Shhh my diary
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Shhh . . . .My Diary. Lucia. May 2, 1961. Today was a beautiful day, although it was spent keeping my brother out of trouble. I can’t wait till things calm down so that I can hang out with my friends, especially my best friend Ivette !

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Shhh my diary

Shhh . . . .My Diary


May 2 1961
May 2, 1961

  • Today was a beautiful day, although it was spent keeping my brother out of trouble.

  • I can’t wait till things calm down so that I can hang out with my friends, especially my best friend Ivette!

  • Something doesn’t seem right though. Mom was just off tonight. In my whole life I have never seen her forget to make my brothers favorite desert “flan”.

May 3 1961
May 3, 1961

  • I am in shock at what I saw today. If only Frankie could have behaved and stayed in the house!

  • It couldn’t be though. Anyway my fathers boss was threatened today. We heard a gun shot but didn’t look to see what happened.

  • Hopefully Frankie keeps his mouth shut! Mama will be so upset if she finds out we snuck out of the house, much less possibly witnessed my fathers boss get shot!

May 6 1961
May 6, 1961

  • If my father keeps things up I will be the laughing stock of the neighborhood. I feel like everyone's already talking about us!

  • Were the only family not celebrating the Revolution! If only they would trust me! I am just as old and mature as all the other teens leaving to go help! Arrgghh!

  • They’re the ones that need to grow up! If dad’s boss really got in trouble for not agreeing with things I can’t imagine what they will do to Papa!

May 7 1961
May 7, 1961

Mama invited Ivette and her Mama over, after the argument last night about Ivett’s Mama I was shocked to see them. I think my parents are finally starting to see that they need to at least pretend to support the Revolution! I thought I was imagining things when I saw the neighbors watching us head into town!

  • OhhhhIvette said their’s going to be a dance and Manuel wants to dance with me! How romantic – I hope Mama & Papa let me go!

May 25 1961
May 25, 1961

  • Today was horrible! Mama and Papa were right. . . . How can so many people be supporting the Revolution?

  • They hung Doc Machado on the tree in the middle of town.

May 26 1961
May 26, 1961

  • Today me and Mama spent the day preparing for the dance.

  • I really don’t think I’d go now if keeping appearances wasn’t such a big deal.

  • I wont lie I’m super excited to see Manuel! My dress with my mom’s heels will make me look so grown up!

  • I wonder if he will try to kiss me?

  • Mama even invited Ivette over to help me do my nails. It was so hard not telling her what happened.

May 27 1961
May 27, 1961

  • Today started so perfect and then Manuel ruined everything! Guy’s are such jerks!

  • Mama was supposed to chaperone me, I really wonder if it would have been different if Uncle Tio didn’t give me a ride. But still then I wouldn’t know how horrible Manuel is.

  • I can’t believe Ivett’s leaving and she didn’t even tell me! I wonder if she signed up to help the Revolution or her parents signed her up? If she was excited to go wouldn’t she have said something soonger?

May 27 19611
May 27, 1961

  • After my horrible night learning Manuel is a total pig, things only get worse! Ivett’s mom gave us a ride home when I couldn’t find my Uncle anywhere, so much for my chaperone. Anyway the house was swarming with cops! I was so scared someone had gotten hurt!

  • No one was physically hurt but Papa is in trouble. I thought Ivette was my friend, but she must have told her Mama that my Papa was hiding our jewelry. I loved her as a sister and she betrayed me!

May 29 1961
May 29, 1961

  • They arrested Papa. Thanks goodness Uncle Tio is on the police force and he’s doing everything he can to get Papa back home!

  • I think Papa will be loosing his job, things really aren’t looking good for my 15th Birthday! That is the day I become a lady instead of a little girl.

June 2 1961
June 2, 1961

  • Since Papa was released from prison the Revolution has been pushing for me and my brother to leave for schooling so we can make a difference.

  • Our parents told us today that we are leaving for America on our own. My brother is devastated but I really don’t think we have another option at this point.

  • I really hope things change soon so we can come back home!