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...because we make connections

...because we make connections. Our Organization Structure. Our Organization Structure. Direktor: Martina Kubričanová. Our Organization Structure. Deputy: Veronika Valachová. Our Organization Structure. Assistant: Katarína Milatová. Our Organization Structure. Human Resources:

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...because we make connections

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  1. ...because we make connections

  2. Our Organization Structure

  3. Our Organization Structure Direktor: Martina Kubričanová

  4. Our Organization Structure Deputy: Veronika Valachová

  5. Our Organization Structure Assistant: Katarína Milatová

  6. Our Organization Structure Human Resources: Marta Vargová Martina Krajčovičová

  7. Our Organization Structure Accountanting Department: Veronika Oravcová Alžbeta Števanková

  8. Our Organization Structure Payroll Department: Angelika Smatanová Zuzana Svoradová

  9. Our Organization Structure Sales Department: Monika Sucháňová Lucia Rumlerová

  10. Our Organization Structure Public Relation: Peter Zánický Soňa Majerechová

  11. Our Organization Structure Promotion and Marketing: Peter Marko Branislav Macko

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  21. ...because we make connections

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