the conceptual site model a visual journey though data and time
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THE CONCEPTUAL SITE MODEL A Visual Journey Though Data and Time

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THE CONCEPTUAL SITE MODEL A Visual Journey Though Data and Time - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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THE CONCEPTUAL SITE MODEL A Visual Journey Though Data and Time. October 29, 2013. Conceptual Site Model \_. WHAT IS A CONCEPTUAL SITE MODEL ?. Conceptual Site Model \_.

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conceptual site model

Conceptual Site Model _


conceptual site model1

Conceptual Site Model _

A Conceptual Site Model (CSM) describes site features and surface/subsurface conditions to understand contaminants and the risk(s) they pose to receptors.

conceptual site model2

Conceptual Site Model _

A CSM is included in the Part 213 definition of RBCA which directly references the ASTM:

Standard guide for development of conceptual site models and remediation strategies for light nonaqueous-phase liquids released to the subsurface, designation E 2531-06 E1, which references the

Standard guide for development of conceptual site models for Contaminated Sites, designation E 1689-95 (Reapproved 2008), which states (paraphrased):

A CSM is a written or pictorial representation of an environmental system and the processes that determine transport of contaminants from sources to receptors.

conceptual site model3

Conceptual Site Model _

A CSM describes site conditions by:

Identifying sources, pathways and receptors for contamination.

Identifying critical biological, chemical or physical processes.

Identifying the presence (and absence) of contamination.

conceptual site model4

Conceptual Site Model _

The CSM is an EVOLVING document.

conceptual site model5

Conceptual Site Model _


conceptual site model6

Conceptual Site Model _




Pathways and Receptors

Narrative and Visual Description

conceptual site model7

Conceptual Site Model_

Scope of the Conceptual Site Model

What Needs to be Characterized

Extent of Area to be Investigated

Human and/or Ecological Receptors

Contaminants of Concern (COCs)

Applicable Remedial Criteria

Immediate/Long Term Environmental Concerns

conceptual site model8

Conceptual Site Model _

2. Summarize Available Information

Property Description

Historical Information

Off-site and Regional Information

Geologic and Hydrogeological Information


conceptual site model9

Conceptual Site Model _

Identify and Characterize Sources

Operational and Ownership History

Current and Historic Releases

Location and Content of Releases


Prior Remedial Actions

conceptual site model10

Conceptual Site Model _

4. Identify Pathways and Receptors

- Exposure Pathways


Potential Future Use

- Human and/or Ecological Receptors

conceptual site model11

Conceptual Site Model _

4. Identify Pathways and Receptors

conceptual site model12

Conceptual Site Model _

5. A Narrative and Visual Description

Puts all the pieces together in a summary fashion for the

site as it is understood at that time.

The CSM should describe the site, contaminants, pathways, and receptors. More complex sites should include a discussion of data gaps or uncertainties.

Note: this is probably the most critical part of a CSM. You need to be able to provide a clear description of your model and graphics with an explanation are a great way to do this.

conceptual site model13

Conceptual Site Model _


conceptual site model18

Conceptual Site Model _

The Narrative:

A release of NAPL occurred from a dispenser. That NAPL migrated into the subsurface and migrated along a clay layer at 10 feet and then entered an aquifer 30 feet west of the source. The NAPL then pancaked in a classical fashion and created a groundwater plume that is migrating to the NE. That plume included BTEX at levels representative of a NAPL source and has migrated 260 feet down-gradient.

The source area presents a VI risk but soil vapor data indicate that the risk is contained and has not reached any structures. Down-gradient drinking wells are in the path of migration of the dissolved phase…

conceptual site model19

Conceptual Site Model _

Contact Information

Joseph DeGrazia, C.P.G.

Senior Geologist

Michigan Department on Environmental Quality

Remediation and Redevelopment Division

Southeast Michigan District Office

(586) 753-3812

[email protected]