Introduction to market driven strategy
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Introduction to Market Driven Strategy - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Introduction to Market Driven Strategy. A Process of Strategic Planning. Mission Vision Goals. Situation Audit. Strategy. Strategic Planning. Strategic planning flows from mission and values Implementation follows strategy Monitors and Controls follow Implementation.

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Introduction to market driven strategy

Introduction to Market Driven Strategy

A process of strategic planning
A Process of Strategic Planning







Strategic planning
Strategic Planning

  • Strategic planning flows from mission and values

  • Implementation follows strategy

  • Monitors and Controls follow Implementation

Marketing management philosophies
Marketing Management Philosophies

  • Production concept

  • Selling concept

  • Product concept

  • Marketing concept

  • Societal marketing concept

Customer orientation
Customer Orientation

  • Core Benefit to the Consumer

  • Market Driven

  • Customer Satisfaction

    • Lifetime value of the customer

The marketing concept
The Marketing Concept

  • Target Market

  • Needs and Wants

  • Integrated Marketing

Other Environmental Factors









Marketing Strategy

Marketing Plans






Sources of new sales
Sources of New Sales

  • Increase the Market Size (primary demand)

  • Steal from Competitors (selective demand)

  • Increase Usage of Current Customers

Situation audit
Situation Audit

  • Internal:

    • Company

  • External

    • Competition

      • Industry definition

      • Market definition

    • Customer

    • Environmental Factors

Influences on customer behavior
Influences on customer behavior

  • Culture

  • Groups

    • subculture, social class, associations, family, friends

  • Individual

    • personality, lifestyle, values, attitudes

Consumer decision making
Consumer decision making

  • Awareness / Perception

  • Motivation

  • Information Processing

    • Learning

    • Memory

    • Involvement

  • Attitudes and Behavior

Market research
Market Research

  • Surveys

  • Focus groups

  • Depth interviews

  • Observation








Examples from marketing

Examples from Marketing

A Study of Brand-Person Relationships

From Fournier 1998

Jean 59 married middle class suburb 3 grown children
Jean: 59, married, middle-class, suburb, 3 grown children

  • “I like to be home! I like just being here. I am comfortable, I guess…I like my things. I just like it here.”

  • “I think my mom treated me that way because I stood for what she would never have. before me she was so beautiful. The party girl…So I spent most of my time doing things for her, cleaning the house, because at least that was something I really knew how to do right”

  • “What do I do everyday? I cook. I clean. My white clothes are white. You can pick up a sheet of mine that is 10 years old and people think they are brand new. I iron them.”

  • “Why do I like this house so much? I like to see my things that I like, that I worked so hard for. It makes me feel good.”

  • “I like to have nice things. I like nice things, I want to have the best. I worked hard for what I have, I deserve them.”

  • “Pastene tomatoes, I always buy those, they are the best. They taste the best. They make the best sauce. You can tell the difference …Olive oil. Philip Berio is the best. It has a better taste. It is the best for cooking …I buy the best vinegar. Progresso …Bounty paper towels, they are the best...Jenn-Air, they say that is the best…Frigidaire makes the best refrigerator …Electrolux is the best vacuum you can buy. It’s expensive, yeah, but…”

  • “They say that Jif is better and natural is better and blah, blah, blah. Well, Skippy is the best peanut butter.”

  • That there Shimmer Lights, that is MY shampoo. No one else touches that. I paid a lot for it. I’ll let anybody borrow anything usually, but that one there is mine.”

  • “There’s Jell-O pudding in there for the baby. The cooked kind, not that instant crap.”

  • “I like to use someone I know. If I need electric work, I know an electrician.”

Karen 39 years old recently divorced 2 daughters 8 12 full time employed
Karen blah, blah, blah. Well, Skippy is the best peanut butter.”: 39 years old, recently-divorced, 2 daughters (8 & 12), full-time employed

  • “If there is one thing I do, just ONE thing, I will save my kids from feeling the same way I do when they reach 40.”

  • “Wherever am I going to find a man? I never thought that I would be the one left alone after the divorce. Never. I am turning forty, and there aren’t that many available men that age in general left anymore, let alone good ones, and god forbid they live in this small town.”

  • “I find that if you like something, then you stick to it. That’s how I am. If I find something in a restaurant that I liked, I might go back and get that over and over again, instead of trying something else that might sound good. Why order something else that may end up not being as good as the one I know I liked from before?”

  • “I don’t really know what all I buy. I am thinking about it, and it seems I don’t buy many brands. We do have, we have very, especially during the school year, our life is so buy that I come home and make very simple meals. I don’t spend a lot of time at the store.”

  • “I have maybe 5 brands of detergent that I will pick between. With 5 brands that you like, something is always going to be on sale. I used to always buy Tide, to get the kid dirt out. But now, I’ll use Tide, Cheer, Surf. Whatever is on sale.”

  • “If I go in there and Tide is on the aisle display, you know, I will get that. Of if I have a coupon. I am just not going to go out of my way anymore to get that brand over another. It is just not worth the trouble.”

  • “At work, I use a Gateway. I don’t really care that it’s a Gateway, but we only had the choice between an Apple and the Gateway and I am definitely not an Apple person.”

  • Mop and Glo? That was Daddy. I never really did like that…Palmolive? That was Jim. The Dove started with him…Mayonnaise? I just bought the brand Jim told me.”

  • “Well, we were using the Hellman’s because that was the brand Jim wanted. He hated the Miracle Whip. It seems people usually like one and hate the other. anyway, I didn’t care much, but now that I am alone we are back with the Miracle Whip. No more Hellman’s.”

Vicki 23 years old masters student recently moved out of parents house
Vicki: that…Palmolive? That was Jim. The Dove started with him…Mayonnaise? I just bought the brand Jim told me.” 23 years old, Masters student, recently moved out of parents’ house.

  • “I like my hometown. I keep my same hairdresser there, and my doctor and dentist are there. Tons of my friends from high school are still there. I think I might even go back there and live with my parents for awhile when I graduate to save money before I start my career. I would like my own place eventually though.”

  • “It is time that I had a boyfriend. A serious boyfriend, not just a boyfriend. I ‘m getting to that age. I was going out with this guy for four year. Four years! I still love him, and go to see him sometimes. yeah, I am openly looking, I go out with my girlfriends every Thursday and Friday night cruising the bars or whatever. But deep down, I’m hoping that someday he may come back to me. I really think he is the one. I am always scheming about how to get him back.”

  • “Everyone knows what brand of toothpaste I use. Just in discussing it, I mean, among friends or whatever, people know that Vicki uses Crest. That is just a given.”

  • “Look in my shower here. Look! Seven bottles of shampoo and six conditioners and I use them all! Why? Because each one is different. It depends on my mood and what kind of a person I want to be.”

  • I am in a big floral kick now. I mean, floral sheets, comforter, bras, floral scented shampoo and conditioner.”

  • This is the first box of tea bags that I have ever bought on my own. That was a dilemma! I bought Tetley. Those were the kind that my mother had sent me. Next time maybe I will buy something else, you know, branch out on my own.”

  • “I bought Dow scrubbing bubbles and that works. The Lysol Tub and Tile was the one mom used. I asked her if she ever used the Dow, and she said she tried it a long time ago and didn’t like it. But the Dow is “new and improved” and I think it works great. Mom’s just not up on it.