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Harry Coumnas PowerPoint Presentation
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Harry Coumnas

Harry Coumnas

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Harry Coumnas

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  1. Harry Coumnas, Flushing, NY Is A Helpful And Generous Person

  2. Harry Coumnas, Flushing, NY is a family oriented person and has been brought up in a large family of around 50 members. He believes in working for the welfare of the society and aims at making it a better place to live in.

  3. He is a helpful and generous person who has made significant contributions in a large number of charitable causes, community services and donations and has proved to be a helping hand towards the betterment of the poor and needy.

  4. He mediates and helps people to sort out their problems. He also advises and teaches people about life and helps them to have a positive outlook towards it.Harry Coumnas, Flushing, NY also works voluntarily for the Church.

  5. Besides being known for his humanitarian activities, he has also earned huge acclaim as reputed Electrical Engineering Technology professional. He is a highly qualified and experienced professional from Flushing, NY which is located 10 miles east of Manhattan.

  6. He majored in Psychology and Political Science and attended some of New York’s top educational institutions including the Queens College, Queensborough College, and the City College. He spends his free time by playing chess or watching the History Channel on cable.

  7. He also involves himself in activities like Holoculture, carpentry and more. About Harry Coumnas, Flushing, NY Harry Coumnas, Flushing, NY is a well-known Electrical Engineering Technology professional.

  8. He is a highly educated expert who studied Psychology and Political Science as his major subjects. He is a helpful, generous and family oriented human being who involves himself in a large number of humanitarian activities. He is also known for voluntarily working for the Church.