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Inside The Computer

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Inside The Computer - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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By: Pinn G3Y. Inside The Computer. Pictures. Motherboard. A motherboard is a mainboard of a computer. It connect to a lot of things in the computer. Motherboard. Cpu.

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A motherboard is a mainboard of a computer. It connect to a lot of things in the computer.



A CPU is like the computer’s brain. It can do a lot of things but the CPU will need to have HARD DISK to don’t forget what it had done before.


hard disk
Hard disk

Hard disk is like the memory. It read and write things. If there are no hard disk, the computer that you use won’t remember things. Now I’ve tell you about hard disk!

Hard Disk

power supply
Power supply

Without power supply, the computer will be like a box full of plastic and metal. A power supply looks like a metal box. The power supply is like the on/off bottom!

Power Supply

heat sink
Heat sink

A heat sink makes the computer cool (but the computer is still hot)!!! Heat sink is like a fan (not fan club )!!!

Heat Sink

cd rom drive
CD - rom drive

A CD-ROM DRIVE is made for put CD in it, if we don’t have CD-ROM DRIVE the computer that you are using can not put CD in it. So CD-ROM DRIVE was very important when we need to put CD into the computer!


graphics card
Graphics card

A graphics card is also call in a lot of names, I will tell you what are they call to other people: video card, video adapter, display card, graphics board, display adapter, and graphics adapter. I think that maybe people call graphics card a lot of ways only for being unique.

Graphics Card


I think that all of those things that I have shown them to you is all IMPORTANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 