sharks monsters of the deep
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Sharks: Monsters of the Deep?

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Sharks: Monsters of the Deep? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Link to Teacher Page. Sharks: Monsters of the Deep?. Introduction. Task. Process. Resources. Evaluation. Conclusion. Back to Home Page. Introduction.

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sharks monsters of the deep
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Sharks: Monsters of the Deep?







Back to Home PageIntroduction

You and your partner are about to enter the shark infested waters of the deep. Are you ready? Humankind has feared these mysterious creatures for centuries. Is their fear justified? Don’t be scared…you are about to learn the real story behind the mysterious creatures of the ocean:


Back to Home PageTask

You and your partner have just been hired by Sea World to promote the new shark exhibit. Unfortunately, recent shark attacks off the coast of Florida has frightened people and they don’t want to come and see the sharks. Sea World is losing money! Your job is to learn everything you can about sharks and write a persuasive letter about why people should visit Sea World to see the sharks.


Back to Home PageProcess

With your partner, search the internet for information about sharks (gather a minimum of 10 facts…5 facts each).

In your packet you will find a web to record general shark information.

The stars of Sea World’s exhibit are Jazzy, the Great White Shark and Stanley, the Hammerhead Shark. Use the Venn Diagram in your packet to compare and contrast these two sharks.


process cont d
Back to Home PageProcess cont’d

Use the information you’ve found to write a persuasive letter to the residents of Florida asking them to visit Sea World to see Jazzy and Stanley.

  • Plan with your partner what information you want to include in your letter:
  • Interesting Facts
  • Likelihood of being attacked by sharks
  • Specific Information about Great White and Hammerhead Sharks


process cont d1
Process cont’d

Back to Home Page

  • Remember, when writing a persuasive letter:
  • Who your audience is
  • Present the problem (people are afraid of sharks) and the solution (all the information you found to counter their fears).
  • Be professional…you work for Sea World!

Write your final draft and present to class.



Back to Home Page

  • Introduction to Sharks
  • Zoom Sharks
  • Sharky Jones
  • Interesting Shark Facts
  • Sea World Shark Bytes
  • Shark Myths
  • Photo Gallery

General Information about sharks:


resources cont d
Resources cont’d

Back to Home Page

Great White Sharks:

  • Creature Feature: Great White Sharks
  • National Geographic: Secret Shark Cage
  • Hammerhead Sharks:
  • Great Hammerhead Sharks
  • Yahooligans! Animals


Back to Home PageConclusion
  • Shark Friends
  • Shark Search

Yeah! You did it! Now that you have completed this Webquest, you should have a better understanding of sharks. They are not monsters of the sea, but fascinating creatures. Since you’ve worked so hard, take a few minutes to play some cool shark games!