mrs zimmerman job project january 6 2012 n.
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  1. Mrs. Zimmerman Job Project January 6, 2012 Dakota Ratcliff

  2. Job Choice Sports Journalism As A Sports Journalist you would typically start off making around $35,000 per year The Average Salary for a Sports Journalist is $49,000 per year Journalist for prominent companies such as E.S.P.N make up to $150,000 per year Sports Journalism consists of covering a variety of sports and writing articles about them for newspapers, magazines, or T.V. networks

  3. Job Requirements • To be Sports Journalist you need a four year degree majoring in sports journalism. • You also need to be familiar with a variety of Sports. • The Job requires a lot of writing. You need to be a good writer in order to be a good sports journalist.

  4. What would this Person wear Most of the time there wouldn’t be a need to dress a certain way because your work is published in articles. • At the most you would need to wear a nice suit.

  5. Schedule of Hours • There is not a set table of hours you need to work to be a sports journalist. You can work at your on pace as long as you have your article ready when the newspaper or magazine is released. This may take up to ten hours a day or only a couple of hours a day.

  6. What Kind of person would like this Job? • To be a Sports Journalist you need to have a love for sports and have a good knowledge of all the sports you will cover. If you enjoy writing essays about things your interested in and if you are interested in sports, this would be a good job for you.

  7. Sources • My Own Knowledge • • •