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School Composting Program. Photo Gallery. Ideas so far…. Grade 1/2 and 3/4 buddy classes to set up and maintain a composting program at school . Reintroduce ‘wrapper free Wednesday’ to whole school .

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Ideas so far
Ideas so far…

  • Grade 1/2 and 3/4 buddy classes to set up and maintain a composting program at school.

  • Reintroduce ‘wrapper free Wednesday’ to whole school.

  • Each Wednesday a 1/2 and 3/4 buddy class will organise the collection of fruit/vegetable scraps for composting.

White hat what do we know about composting

White HatWhat do we know about composting?

Green and brown items

30% of all garbage could be used in compost

Only food is allowed in compost

Meat, dairy products, bread, citrus peels (worm farms), fish, bones – are not allowed in compost bins

Food scraps make soil

no wrappers in compost

Green hat what thoughts ideas questions do you have about composting

Green HatWhat thoughts/ideas/questions do you have about composting?

How long will it take for us to start this process?

Will the preps understand?

How much time will it take for the compost to decompose?

Can we put twigs, leaves and hay into our compost?How can we do this at cohr?

Collect sticks from the oval to go into our compost

How much soil will we need to use?

Yellow hat why would it be good for us to compost at cohr

Yellow HatWhy would it be good for us to compost at COHR?

So we can help our plants grow

To make less rubbish in our landfill– includes less impact on our environment

To help us to have less rubbish around the school

We can help promote/educate other people about composting within the community

Save the school money by making our own fertilizer

Reusing our food scraps (4rs)

Black hat think of some of the reasons why composting might be difficult at cohr

Black HatThink of some of the reasons why composting might be difficult at COHR?

Might take a long time to build up our compost

Our compost bin might not be big enough

Our hands get dirty– need gloves to keep it hygienic

Have to keep it moist and mix it

We need a cover for our compost

Might be difficult to collect all the food scraps

Could have rats or pests if we compost incorrectly

Where will we get all the materials that we will need?

Red hat how do you feel about a school composting program

Red HatHow do you feel about a school composting program?

Happy that we’re not throwing away food scraps in the bin, but that we are contributing to the environment

We are helping our plants to grow

Excited to be a part of the program

Happy because we are not affecting our waterways

Proud of our efforts to compost

Amazed to see the compost process in action

Blue hat using all this information what will composting at cohr look like

Blue HatUsing all this information, what will composting at COHR look like?

Everyone working together– cooperation

It will look clean and nice

A good opportunity to get together and talk

It looks fun to take care of our environment

This might make us start composting within our own homes

It could be smelly

A community – building knowledge and resources