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My Holiday Diary

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My Holiday Diary. By Tyra. 21/12/2011 .

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21 12 2011

Today was the first day of the Christmas holidays but my mum was at work . Today my dad had to fix my auntie’s car so we went to my other auntie’s house. She has recently had a son so we played with him for a while, he kept grabbing my older brother Tyrese’s head and scratching it . Afterwards my dad came and picked us up and we headed home. Also my dad got a new iPhone 4S. I was sooo jealous

24 12 2011
  • Today it was Christmas Eve. We didnt really do much today. My brother and I played play station for a little while. Later that night at about 11:45pm my auntie and cousins came round to drop off our presents . After the left it was past midnight. Also it was Christmas!!
25 12 2011
  • This morning my brother and I had to force my parents to wake up. After everyone (except my dad) was up my brother and I opened our presents. My main present was a new bike and my brothers was a new blackberry. At about 3pm we left to go to my great-aunties house to meet up with the rest of the family. It was glad to see all of them again.
26 12 2011
  • Today I visited my big cousins house. Her friend named Shan was there aswell. We watched a couple of films and then I went home. When I went home I played with a couple of my presents.
31 12 2011
  • Today was quite a boring new years eve for my family. We stayed at home and didn’t really do much. My parents wanted a quiet night in that night. We watched the 10 minute fireworks on BBC One. Late this night my Big cousin, Ramone, came round and stayed till about 5am!!!
01 01 2012

Today I woke up at 3pm thanks to Ramone. Since I woke up at 3 I didn’t really get up to much all I really got is told off by my parents for sleeping so long.