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Harry Coumnas – A Skilled Sportsman PowerPoint Presentation
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Harry Coumnas – A Skilled Sportsman

Harry Coumnas – A Skilled Sportsman

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Harry Coumnas – A Skilled Sportsman

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  1. Harry Coumnas – A Skilled Sportsman

  2. By profession, a successful businessman, Harry Coumnas is a skilled sportsman. Sports is a part of his life. During his schooling, he was a brilliant student along with he had keen interest in many sports activities. He is very conscious about his health and believes that sports are the best way of keeping body healthy and fit.

  3. He was an excellent wrestler during his college time and participated in many wrestling championships. His skills in basketball gave him a golden chance of playing for the famous Knicks Basketball Team in New York. He belongs to a large family of 100 members and is strongly bounded with his family.

  4. He always spends his quality time with his family members even when they are living thousands of miles away from him as they are living in different parts of the world including India, Australia and Western Europe. Harry Coumnas believes in living healthy life. He restricts himself from the consumption of alcoholic drinks and intoxicants as he believes that these have a harmful effect on our body and mind.

  5. Many times, his friends try to force him to take intoxicants but he does not oblige them. He also participates in many social welfare activities and donates specific amount of money to many communities and local churches every year. Apart from this, Harry Coumnas is also a big fan of adventurous sports. During his free time, he takes part in many adventurous activities like sky diving from mountains, hitch hiking the country, camping in the woods etc.

  6. He loves animals very much and has 6 pets in his house among them three are dogs named Harry, Joe and Buckwheat and three cats named Pussycat, Tiger and Aimless. He likes playing with them as it makes him completely relaxed from all work related stress and tiredness. He also spends his free time by reading love stories, watching movies and playing chess.