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FY2010 NCLB ConApp PowerPoint Presentation
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FY2010 NCLB ConApp

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FY2010 NCLB ConApp - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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FY2010 NCLB ConApp
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  1. FY2010 NCLB ConApp

  2. FY2010 NCLB ConApp Objective To learn how to complete the FY2010 Title I NCLB Online Application andConsolidated Application Tables in order that all will be substantially approvable the FIRST time.

  3. NCLB Application Preparation FY10 Substantially Approvable Applications due October 1st, 2009

  4. NCLB Application Preparation Per 34 CFR 76.708, subgrantees of formula grant programs such as those contained in the NCLB ConApp may NOT OBLIGATE funds BEFORE a substantially approvable application has been submitted to ADE. The capacity of the LEA to reimburse obligations to these programs incurred PRIOR to the submission of the NCLB ConApp is subject to approval by ADE.

  5. NCLB Application Preparation

  6. NCLB Application Preparation • Impact of ARRA on FY10 funding • ARRA is a supplemental TI appropriation • ARRA requires separate accounting and reporting … but • ARRA-funded activities must either extend or expand your TI programs at your schools, because • ARRA TI funds are still subject to TI rules

  7. NCLB Application Preparation Documents or items you need for today 1. Allocation amounts 2. Directions for NCLB Con App and ARRA grant 3. NCLB Con App Excel spreadsheets 4. Substantially approvable criteria 5. Estimation of carryover from FY09

  8. NCLB Application Preparation 1. Allocations as listed on the ADE web site are final for now. [Any carryover or unallocated funds at the state level and adjustments made by ED will be factored into a supplementary allocation released in the spring. ] System check - allocation amounts

  9. NCLB Application Preparation 2. Directions documents • Application(s) Grants Application Downloads 3. Spreadsheets • Spreadsheet directions 4. Substantially approvable criteria

  10. NCLB Consolidated Plan in ALEAT – Due Oct 1st • FY10 Prayer Certification - Due Oct. 1st • FY10 Title I Status Report - Due Oct. 1st • Private Schools Affirmation of Consultation (Charters n/a) • Cycle Documents Current (new ones due Dec 1st)

  11. NCLB Application Preparation Constitutionally Protected Prayer Policy Certification will be available on the ALEAT Tracker System (Not Academic Achievement Reports) through the Annual Submissions link in the Monitoring tab

  12. NCLB Application Preparation Review FY10 NCLB Substantially Approvable Checklist

  13. NCLB Consolidated Application Tables Review NCLB Consolidated Application Tables Download and complete Instruction Page (Newer versions will need to download and save in Word/Excel 2003)

  14. NCLB Consolidated Application Tables Title One Set Aside Table

  15. Title I Set Aside Table – Private Schools Equitable Services to Private Schools Federal Monitoring – LEA is responsible for consultation and evaluation of services even if a third party provides services • Administration • Professional Development (Title I staff only) • Parent Involvement Instruction set aside for private school students is found on the School Selection Page

  16. Title I Set Aside Table - HCY Homeless Education All LEAs must set-aside .5%of the total Title I allocation for services to homeless children and youth (HCY). Services may include: • Support services include services that are not ordinarily provided to other Title I students and that are not available from other sources, such as eye glasses, dental services, birth certificate, immunizations, school supplies, uniforms, etc. • Educational services include instructional services, such as tutoring, remedial programs, extended day, summer programs, family literacy, etc.

  17. Title I Set Aside Table - PD All Title I teachers must be highly qualified; Title I funds can no longer be used to assist teachers or paraprofessionals in becoming Highly Qualified. * NEW - HQT Mathematics Interventionists – Title I funds may be used to assist Title I teachers working as interventionists in meeting the HQ requirements. Title I Funds may be set aside for professional development for Title I teachers and paraprofessionals

  18. Title I Set Aside Table – School Improvement Choice / SES New Rules this year ( see SES webinar) For districts that have any school in school improvement year 1 and above, the LEA must set-aside 20% of the total Title I allocation for public school choice and/or supplemental educational services (SES) • 5% to provide or pay for transportation (Year 1 SI set aside) • 5% to provide supplemental educational services • 10% for transportation, supplemental educational services, or both as the LEA determines

  19. Title I Set Aside Table – LEA Improvement If the LEA is in LEA improvement, the LEA must set aside 10% of the total Title I allocation for professional development which may be used for professional development for all schools in the district in those areas that caused LEA to be in improvement.Sample exercise

  20. NCLB Consolidated Application TablesSchool Selection Page • School Selection Page, drop down menu to identify which of 3 Schoolwide categories a school utilizes for funding • Title I only • Federal funds only • Federal, state and local funds

  21. Models of FundingCategory I Title I Funds Only A school may use only its Title I funds to fund its schoolwide plan. The school must still have a written schoolwide plan that contains all required components on how the school will address the specific educational needs identified by the needs assessment. All children in the school may participate in activities funded with Title I funds.

  22. Models of FundingCategory I If a school only uses its Title I funds and does not consolidate with other funding sources, the school and LEA must account for and track Title I, Part A funds separately, identifying activities that the Title I funds support. This is governed by cost principles in OMB Circular A-87.

  23. Models of FundingCategory I Note: This may not be as effective because it does not give the school the fiscal flexibility to use all of its available resources to meet identified needs of its students. However, the SW plan can help coordinate programs even if budgeted separately.

  24. Models of FundingCategory II All Federal Funds Consolidated A school may consolidate federal funds only. This pool of funds allows for the loss of the individual identity of each funding source and does not need to meet statutory requirements but must meet intent and purposes of each source. Note: This may not be as effective because it does not give the school the flexibility to use all of its available resources to meet identified needs of its students.

  25. Models of FundingCategory III All Funds Consolidated A school may consolidate federal, state and local funds. This pool of funds allows for the loss of their individual identity and do not need to meet statutory requirements but must meet intent and purposes of each.

  26. NCLB Consolidated Application Tables School Selection Table Rank order of Schools’ poverty and allocations Most important evidence of compliance along with the set aside page Review School Selection page

  27. NCLB Application Tables – Staffing Titles I and II Other tables FTE tables CSR Table

  28. NCLB Consolidated Application Tables Neglected allocation is included in the Title I AllocationTitle I – D Subpart 2 a separate notification for those districts receiving delinquent funds Only applies to select LEAsThose LEAs who identified students and submitted countsLEA may list any additional Title I Funds for these students as a Title I Set Aside

  29. When an application is returned to the LEA for revisions, resubmit NCLB Application Spreadsheets with NEW DATES. New spreadsheets must accompany amendments, too.

  30. Determining Budget Items Time and Effort Circular A-87 Cost Principles Charts of Accounts

  31. It’s substantially approved!

  32. NCLB Application Title I Status Report Identify all schools including those not funded. Schoolwide Schools must select Categories I, II or III and note selection on Title I Status Report and on NCLB Application Tables

  33. NCLB Application Preparation Carryover amendments due 60 days after approval of completion report