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Winning With Microsoft

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Winning With Microsoft - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Winning With Microsoft. ISV Partner Manager Developer and Platform Evangelism Microsoft India Founded by William H. Gates along with Paul Allen “A computer on every desktop in every home ”. “Enabling businesses and people achieve their full potential”.

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Winning With Microsoft

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    1. Winning With Microsoft ISV Partner Manager Developer and Platform Evangelism Microsoft India

    2. Founded by William H. Gates along with Paul Allen “A computer on every desktop in every home” “Enabling businesses and people achieve their full potential” Win NT & Win NT Advanced Server released Word for MS DOS 1.0 released SQL Server 1.0 released Hotmail acquisition Microsoft stock goes public at $21 per share Office for Macintosh More than 25M Windows users worldwide Teams up with IBM to release MS DOS 1.0 Microsoft Site Server Windows XP Windows Phone 7 Office 97 SharePoint Windows Azure Fortran 80 1975 ‘77 ‘80 ‘93 ‘09 ‘81 ‘82 ‘83 ‘85 ‘86 ‘87 ‘88 ‘90 ‘95 ‘97 ‘00 ‘01 ‘10 Steve Ballmer joins. XENIS OS, 16-bit Unix OS released Windows 7 Windows 3.0 Windows 95 Windows CE First Windows - Windows 1.0 released Altair BASIC created for MITS Altair 8800 Microcomputer (Intel 8080 CPU) Windows Mobile (Pocket PC) First official International subsidiary – Microsoft U.K incorporated Internet Explorer MS Excel for Windows released

    3. FUTURE Unified Ecosystems NUI, Natural Language, HTML/ JavaScript, ARM, Single Platform CLOUDMid 2000s Cloud Computing, Social Networks, Software + Services EMBRACING MARKET TRANSITIONS INTERNETMid ‘90s Browsers, Email, eCommerce, Hosting, Wi-Fi, Web 2.0 CLIENT/SERVERMid ‘80s Distributed Computing, Knowledge Workers PC & APPS Early ’80s Word Processor, Spreadsheets, DOS, GUI, Windows

    4. Key Trends Shaping the World Data explosion Social computing Ubiquitous connectivity Consumerization of IT Natural interaction Cloud computing Ecosystem of computers

    5. BEST ON WINDOWS-BASED DEVICES & BEST-IN-CLASS ON OTHER DEVICES INTEGRATES POPULAR SOCIAL TOOLS & APPS Best productivity experience Unified application development Security andmanagement Windows-based devicesthat people love PC BROWSER PHONE Embracing the Consumerization of IT! 7.5 Windows “8”

    6. CONSUMERS ENTERPRISES IT Professionals • Windows Desktop • Microsoft Office • Microsoft Forefront • Internet Explorer • Lync • Windows Phone • Skype • Xbox + Kinect • Windows Live • Bing • Skydrive… • Windows Server • Hyper-V • Windows Azure • System Center • Windows Intune • Microsoft Forefront • Microsoft Surface • Dynamics • SQL Server • Sharepoint • Office 365 … • Microsoft Visio • Visual Studio • Exchange Server • System Center • Windows Intune • Microsoft Forefront • SQL Server • Sharepoint • Hyper-V • Technet • MSDN … Microsoft portfolio

    7. The FUTURE…A Race To A Unified Platform

    8. ENHANCED BY MICROSOFT CLOUD SERVICES SMARTPHONE/ MUSIC TV DESKTOP LAPTOP TABLET SLATE READER Our Future Is A Unified Ecosystem Microsoft Research Is Working To Develop New Natural User Interfaces USER INTERFACE PEN, HANDWRITING TOUCH REMOTE MOUSE, KEYBOARD • PHYSICAL INTERACTION: CONTEXTUAL RECOGNITION: • Multi-Touch Handwriting Motion Speech Facial Location Unified Ecosystem And Connected User Experiences Across Hardware & Software!


    10. 500M Active Windows Live IDs 360M People Using Hotmail 4.8B Monthly Queries Powered By Bing Over 440M Unique Users 170M Average. Monthly Connected Users* Over 300M Users Each Month Over 6M Songs In Our Catalog 35M People On Xbox Live Our Consumer Cloud Services… 2B Unique Calls Per Year 900M AdsPer Month *Pending Regulatory Approval

    11. Microsoft Partner Network

    12. Microsoft Partner Network - Industry’s largest, most active and diverse partner community • More than 640,000 partners worldwide • Facilitates connections with other Microsoft partners around the whole world! • For every $ Microsoft makes, partners make $8.70! Ind Software Vendors Reseller Partners Value added Resellers Distributor OEMs Cloud Service Vendors Hosters System Integrators Web Designers Microsoft and Its partners

    13. Survey Question: Who Do You View As Your Top 3 Strategic IT Vendors Today? Dell HP Cisco IBM Oracle VMware EMC Citrix NetApp Microsoft & Our Partners – Strategic IT Vendors! Amazon Intel Google Rackspace Red Hat % RESPONDENTS 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% Source: Goldman Sachs IT Spending Survey

    14. A Simple Vision Variety of Membership Opportunities Benefits To Support You The Microsoft Partner Network helps you: Each with varying degrees of commitment & benefits Support at every stage of the business cycle Plan Enable Qualify for a SUBSCRIPTION Participate in a COMMUNITY Strengthen your Capabilities Join the Microsoft Partner Network Network Member Serve Customers better Retain CreateDemand Connect through Communities Earn a COMPETENCY The Microsoft Partner Network Service Sell Cloud Accelerate

    15. Application Platform Business Productivity Core Infrastructure Application Lifecycle Management Portals and Collaboration Application Integration Content Management Identity and Security Desktop Data Platform Search Business Intelligence Project and Portfolio Management Systems Management Server Platform Software Development Web Development Unified Communications Virtualization Small & Midmarket Business Customers CRM & ERP Cross-Platform Solutions Distributor Digital Marketing Customer Relationship Management Volume Licensing Midmarket Solution Provider Hosting Platform Enterprise Resource Planning Learning Independent Software Vendor (ISV) Articulate your strengths with our competencies Cloud Offering Mobility OEM Hardware Software Asset Management Cloud Accelerate

    16. Internal Use Software to learn the software and run your business Training through thePartner Learning Center Plan Enable Understand customer satisfaction and loyalty with the Customer Satisfaction Index Access campaign materials with Partner Marketing Center Solution listing in Microsoft Pinpoint Retain CreateDemand Get phone-based or online technical and sales support through Partner Technical Services • Create rich customizable solution demos with Demo Showcase A few key benefits to highlight Service Sell

    17. Criteria # ISVs Microsoft Resource > $100M SW 25% global rev + strategic 15 G-PAM ISV-DE Global Our ISV engagement strategy is to continuously work with our ISV partners to help them perform consistently and move up the Microsoft engagement pyramid. PAM ISV-DE Field Nominated + strategic 36 Field Engaged T-PAM T-DE > $2M SW High Potential 50 Tele-Engaged ISV Engagement Philosophy All Others ~2500 Self Serviced Self-service

    18. Point-of-Contact Write in with your queries, suggestions, requests! Consistent Partner Experience Simple Engagement Methodology Free Software Architecture Support Technical Support Training Certifications Showcase Opportunities Event sponsorship Demand generation Brand Awards Relationship Leverage Connect with MS Sales Door Openers Pre-sales & proposals Pricing Post sale support Connect with MS channels Sales certifications Microsoft Partner Network Microsoft Platform Ready India ISV Portal Unique Expectations of Product Companies (ISVs) Technical Marketing Sales Multi-faceted Needs

    19. BUSINESS IDEA DESIGN & DEVELOP MARKET SELL SUPPORT & RETAIN Participate in a community to help stimulate new ideas Bounce your ideas with trusted peers in the partner community Discuss business ideas with Microsoft account managers Free internal-use software Partner Learning Center MSDN Subscriptions Technet Subscriptions Students to Business Microsoft Branded Logos Partner Marketing Center Microsoft Marketplaces (Pinpoint, Azure MP, Windows Phone MP etc.) Demand Generation support Support for proposals Demo Showcase Microsoft Partner Incentives (Royalty, SIP etc.) Sales connects where feasible Partner Sales Resources Technical support on MS products Online support through communities (MSDN, Technet etc.) Customer satisfaction index survey MICROSOFT PLATFORM READY PROGRAM How can ISVs leverage the Microsoft Partner Network

    20. ISV Royalty Program Product companies that develop software solutions – interested in embedding Microsoft products within their own value-added business solution (s) • Benefits • Reduce Costs • Increase Revenue • Deliver a Total Solution • Worldwide Distribution • Earn Partner Points Embed the Microsoft product into the ISV’s application code Include the Microsoft product along with the ISV’s application on the installation media Pre-install the Microsoft product on a computer system that is part of the unified solution Write to us today!

    21. Microsoft Platform Ready Microsoft Platform Ready (MPR) provides tools and resources for software companies to streamline their development efforts using the latest Microsoft technologies. Participating companies get access to free software testing and customizable marketing templates to promote their compatible solutions. @MSPlatformReady /MicrosoftPlatformReady

    22. Why Should YOU Join Microsoft Platform Ready? MPR Technical Resources MPR Marketing Benefits • MPR helps software companies get to market faster. • Sign up today and get great technical benefits to help you develop and test your app: • The latest software development kits and early access to beta and release candidate software • Top rated training resources, developer support & access to Microsoft testing tools • Completed software tests can be used to fulfill Silver & Gold competency requirements in the Microsoft Partner Network • Available now for Windows Server® 2008 R2, Windows® Azure™, SQL Server® 2008 R2, and Windows® 7 • Once your app is compatible MPR helps you get to market quickly by offering the following marketing resources: • Access to self-service marketing materials including: a press release template featuring a quote from a Microsoft Executive, and ready to go email, web banner, postcard and business letter templates. • Automated syndication into customer facing product catalogs

    23. Microsoft Platform Ready – New Features • Microsoft Platform Ready • Testing Framework • Fully automated self service/no fee • Validates your application is current • “Works with” quality check • Remediation support • Microsoft Partner Network Integration • When you register, your MPR record links to MPN through Live ID • MPR tests can be used to qualify for Silver & Gold level of competencies • Integrated with MPN requirements automatically Powered by Windows Azure Logo • Passed Azure Platform Ready Test automatically qualifies for Powered by Windows Azure logo • Cloud Essentials and Cloud Accelerate • • Registering an Azure App qualifies you for Internal use right of Microsoft Online Services • BPOS – up to 250 licenses • CRM Online – up to 250 licenses • Intune – 10 devices

    24. Global MPRReach Thousands of companies have already sped their time to market Worldwide,24,500+ companies have registered30,000+ solutions “ Without MPR, we wouldn’t have considered releasing this technology as a commercial product. It sped development and expanded our potential market” “ With MPR, we created a user interface that met the specific needs of a new market—and we’re getting Microsoft’s help in reaching that market”

    25. How MPR Works 1 Sign up Registerfor the technologies your solution supports 2 Develop Speed your development with support from Microsoft 3 Test Testif your solution is compatible 4 Market Promote your compatible solution with support from Microsoft

    26. Whether you’re searching for expert help or offering it, Pinpoint helps you create business opportunities that contribute to your success

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