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my country's name is morocco PowerPoint Presentation
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my country's name is morocco

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my country's name is morocco - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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my country's name is morocco. By Ryan Byrne. Location. Morocco is Located in Northwest Africa with Mediterranean and Atlantic coastlines. The capital of morocc. The capital of Morocco is Rabat, the largest city is Casablanca. The climate of the morocco.

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  • Morocco is Located in Northwest Africa with Mediterranean and Atlantic coastlines.

The capital of morocc

  • The capital of Morocco is Rabat, the largest city is Casablanca .

The climate of the morocco

  • the temperatures can be quite extreme, getting very hot in the summer and quite cold in the winter. The climate of Morocco is breeze and sunny.

my facts about history

  • Arabs invade North Africa. They bring Islam. 1465: Jews and Muslim expelled from Spain settle in Morocco. 1860: Spain occupies Northern Morocco.

product the are found in morocco

  • Products that are found in the country Child labor is commonly found in Morocco's hand-made carpet industry which exports to the United States. Small garment factories, which are alleged to be occasionally subcontracted by large export-oriented factories, also employ child labor. The leather tanning and manufacturing industry uses child labor but further investigation is needed to determine if any of these products made with child labor are exported to the United States. My sentence for this is Child labor was found in Morocco.

culters that were found in Morocco

The Culture that was found was Morccocan


Barber music

Do you know what an ancient Berber culture is? It’s is an extraordinarily rich and diverse. It also means to pentatonic music. All combined with African’s rhythms are very important stock of authentic oral literature. There are weddings songs like tales, and poetry.


my life and their life

How is your life similar to or different than the people you learned about? My life is different then theirs life’s because we don’t fight about Jews and money. We use money. We both used napkins. We just sit down and start eating but they sit at knee- high round tables and we both served food.


Similar and Different



They sit at knee high tables

They have quest of honor

They ask for drinks

They wait for the host to start eating

They don’t open gifts when received

They respect the host

People use napkins

We both handshake

We both serve food

We both wash are hands

We both were the same cloths

We both take of are shoes