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Getting Started PowerPoint Presentation
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Getting Started

Getting Started

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Getting Started

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  1. Getting Started

  2. Before you register A valid email address Course ID from your instructor - something like Student access code – comes with your text or you can purchase online Before you register, be sure you have: cm0123456

  3. Registering for CJi 1. Start your browserand go to Click the ACCESS WEBSITE tab In the“First-Time User” box, select REGISTER if you already have an Access Code. (Select GET ACCESS if you need to purchase access online with a credit card.)

  4. Registering for CJi 2. Read the License Agreement and Privacy Policy. Click

  5. Registering for CJi 3. On the Access Information page, you will be asked if you have a Pearson Education account. • If so, click the Yesoption. • Enter your existing login name and password.

  6. Registering for CJi If you do not have an account, click the Nooption. • Enter your desired login name (preferably your email address) • Enter and then re-type your desired password

  7. Registering for CJi Enter your access code (unless you purchased access online) Click the Next button.

  8. Registering for CJi On the Account Information page, enter your name and email address, and retype your email address.

  9. Registering for CJi 8. 9. In the School Location section, select the country in which your school is located. Enter your school’s ZIP or postal code = Ex. 20005

  10. Registering for CJi 10. Select your school from the list. tip: If your school is not listed, scroll to the bottom of the drop-down list and select Other. Enter your school name and city and select the state from the list.

  11. Registering for CJi Select a Security Question and enter the answer. Click the button (only once!) to submit your registration. tip: The Security Question and answer helps Product Support verify your identity in case you forget your login name or password.

  12. Registering for CJi A Confirmation and Summary page displays, indicating your registration is successful! Click the button to log into CJi. tip: If desired, print the confirmation page to keep a record of this information. A copy of this information will be emailed to you.

  13. Login & Enroll in CJi After you register for Criminal Justice Interactive, you need to log in and enroll in your instructor’s course. 1. At Click the ACCESS WEBSITE tab Login as a Returning User.

  14. Login & Enroll in CJi 2. Welcome to your CJi Home Page! Click the “Join a Class” button to enroll in your instructor’s course

  15. Login & Enroll in CJi 3. Enter your instructor’s Class ID

  16. Login & Enroll in CJi Make sure this information is correct. 4. CLICK

  17. Login & Enroll in CJi 5. Review & Print Confirmation Click Enter Class Now to finish. You’re now enrolled in your instructor’s roster and gradebook!

  18. Click here to check your grades. Click to enter your CJi course.

  19. Through CJi’s town of Parker Heights • See an original Criminal Justice movie • Explore Learning Modules of key chapter content • Watch Myths & Issues videos

  20. Explore Simulation Activities Through CJi’s town of Parker Heights • And take assignments that flow to your instructor’s gradebook

  21. Thank you for using Criminal Justice