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Iskratel Group

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Iskratel Group

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  1. Iskratel Group • Over 60 Years on the Telecommunications Market • More than 12 mio Ports Installed • 1.100 Employees • Headquarters in Slovenia, EU • Key Companies abroad in Russia, Ukraine, Macedonia • Worldwide Presence in more than 30 Countries • Solutions for Access Networks, Multimedia Core and Applications • Active Member of: Iskratel Headquarter in Kranj, Slovenia, EU

  2. Iskratel and • Iskratel is a Member of the National Technology Platform NESSI Slovenia Since 2006 • Iskratel has been Very Active in Preparing the Document “The Strategic Research Agenda” • Our Major Focus has been on • Technology (Telco and Infrastructural Services, Openness, …) • Portals and Multimodal Interfaces • Service and Application Life Cycle • Business Models • Beside Being a Member of TP NESSI Iskratel is also a Member of TPs NEM and eMobility

  3. The key driver Iskratel decided to develop its own Service Delivery Platform (SDP) called Open Services Application Platform (OSAP) ”… in order to give service providers a platform to facilitate the creation of new services across their networks and developer community to develop new apps on top of it; namely each provider faces a diverse, but highly competitive environment where service velocity is a key differentiator in the battle to lure and keep subscribers…”

  4. The Rapid Service Creation as a New Challenge of OSAP Research, validate, design, create, test & evaluate, control, manage, support, sell… the service from single point of decision Service &apps developers Fans, apps buyers… Content providers Service providers Define and implement business model to achieve this goal Network & Device Provider System integrators

  5. Singlepointofservicecreation WEB 2.0 Services&Apps Users Developers Access Gateway Service provider’s product marketing Application Server Converged Container OSS/BSS Radius, Diameter LDAP , SOAP REST SOAP (Px) Enterprise Service Bus AAA REST SOAP (Px) Design, create, test & evaluate, simulate, manage, support, maintain… REST SOAP REST SOAP SOAP SOAP REST SOAP (Px) SNMP, JMX,… 3rd Party Telephony Server SI3000 Application Server SI3000 Management System SI3000 Charging Server 3rd party Application Server Video services

  6. Case: partnering services “Hospital&Patients” use eHealth service for internal communication. A usercan also manage it. The service is operated by Service Provider, which uses eHealth application sold by Application Provider and implemented by “3rd party developer”. The application runs on OSAP operated by NetworkProvider. Public services eHealth service (Self ) Management as a Service “Hospital &Patients” Visualization Charging eHealthapp C2D Video call Chat … OSS/ BSS OSAP – Platform as a Service Infrastructure as a Service Apps provider & 3rd-party developer Service provider Network provider (OSAP operator) Network as a Service

  7. To conclude, RSC.OSAP will Offer: Integration of Enriched (Tele)Communication Services (Voice, Video, Data) and also Bundles of Services Access to the Same Services Running in a Cloud over Different Access Technologies (Internet, Wireless and Wireline) with the Comparable User Experience Innovation via Open Development Models to a Large Development Community for Rapid Apps Deployment Services, which are Easy-to-Create, Easy-to-Deploy, Easy-to-Charge and Easy-to-Manage via OSS/BSS and Service Logic Integration Support for Various Business Models Including Telco 2.0