the tlingit indians n.
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The Tlingit Indians

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The Tlingit Indians. Reece, America, Collin,Andrew , and Chris. Where they lived. They lived in northwest region of the U.S.A. What they wore. The T lingit wore nose rings and hats made of roots they also wore earrings, tattoos , and dresses. Food/What they ate.

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the tlingit indians

The Tlingit Indians

Reece, America, Collin,Andrew, and Chris

where they lived
Where they lived
  • They lived in northwest region of the U.S.A.
what they wore
What they wore
  • The Tlingit wore nose rings and hats made of roots
  • they also wore earrings, tattoos, and dresses
food what they ate
Food/What they ate
  • They ate Salmon , Eulachon , halibut ,and lots of berries in the summer.
what they lived in
What they lived in
  • The Tlingit lived in wooden houses normally covered in drawings and paintings of there tribes.
interesting facts
Interesting Facts
  • They were good hunters.
  • Wore lots of clothes.
  • Made totem poles
  • Made their own ink for tattoos.
interesting t radition
Interesting Tradition
  • Had certain animals they carved into their totem poles that represented different things important to their culture