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World Bank Safeguard Policies Overview

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World Bank Safeguard Policies Overview - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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World Bank Safeguard Policies Overview. Disabilities & Safeguards Training Jean-Roger Mercier (ESDQC) July 11, 2006. Table of Contents. Safeguards, their objectives and application Most relevant safeguard policies for mainstreaming disabilities Safeguards processing and entry points

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world bank safeguard policies overview

World Bank Safeguard PoliciesOverview

Disabilities & Safeguards Training

Jean-Roger Mercier (ESDQC)

July 11, 2006

table of contents
Table of Contents
  • Safeguards, their objectives and application
  • Most relevant safeguard policies for mainstreaming disabilities
  • Safeguards processing and entry points
  • Conclusion
disabilities and safeguards
Disabilities and safeguards
  • Safeguards, their objectives and application
types of operations
Types of Operations

Under the new Development Policy Lending (DPL – OP 8.60) Policy

    • Macroeconomic Reforms
    • Sectoral Reforms
    • PRSC

Investment Lending, including

  • SWAPs and other sectoral investments
  • Financial Intermediaries
  • Community Driven Development Approach
  • Social Development
  • Guarantees



objectives of safeguard policies
Objectives of Safeguard Policies
  • Ensure that Environmental and Social issues are evaluated in decision making;
  • Reduce and manage project technical Risks;
  • Provide a mechanism for Consultation and Disclosure of Information;
safeguard policies

Project Cycle

Safeguard Policies
  • Environmental Policies
  • OP 4.01 Environmental
  • Assessment
  • OP 4.04 Natural Habitats
  • OP 4.09 Pest Management
  • OP 4.11 Cultural Property
  • OP 4.36 Forests
  • OP 4.37 Safety of Dams
  • Legal Policies
  • OP 7.50 International Waterways
  • OP 7.60 Disputed Areas
  • Social Policies
  • OP 4.10 Indigenous Peoples
  • OP 4.12 Involuntary Resettlement

Information Disclosure

Handbook on Public Disclosure






Nat. Hab.

in a very small nutshell
In a very small nutshell
  • Safeguards apply to all investment lending, whichever the funding source is as long as it is Bank-managed;
  • The Borrower is responsible for applying the policies to each Bank loan/credit. Bank must conduct due diligence.
  • Within the Bank, Safeguard Policies Review and Clearance is a decentralized regional function (down to the task team for low- and medium-risk projects) with a centralized coordination/dispute resolution mechanism (QACU)
disabilities most relevant safeguards
Disabilities: Most relevant Safeguards
  • Environmental Assessment
  • Involuntary Resettlement
  • Indigenous Peoples
  • Disclosure and Consultation
ea only categories
EA Only: Categories
  • A: most risky in terms of potentially negative environmental impacts (10%)
  • B: medium risk (40% of pipeline)
  • C: very little or no risk (50%)
  • FI: limited to true intermediaries (few)

Screening for EA category done jointly TT- Safeguards based on nature, size and location of the project as a whole.

Scoping of issues is ad hoc.

involuntary resettlement
Involuntary Resettlement
  • Triggered in projects implying:
    • Physical Relocation
    • Economic Loss of Means of Livelihood
    • Loss of Access to “Wild” Natural Resources
  • Physical relocation should be done with appropriate means and acceptable to Project Affected People (PAPs)
  • Consultation with PAPs during preparation and implementation
indigenous peoples ips
Indigenous Peoples (IPs)
  • The Policy has just been converted to the OP/BP format (more than 7 years in the making)
  • Affects about 250 m. IPs around the world (major concentrations: SAR, EAP, LCR)
  • IPs should be treated with due respect and dignity, in a culturally sensitive way and projects affecting IPs should proceed on the basis of IPs’ free, prior and informed consultation
  • Likely to result in increased voice to disabled IPs
disabilities and safeguards13
Disabilities and Safeguards
  • Safeguards Entry Points
    • Indigenous Peoples with disabilities
    • Resettlement of disabled and elderly people
    • Consultation involving disabled peoples’ representatives
    • Ibid with public disclosure
    • Interpretations of EA, including analysis of universal design options
isds at pcn level key screening
ISDS at PCN-Level – Key Screening
  • Triggering of the individual SPs: check the matrix in the Red Binder
  • Screening is agreed upon mutually between the Task Team and the Safeguards (for any investment project)
  • Dispute resolution is designed to be fast and effective: QACU rules
  • Disabilities issues should be upfront
your life safeguarders
Your Life Safeguarders
  • Regions:
    • AFR Warren Waters
    • EAP Glenn Morgan
    • ECA Ron Hoffer
    • LCR Reidar Kvam
    • MNA Sherif Arif
    • SAR Eric Brusberg
  • QACU (corporate) Stephen F. Lintner
content of the red binder
Content of the red Binder
  • Verbatim of the 10 Safeguard Policies and of the Disclosure Policy
  • Matrix for each safeguard policy showing objectives and triggers
  • CD-ROM with all the policies, including translations into 6 major languages, reports, proceedings from workshops and links to other major resources
  • Mouse Pad with a summary of the policies
  • Brochures on QACU and the Inspection Panel
what safeguards can do for disabilities
What Safeguards can do for disabilities
  • Safeguards have already been used to pilot and later mainstream innovations (public consultation, environmental protection clauses,…..)
  • Safeguards as reminders of national laws
  • Scoping of safeguards work can include universal design
  • Disabilities concerns are logical in involuntary resettlement and indigenous peoples policies
  • Some safeguard topics, e.g. road safety, help prevent further disabilities.
what safeguards cannot do for disabilities
What Safeguards cannot do for disabilities
  • Create a new disabilities policy
  • Extend disabilities concerns beyond project scope if there is no national requirement/legislation
  • Create stand-alone disabilities access projects (although this might be a good route to explore)
development policy lending an opportunity for disabilities
Development Policy Lending: an opportunity for disabilities?
  • DPL finances policy and/or institutional reforms, sectoral or macroeconomic
  • Many reforms can be disabilities-neutral or disabilities-positive, depending on (i) the knowledge of policy makers and (ii) the opportunity for the voices of the disabled to be heard
  • Key sectors: urban, transport, health, education
after training maintenance
After-Training Maintenance
  • Safeguards Training Program: If it’s Wednesday, then it’s Safeguards Training
  • Type “safeguard” in your URL or tell your clients to go to
  • Call Help Desk x 32001 or write to
  • We’re from QACU and we’re here to help you