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Module Two Australia and New Zealand PowerPoint Presentation
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Module Two Australia and New Zealand

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Module Two Australia and New Zealand

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  1. Module Two Australia and New Zealand

  2. Introduction

  3. Australia Sydney Opera House the map of Australia beach & kangaroo the nation flag Alice Spring

  4. Australia the map of Australia Sydney Opera House the national flag Alice Springs Kangaroo beach

  5. Scenery of Australia

  6. Map of Australia Map of new Zealand

  7. Brainstrom 1. How many countries in the world are larger than Australia? 2. What percentage of Australians are migrants from non-English speaking backgrounds? 3. When did the Maori people arrive in New Zealand? 4. Where in Europe is the region that New Zealand is named after? 5. Which is farther from Beijing? ---- Canberra or Wellington?

  8. Answers • Five • 20% • Over1,000 years ago • A region of Holland • Wellington

  9. Pairworks Rewrite the passage in Activity 1 and include the facts about Australia and New Zealand below.

  10. Homework Write a passage comparing Australia, New Zealand and China. Use the information in the table.

  11. Reading and Vocabulary (1)

  12. Scanning Read the passage and choose the main idea. 2 1. safty suggestions for tourists in Australia 2. dangerous sea creatures in Australia 3. how to swim safely in Australia

  13. Fast-reading March the meanings with the words in the box. attack deadly human immediate mystery protect remote responsible scream snake species survive 1. something which we cannot understand______ 2. extremely dangerous ________ 3. to stay alive after an accident or illness _________ 4. to make loud noise because you are hurt __________ 5. a violent attempt to hurt someone ___________ 6. a group of animals with the same features___________ mystery deadly survive scream attack species

  14. Careful-reading

  15. Details 1. Australian beaches are almost always empty because _______. A. the sea is too dangerous B. the sea is full of dangerous creatures

  16. 2. The box jellyfish _______. A. kills its victim with an electric shock B. is one of the most dangerous animals in the world

  17. 3. Victims can survive a meeting with a box jellyfish if they _____. A. leave the water B. get immediate medical attention

  18. 4. Australia is home to _____ A. 100 species of poisonous snakes B. 250 species of poisonous snakes

  19. 5. The taipan is_______ A. the biggest snake in the world B. the most dangerous snake in the world

  20. 6. Salt water crocodiles _______. A. are very aggressive B. can swallow a human whole

  21. 7. The great white shark is _______. A. one of many different species of snakes B. is only found in Australia

  22. 8. Australia ________. A. has more shark attacks than Brazil B. has fewer shark attacks than people think

  23. Consolidation medical attention bite faint poisonous swallow tentacle put together 1. That man looks very ill. He needs immediate ________. 2. You are in big trouble if a taipan ________ you. 3. The _______ of ordinary jellyfish are not as long as those of a box jellyfish. 4. There are more dangerous snakes in Australia than in the rest of the world ______. 5. Most American snakes are not _______. 6. The woman came out of the water screaming and _______ on the beach. 7. It’s strange to know a salt water crocodile never ______ a human being.

  24. Reading and Vocabulary (2)

  25. Brainstorm Work in groups and discuss the questions. 1. How many people in the group have seen The Lord of the Rings films? 2. What is the general opinion about the films?

  26. Word-practice background destroy outstanding plateau respect rocky volcano 1.Which of the words in the box have something to do with natural scenery? 2. Which word means “very good”? 3. Which word means “to break or ruin something”? plateau rocky volcano outstanding destroy

  27. Careful-reading • Why New Zealand was chosen as the location for the filming of The Lord of the Rings? • 2. What are the names of the hero and the villain of the film? • 3. Who lives or lived in Mordor and Hobbiton? The variety of locations available The hero is Frodo Baggins and the villain is Lord Sauron Lord Sauron lives in Mordor, and the Hobbits in Hobbiton

  28. Fill in the table

  29. Match • a. a lot of different kinds of things • b. important for religious reasons • c. to change completely • d. amazing • e. a long film or story about exciting events • 1. breathtaking • 2. sacred • 3. epic • 4. transform • 5. variety

  30. Homework Do you think New Zealand was a good choice for the location of these film?

  31. See You!