Easy c getting started
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Easy c getting started.

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Easy c getting started
Easy c getting started

  • The program allows programmers to enable the joystick or to disable it. Use a new standalone project and then select either joystick or autonomous. In some cases, the robot can run automatically unless interrupted by the joystick. This could be a good idea in case a robot “accidentally” runs amuck.

Using the development environment
Using the Development Environment

The fancy programming environment starts off with the robot doing nothing. However, it gives us some ideas of where things can go. For now, code will be placed just before the “end” flag. The first objective will utilize Output functions and Program Flow functions. Students

may explore other

function types,

however they are not

required yet.

Outputting to the motor
Outputting to the Motor

  • Add a motor module to your program. The motor module comes with two variables. The first says what motor will be used. The second describes the voltage. Using a negative number will reverse the voltage and make the motor spin the other way. To make more than one motor move, the programmer will need to add more than one motor

    module. Look on the

    robot to see what number

    the motors are.

Uploading the program
Uploading the Program

  • When you have a program, plug in the robot with the orange tethering cord to the main CPU. Then, use the build and download program to send the program to the robot. Try to make a program that will have the robot move forward, move backwards and turn around. Try to find ways to output to all the motors on the bot.


Easy C: Getting Started

Using the Development Environment

Outputting to the motor

Uploading the program

Mission objective
Mission Objective

  • In this mission the robot will function in automatic mode. The robot will start on one side of the hall. It will then go back and forth to end up on the far side of the hall. It will then stop with the program ending. Score will be based on the following formula:

  • Score = 105 – seconds

  • That means that a robot that does the mission in 6 seconds gets a 99% for the grade.

Break the mission down into steps
Break the Mission Down Into Steps

  • Wait until the button is pressed

  • Go forward

  • Stop when touch wall

  • Go back to start

  • Stop when touch wall

  • Go forward

  • Stop and stay stopped when touch wall

Figure 8 challenge rubric
Figure 8 Challenge Rubric

  • Robot does figure 8s: 60%

  • Robot uses Ultra Sonic Sensor to avoid objects: 20%

  • Robot uses Bumper Switch to respond to collisions: 10%

  • Robot arm moves with “style”: 5%

  • Student Explains what robot is doing: 5%