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Disaster Health Information Outreach 2013-2014 PowerPoint Presentation
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Disaster Health Information Outreach 2013-2014

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Disaster Health Information Outreach 2013-2014 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Disaster Health Information Outreach 2013-2014
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  1. Disaster Health Information Outreach 2013-2014 North Central Texas Disaster Health Information Initiative

  2. Texas Health Fort Worth Harris Methodist Hospital, Medical Library Goals • Increase awareness and utilization of NLM databases, including WISER, CHEMM, REMM and MedlinePlus to emergency management personnel, medical first responders, healthcare providers, community liaisons. • Expand the Library’s current role and partner with THR Emergency Management, THFW Safety Office, and MedStar EMS Mobile Healthcare. • Increase access to equipment and software that Emergency Management and other healthcare personnel can use at multiple facilities when managing a crisis.

  3. What we accomplished • Secured partnership commitments • Hired a library student as an assistant to help with program objectives • Created courses teaching WISER, CHEMM, and REMM databases and awarded CME and CNE credits to participants • Offered 20 in person courses through-out Texas Health System and recorded 1 session to make available on-demand to employees • Participated in hospital disaster drills on October 16th, 2013 and on April 9th, 2014 as observer/event recorder

  4. What we accomplished (2) • Outreach Librarian took 15 hours of coursework offered by MLA and received certification as a Disaster Health Information Specialist • Provided 12 mini iPads to Emergency Management Coordinators • Identified pertinent iPad mobile disaster applications and pre-loaded these applications before iPad deployment • Provided 2 mobile incident management carts to 2 hospitals • Pre and post course database questions to understand participant knowledge and comprehension • Follow-up survey sent 2 months following instruction to gage retention and use of databases

  5. Disaster information outreach

  6. Challenges • Administrative work can be time consuming • Gathered vendor quotes 3 times • Nursing Continuing Education had lengthy accreditation and course evaluation reporting procedures to follow • Security, Police, Patient Advocates, Volunteer groups were not reached out to • Inter-departmental learning experiences • Texas Health Research and Education Institute requirements • Finance and Accounting requirements • Equipment processing • Reimbursement through NIH

  7. Positive Outcomes • Recognition within the THR System as an inter-department collaborator with prestige of being awarded funding from National Library of Medicine/ NIH • Invited to attend THFW Disaster Committee Meetings and Disaster Drill sub-committee meetings • Invited to continue educational partnership with MedStar EMS Mobile Healthcare • 74% of course attendees encouraged co-workers to access WISER, CHEMM, and REMM • 90% of course attendees are interested in viewing this course again or a similar course on disaster information resources

  8. Thank you! We are grateful for the support! If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us. Scarlett Burchfield, Library Manager: ScarlettBurchfield@TexasHealth.org Jack Bullion, Lead Librarian: JohnBullion@TexasHealth.org Jamie Furrh Quinn, Outreach Librarian: JamieQuinn@TexasHealth.org