones

d = dilated capillaries

dh = dehydration

m = milia

p = pigmentation

fl = fine lines

dl = deep lines

s = sensitivity

dermalogica cleansers2


All dermalogica cleansers are soap-free, completely water-soluble and acid balanced to purify thoroughly without stripping the skin's natural barrier lipids


soothing eye make-up remover

  • gently cleansing, oil and S.D. alcohol free. Conditions lashes


Oil free, will not sting eyes or leave oily residue – gentle and cooling and is ideal for contact lens wearers. Conditions and strengthens eye lashes

all skin conditions

pre cleanser
  • PreCleanse- A light-weight plant-based cleansing oil
  • Dissolves surface oils and debris then emulsifies when water is added to rinse away oil and water-soluble grime
  • Gentle enough to remove eye make-up; effectively removes oils, sunscreens, pollutants and cosmetics
  • Will not disrupt barrier lipids

all skin conditions

(great for oily and sensitized skin)

  • Dermal Clay Cleanser
  • Special Cleansing Gel
  • Essential Cleansing Solution
  • UltraCalming Cleanser
  • The Sponge Cloth
  • Which Dermalogica cleanser contains purifying clays to help balance an oily skin type?
  • Which cleanser is used as the first step of the 2-part Dermalogica Double Cleanse?
  • Essential Cleansing Solution contains moisturizing and stimulating ingredients, who should use this cleanser?
  • Name three key benefits of Dermalogica cleansers.
  • Fill in on your prescription sheet which cleanser you will use.

Dermalogica exfoliants prepare for optimum moisture absorption by aiding in cell renewal, smoothing and refining the skin’s surface

dermalogica exfoliants1
Gentle Cream Exfoliant – hydroxy acid exfoliant masque

*all skin conditions

Skin Prep Scrub – a gently abrasive exfoliant

*all skin conditions

*except Retin A and Accutane users

Exfoliating Face Brush – ultra-gentle brush works with your Dermalogica Cleanser to gently exfoliate dulling surface debris and impurities

dermalogica exfoliants2

Daily Microfoliant®

  • A daily microfoliator and skin brightener

*all skin conditions

Daily Resurfacer

  • Resurfaces and smoothes skin surface as it stimulates the exfoliation of cells

*all skin conditions

*Except users of Retin A and Accutane

review of exfoliants
review of exfoliants
  • Which Dermalogica leave-on exfoliant stimulates cell turnover and smoothes the skin surface?
  • Which Dermalogica exfoliant contains corn cob meal?
  • Name two key ingredients in Daily Microfoliant.®
  • Which one did you choose for your program?

dermalogica masques

Regular use of treatment masques greatly enhances a daily regimen by providing extra nourishment, refinement and revitalization to the skin, solving specific problems to leave the skin radiantly healthy



  • Skin Hydrating Masque –
  • all skin conditions, dehydrated
    • Bitter Orange, Cucumber, Mallow and Arnica
  • Skin Refining Masque –
  • oily and acne-prone skin conditions
    • Bentonite, Kaolin, Menthol and Zinc
    • Intensive Moisture Masque –
    • oil dry skins
      • E.F.A.’s, Honey, Gingko Biloba, Safflower, Orange and Evening Primrose Oil
multi active toner
multi-active toner
  • A soothing and refreshing, hydrating spritz
  • Contains lavender, sodium PCA, aloe vera and balm mint
  • Helps prepare skin for other Dermalogica products, helps even out porosity for optimal moisture absorption

all skin conditions


concentrated boosters

Dermalogica's boosters are highly active concentrates to target specific skin concerns

dermalogica boosters
Gentle Soothing Booster

An oil-free treatment of ultra soothing botanicals sensitized & irritated skin

Extra Firming Booster

Super concentrated firming fluid

skin with fine, dry lines

Skin Renewal Booster

An exfoliating complex of hydroxy acids

all skin conditions – except users of Retin A and Accutane

Skin Hydrating Booster

A super hydrating fluid that hydrates and smoothes

dry, alipoid skin conditions

dermalogica boosters
targeted treatments


Targeted treatments perform a variety of "problem solving" with their highly specialized formulations, completing every skin care regimen by targeting areas that require a little extra attention

climate control
climate control
  • Protects skin against damage from reactive ozone, protects skin from dehydration
    • Medium weight formula that reduces inflammation and redness.
    • Anti-Ozonate Complex, Superoxide Dismutase, Shea Butter and Bisabolol.

dry, sensitized & irritated skin, impaired barrier function and athletes-

(swimmers, snowboarders etc.)

eye treatments
eye treatments

Dermalogica eye treatments focus on moisturizing and replenishing critical oils around the eyes, helping to hydrate, restore firmness, retexturize, and protect against further environmental damage


total eye care spf15

  • Reduces fine lines and puffiness, hides dark circles, physical sunblock spf15
  • intensive eye repair
  • Ultra-rich nourishment, repairs and protects against free radicals


Dermalogica's moisturizers contain powerful plant extracts, essential oils and antioxidant vitamins to hydrate, repair and protect the skin against the drying effects of environmental exposure, pollution and stress


Active Moist Oily

Skin Smoothing Cream Normal/Dry

Intensive Moisture Balance Dry

Sheer Tint Moisture SPF15 Any Skin Condition

Sheer Moisture SPF15 Any Skin Condition

Sheer tint Redness Relief SPF15 Visible Redness

daylight defense1
daylight defense
  • Oil Free Matte Block SPF20
    • provides matte finish while protecting
  • Super Sensitive FaceBlock SPF30
    • soothe and protect
  • ExtraRichFaceBlock SPF30
    • nourish and protect
  • Ultra Sensitive FaceBlock SPF25
    • tinted super emollient
  • Solar Defense Booster SPF30
    • ultimate customization
  • MultiVitaminBodyBlock SPF20
    • treat and protect the body
  • WaterBlock Solar Spray SPF30
    • water resistant protection, kids and athletes
  • Solar Defense Wipes SPF15
    • portable, versatile towelettes
  • Solar Shield SPF15
    • waterproof protection in a stick, lips, ears and nose
  • After Sun Repair
    • treatment balm to repair sunburned skin
  • Should everyone use a moisturizer?
  • What is the purpose?
  • Which moisturizer is oil-free and recommended for men, teenagers and as a sports moisturizer?
  • Which Dermalogica gray line moisturizer contains a sun screen?
fill out your home care program
Fill out your home care program
  • Morning
    • Cleanser
    • Toner
    • Booster
    • Moisturizer
    • Eye treatment
    • Sun Protection
  • Evening
    • Cleanser
    • Exfoliant
    • Masque
    • Toner
    • Moisturizer
    • (other)
medibac clearing tm

mediBac clearingTM

designed to be layered onto the skin for maximum results…. 24 hours a day a complete professional & retail system

mediBac clearing®

retail products

medibac clearing

mediBac clearing®

designed to be layered onto the skin for maximum results…. 24 hours a day a complete professional & retail system

medibac clearing1
mediBac clearing®
  • Clearing Skin Wash

Foaming cleanser to clear away

excess oil without stripping the skin

Salicylic Acid, Licorice, Calendula, TeaTree,

Golden Seal, Camphor and Menthol

  • Skin Purifying Wipes

Hygienic, quick cleansing wipes that purify and remove excess oil

Balm Mint, Coneflower, Camphor, Witch Hazel and Salicylic Acid

medibac clearing2
mediBac clearing®
  • Sebum Clearing Masque

A cooling, refining masque that purifies and helps prevent breakouts

Salicylic Acid, Niacinamide, Yeast Extract,

Spiraea Ulmaria and Sarcosine

  • Clearing Mattifier

An anhydrous treatment that absorbs oil, clears breakouts and maintains an all-day matte finish

2% Salicylic Acid, Cinnamon Bark Extract, Enantia Bark, Retinyl Palmitate and Grape Seed Extract.

medibac clearing3
mediBac clearing®
  • Oil Control Lotion

Feather-light lotion to absorb oil and help combat shine to maintain an all-day matte finish

Microsponges, Hyssopus, Zinc Gluconate, Niacinamide, Caffeine and Salicylic Acid

  • Concealing Spot Treatment

An intense spot treatment that works to conceal, treat and clear breakouts

Sulfur, Zinc Oxide and carob seed extract

medibac clearing4
mediBac clearing®
  • Overnight Clearing Gel

An overnight treatment gel that clears skin, calms inflammation and prevents future breakout

2% Salicylic Acid, Tea Tree, Niacinamide, Hyaluronic Acid and Nordihydroguaiaretic Acid

  • Special Clearing Booster

A topical treatment for breakouts that helps to heal the lesion and kill bacteria

5% Benzoyl Peroxide, Ivy, Sage, Watercress, Calendula and Cornflower

age smart

AGE Smart®

a state-of-the-art system of innovative products designed to help prevent and correct physiological and physical manifestations of aging skin

age smart1
AGE Smart®
  • Skin Resurfacing Cleanser
    • dual action 2-in-1 cleanses & exfoliates
  • Antioxidant HydraMist
    • hydrates, antioxidant protection and flash firming action
  • MultiVitamin Power

Recovery® Masque

    • powerful recovery for stressed skin while enhancing barrier function
  • MultiVitamin Power


    • single dose capsule delivers vitamins to repair and restore
  • MAP-15 Regenerator®
    • a unique powder to emulsion delivers potent vitamin C
  • MultiVitamin Power Firm
    • eye treatment to combat the signs of aging and protective silicones
  • Age Reversal Eye Complex
    • reverse and repair multiple signs of aging with this breakthrough highly effective product
age smart2
AGE Smart®
  • Super Rich Repair
    • moisturize chronically dry, prematurely aging skin
  • Power RichTM
    • 3-in-1 to repair, renew and restore
  • Dynamic Skin Recovery SPF30
    • a lightweight daytime moisturizer fights
      • AGES (Advanced Glycation End productS)
      • ROS (Reactive Oxygen Species)
      • Regulates MMPs (Matrix Metalloproteinases)
  • Renewal Lip Complex
    • a lip treatment that repairs, protects, moisturizes & smoothes
  • MultiVitaminThermafoliant®
    • this powerful skin polisher uses thermal technology to refine skin texture while targeting the internal causes that lead to skin aging
  • MultiVitamin Hand and Nail Treatment
    • a dynamic hand cream with a multipurpose ingredient base
dermalogica shave
dermalogica SHAVE


The dermalogica shave 3-step system offers a complete

regimen to deliver the closest shave possible and your

healthiest skin ever

dermalogica shave1
dermalogica shave
  • Clean Bar
    • the performance of a cleanser in a bar form
  • Daily Clean Scrub
    • dual-action exfoliating cleanser
  • Pre-Shave Guard
    • softens the beard without high-alkaline ingredients
  • Soothing Shave Cream
    • a super-close shave that prevents aggravation
  • Invigorating Shave Gel
    • shaving gel that soothes, cools and softens
  • Close Shave Oil
    • create an instant cushion between skin and razor
  • Post-Shave Balm
    • reduce discomfort & redness brought on by shaving
  • Daily Defense Block SPF15
    • light-weight lotion conditions,

defends against UV rays



When used morning and night, ChromaWhiteTRx® delivers synergistic, around-the-clock treatment and prevention of hyperpigmentation

chromawhite tr x
ChromaWhite TRx®
  • Tri-Active Cleanse
    • exfoliates & preps skin for absorption of lightening ingredients
  • Powerfoliant2®
    • powerful liquid exfoliation treatment revealing a lighter skin tone (2 x weekly)
  • Extreme C
    • concentrated powder with enhanced brighteners
  • C-12 Concentrate
    • brightening serum that targets pigmentation
  • Pure Light SPF30
    • daily SPF protection to defend against further development of pigmentation
  • Pure Night
    • treatment moisturizer conditions, while targeting pigmentation
ultracalming tm

Multi-beneficiary and packed with key actives that fight inflammation-induced redness and irritation to restore the skin’s natural lipid composition for an overall soothing and restorative treatment

ultracalming tm1
  • UltraCalmingTM Cleanser
    • gentle sulfate free gel cream, can be wiped away for skin that cannot tolerate water
  • UltraCalmingTM Mist
    • a soothing mist quickly relieves sensitivity, used when needed
  • UltraCalmingTMRelief Masque
    • for enraged skin, flare ups, used in spot areas if necessary
  • UltraCalmingTM Serum Concentrate
    • a super concentrated serum antidote for skin sensitivity
  • Barrier Repair
    • a unique anhydrous (waterless) moisturizer to reinforce the protective barrier
  • Redness Relief SPF20
    • a 3-in-1 spf moisturizer that neutralizes redness, defends against inflammation and protects
treatment foundation

treatment foundation

The last step in skin care, the first step in make-up. Oil-free, water-based formulas with natural Iron Oxides provide flawless coverage while moisturizing and protecting the skin

it doesn t stop at the face
it doesn’t stop at the face
  • Body MappingSM
  • Body Therapy
  • Daily Groomers
  • Why is it important to prescribe home care products to our clients?
  • Do Dermalogica cleansers contain soap?
  • What do boosters do?
  • What are the differences between the grey line and the segmented line?



face mapping skin analysis ®

segment 6

school program

Segment 1

what is face mapping skin analysis

what is face mapping® skin analysis?

reading the skin and effectively communicating to the client what you discover and prescribing the correct regimen

Elevates the therapist

Educates the client

Links directly to the prescription

Cements trust & commitment

5 steps to great skin
5 steps to great skin
  • Step 1

Dermalogica Face Mapping® skin analysis consultation card

  • Step 2

Dermalogica Face Mapping® skin analysis

  • Step 3

DermalogicaFace Mapping® skin analysis prescription sheet

  • Step 4

Present your findings

  • Step 5

Close the sale

let s review the consultation card
let’s review – the consultation card
  • Your health
  • Your skin
  • Exfoliation history
  • Moisture hydration
  • Capillary activity
  • Oil secretion
  • Nerve activity
  • Female clients
  • Male clients
  • Questions to discuss every visit
face mapping skin analysis
face mapping® skin analysis

Why it works

How to map

Communicate the concept

Put on the headset

Introduce each zone to the client

Work methodically, touch and feel the skin

Explain what you see and feel, educate the client and ask questions about their skin

  • Clients are time starved but want more results
  • Clients are information hungry and savvier than ever
  • Clients are confused by a crowded skin care landscape
  • Clients will invest in a regimen that works
what to look for
what to look for?

Skin type

  • Normal/combination
  • Oil dry
  • Oily
  • Acne
  • Sensitive/Rosacea

Skin condition

  • Dehydration
  • Sensitized
  • Aging/premature aging
  • Pigmentation
  • Congestion/breakouts
face mapping skin analysis zones1
face mapping® skin analysis zones

Map your findings:

b = Breakout activity

c = Comedone

d = Dilated capillaries

dh = Dehydration

m = Milia

p = Pigmentation

fl = Fine lines

dl = Deep lines

s = Sensitivity/redness

tools to work with
tools to work with

Analyze the skin with:

  • Your eyes through the magnifying lamp
  • Your woods lamp/skin scanner
  • Your touch, feel for congestion, hot spots, texture, oiliness and dryness
the zones
Zones 1 & 3 – Forehead: possible breakouts, dehydration

Zone 2 –

Nose: congestion, redness, flakiness

Zones 4 & 10 - Ears: comedones, sensitized skin

the zones
the zones1
Zones 5 & 9 – Cheeks: sensitized skin and hot spots, milia

Zones 6 & 8 –

Eye area: milia, fine lines, dark circles

the zones
the zones2
Zone 7 –

Upper lip area: congestion and comedones

Zones 11 & 13 – Jaw line area: breakouts, under surface congestion

the zones
the zones3
Zone 12 – Chin:

breakouts, micro- comedones

Zone 14 – Neck:

breakouts, pigmentation

the zones

treatment protocols

segment 7

school program

Segment 1

owning the treatment
“owning” the treatment

In order to become great at what

we do, we must ask ourselves:

  • How well am I doing?
  • Do I feel confident as I work?
  • What are my strengths during the treatment?
  • Am I following the protocol for the core treatment?
good treatment or great
good treatment or GREAT!!!
  • Details, details, details…
    • Greeting
    • Face Mapping® Consultation Card
    • Amenities (before, during and after the service)
    • Addressing client concerns
    • Prescribing home regimen
    • Follow through with re-booking and recommendations
learning tools
learning tools
  • The dermalogica core treatment
    • Laminated cheat sheet
    • Laminated product cheat sheet
    • Laminated face mapping® skin analysis cheat sheet
let s look at our choices
let’s look at our choices
  • AGE smart® Treatment– clients with signs of aging, dry or sun damage
  • MediBac Clearing® Treatment – acne management targeting adult breakouts and prevention
  • UltraCalming™ Skin Treatment – sensitive and environmentally sensitized skin conditions
many choices
many choices
  • ChromaWhiteTRx®– balancing areas of uneven pigmentation
  • Men’s Skin Care Treatment- specific concerns of the male client
  • 20 - Minute Express Treatment (MicroZoneSM Treatments)
skin bar
skin bar®
  • Free Face Mapping® skin analysis and clients’ get to “play” with the product!

retail support

segment 8

school program

Segment 1

completing the face mapping skin analysis presenting to your client

completing the Face Mapping® skin analysis & presenting to your client

the retail experience made easy!

setting goals for prescription retailing
setting goals for prescription retailing
  • What is the role of the skin care therapist?
  • What does the client expect? Results!
  • Benefits for the therapist? Steady clients and referrals
  • Benefits for the client? A healthier skin, good home maintenance regime and a feeling of money and time well spent!

Key steps…what do we say?

Special Cleansing Gel a gentle foaming cleanser which will cleanse and refresh your skin without stripping it like soap can

feature: what it is

  • advantage: the effect of the
  • feature on the skin or body

benefit: what it does

a i d a
a. i. d. a.
  • Attention:

Why are they there?

  • Interest:

Is the product something they really need?

  • Desire:

Be passionate about your product

  • Action:

Convince the client

probe and prescribe
probe and prescribe...
  • Consultation, further questions about life style and contributing factors
  • Make suggestions, listen to client, what is the most urgent need
  • Be prepared, be knowledgeable about future treatments and products for home care
close the sale
close the sale!
  • Be happy, smile
  • Present purchase in professionally wrapped packaging along with instructions on how and when to use
  • Invite them back for future treatments, set appointment time
  • Send thank you note!
  • What do we mean by features and benefits of a product?
  • Is it important to know your product line?
  • What are the benefits to the client?