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Keto Bagels

Keto Bagels

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Keto Bagels

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  1. Keto Bagels

  2. Keto Bagels | Fathead Dough! Ultimate breakfast sandwiches are back on the menu using theseKeto Baglesand we are pumped! We are both huge breakfast lovers so anything remotely related and we are on board. Make these low carb bagels for your family and no one will even know the difference. Why We Don't Love Fathead Dough. While fathead dough is definitely a great recipe to have in your arsenal, especially for the kids, we don't love to use it too often. When you're making something like bagels, you're likely planning to top them with cream cheese, which means your are eating dough made out of cheese with cream cheese smeared on top. Not a lot of nutritional value in that meal. That being said, there are times it would be a great option: 1. Feeding a large group and you need to whip up something quick! 2. Feeding picky kids or family members that aren't keto, but you want to sneak it in □ 3. Wanting to satisfy your bagel cravings without all the carbs! Not something we would eat everyday, but definitely a recipe we love to have on hand! Our Favorite Keto Breakfast Recipes! Both of us are breakfast lovers! Before keto we had some of our best bonding moments over crazy breakfast sandwiches we would whip up on Sunday mornings. Now, we can relive those memories with these keto bagels. Some of our other favorite breakfast meals, that we often even eat for dinner are:

  3. 1.Macro Muffins 2.Low Carb Breakfast Casseroles 3.Breakfast Bowls(our all time favorite) If you're not a breakfast lover, not a big deal! Don't forget that you can always have dinner for breakfast. Sometimes a bowl ofketo chilisounds like the perfect way to start my Monday off, and I do just that! Fathead Dough Keto Bagels! Fathead dough isn't just for pizza. You can seriously make anything you want using this dough and it will turn out good! Whoever created the original recipe, we have you to thank because people are always using fathead dough to create delicious recipes all the time. Bagels were always one of those foods I could never have just one of, but always felt a little bad when I did. I had to remind myself "I'm eating 5 slices of bread" whether or not that was true. Now, I can eat keto bagels without the guilt or the carbs. Recipe can be quickly added to MyFitnessPal - Search "KetoConnect - Keto Bagels"

  4. Keto Connect https://www. https://www.facEbDDk.cDm/ketDCDnnEct2/https://twittEr.CDm/KetDCDnnEcthttps://www.instaqram.CDm/kEtD.CDnnect/https://www.yDutubE.cDm/channEl/UCzRYivTpUDDr2qPPifLDDiAhttps://www.pintErEst.cpm/kEtDcpnnEct/