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About the Poll

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About the Poll - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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About the Poll
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  1. About the Poll The Washington Poll is a non-partisan, academic survey research project sponsored the University of Washington Department of Political Science. Dr. Matt Barreto at the University of Washington and Dr. Todd Donovan at Western Washington University are the co-principal investigators of the February 2008 Washington Poll. The survey was administered by telephone, by Pacific Market Research, in Renton, WA, based on a randomly selected list of phone numbers using a list of registered voters. The February 2008 survey is a panel survey in which the same participants who were randomly selected in October 2007, were called back in February 2008. The current survey was in the field from February 7 – 18, 2008. A total of 300 registered voters throughout the state of Washington were interviewed, yielding in a 5.6% margin of error. Percentages may not add up to 100% due to rounding. Additional results and cross-tabulations will be released each day, so please check back for updates. Questions/Comments:

  2. Washington Primary System As you may know, political parties in Washington state use caucuses and primaries to determine how many delegates their presidential candidates get. In this state, do you think we should hold -- only caucuses, both caucuses and a primary election, or only a presidential primary election?

  3. Support for Primary This year in the state of Washington, the Democratic Party will select all of its presidential delegates based ONLY on the results of the Feb 9th caucuses? Do you think we should continue to hold a presidential primary election or not?

  4. Additional Results If you have additional questions, and would like to see any additional, or more specific results, please send us an email and we will try to accommodate your request