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Initiative Overview Nick Maynard November 3, 2011

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Initiative Overview Nick Maynard November 3, 2011 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Initiative Overview Nick Maynard November 3, 2011. Accelerating Development of Next-Gen Applications. PROBLEM: We have a chicken and egg problem in next-gen capacity and applications.

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Initiative Overview

Nick MaynardNovember 3, 2011

accelerating development of next gen applications
Accelerating Development of Next-Gen Applications

PROBLEM: We have a chicken and egg problem in next-gen capacity and applications.

  • Demand for high-speed broadband from consumers and small businesses is limited without next-gen applications.
  • Software developers have continued to engineer their apps to run over low-bandwidth broadband services.
  • Without a critical mass of end-users demanding higher bandwidth, supply of next-gen capacity has remained limited.
accelerating development of next gen applications1
Accelerating Development of Next-Gen Applications


US Ignite will promote US leadership in development of applications and services for ultra-fast networks

This initiative will foster the creation of novel applications that have the potential to transform  national priority areas, such as:

  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Public safety
  • Energy
  • Advanced manufacturing
  • Link together ultra-high-capacity, low-latency networks of sufficient scale to support meaningful experimentation by researchers and entrepreneurs
  • Facilitate research, experimentation, and entrepreneurship using this network of networks
  • Make the best applications available for public benefit or commercial use through the support of US Ignite partners and funders
  • Disseminate lessons learned
combining industry agencies and academia
Combining Industry, Agencies and Academia
  • US Ignite Partnership will work with NSF, the White House OSTP, GENI, and leading technology and telecom companies
    • Allows startups and students the same opportunity as industry and researchers to develop and deploy next-gen apps
  • Funders and partners will have the opportunity to take an active role in developing and growing good ideas developed by US Ignite efforts
no new infrastructure construction
No New Infrastructure Construction
  • Will stitch together islands of high-bandwidth connectivity across the country to create a nationwide high-bandwidth test-bed
  • Communities that have agreed to participate all have at least 100 Mbps symmetrical service
kickoff event winter 2011
Kickoff Event – Winter 2011
  • White House event announcing the project partners, test-bed deployment, and long-term vision
  • Participants will include:
    • High-level White House officials
    • US Ignite non-profit
    • Communities
    • For-profit and non-profit partners
    • Federal agencies
  • Event will highlight current efforts while driving the interest of additional communities and partners
Status Update

Glenn RicartOctober 2011

since gec 11
Since GEC-11 …

Call for next generation applications(Suzanne Iacono)

Adding some new faces

Forming a non-profit (Bill Wallace)

Recruiting industrial partners (Bill Wallace)

Recruiting additional government partners

Inviting BTOP awardees to join us

Clarifying “next generation”

sue spradley
Sue Spradley

20+ yrs. in telecom industry

Head North American Region for Nokia Siemens

Nortel President of Global Svcs. And Ops., Product Line Mgt., and Sales

Member Nat’l Security Telecomm. Advisory Cmte.

bill wallace
Bill Wallace

25 years in telecomm industry

Co-founder, Chair, EVP of DigitalBridge Comm.

Co-founder and CEO of OnePoint Comm.

Head Telecomm practice and COO for Gemini Consulting (of Cap Gemini)

joe kochan
Joe Kochan

Consultant with Widelity

Worked as part of Dept. of Commerce BTOP program

Co-founder and VP-Ops for DigitalBridge Comm.

Strategic planning and project management at Verizon Avenue

Implemented the first Verizon FiOs on military bases

additional government partners
Additional Government Partners
  • National Science Foundation is lead agency
  • Currently in discussion with additional agencies
    • Sponsor applications work
    • Relationship with an agency’s R&E network (if any)
inviting btop awardees
Inviting BTOP Awardees
  • Future-proof their networks by adding advanced networking capability
    • GENI Racks
    • OpenFlow routing
    • Compute / storage clusters
next generation
Next Generation
  • Speed: 100 Mbps + symmetric
  • Software Defined Networking capabilities
    • Such as OpenFlow
    • Compatible with GENI
  • Distributed and Local Cloud capabilities
    • Such as are provided in GENI racks
Non-profit Partnership

William WallaceOctober 2011

part 1 spur the development of new applications designed for advanced technology networks
Part 1: Spur the development of new applications designed for advanced-technology networks
  • NSF will fund and support Gigabit research:
    • Partner with mission agencies in areas of national priority
    • Establish criteria to ensure new applications and digital experiences have the potential to transform focus sectors
    • Ensure test bed access to entrepreneurs, students, researchers
    • Run application development prize competitions
  • US Ignite Partnership will mentor application developers:
    • Help establish priorities for scope and mix of competitions
    • Foster online collaboration and resource sharing among user and developer communities
    • Facilitate new, innovative business model testing
    • Provide entrepreneurship training and funding
part 1 leveraging the unique capabilities of next generation networks
Part 1: Leveraging the unique capabilities of next-generation networks

100 Mbps+ and low latency

Post-IP protocols (layer 2) and OpenFlow

GENI-enabled network capabilities

Integrated with wireless networks

Apps built to be open, shared, and extendable

part 1 coordinating multiple development approaches
Part 1: Coordinating multiple development approaches
  • NSF has funded Mozilla Open Innovation Challenges:
    • Peer-based learning and exchange through structured workshops
    • Iterative application development with continued support contingent on results
    • Narrowing and launch within target sectors to build scale
    • Process facilitated by Mozilla’s experience and access to 400,000-member developer network
  • US Ignite Partnership will grow application prize competitions:
    • Balanced mix of competitions across sectors
    • Balanced mix of competition sponsors
    • Award criteria designed to ensure high impact, scalability, use of network capabilities
part 2 maximize potential of national testbed network
Part 2: Maximize potential of national testbed network
  • Assist GENI in expansion of national testbed network:
    • Stitch together campuses and islands of advanced technology infrastructure
    • Peer communities that have already deployed 100Mbps or more symmetrical service to consumers, SMBs, anchors
    • Serve as “clearing house” for in-kind network contributions
  • Share best practices:
    • Compile lessons for infrastructure deployment, service creation and delivery, application development, and R&D
    • Curate and post online materials donated by partners/experts
    • Convene in-person forums
part 3 review evaluate ensure high impact applications
Part 3: Review, evaluate, ensure high-impact applications
  • Review results of application contests and grant programs:
    • Develop metrics for evaluating adoption, usage, and success of apps
    • Conduct post-award panel reviews of progress and mentoring sessions
    • Evaluate strategies for further development of winning technologies
  • Develop strategies to distribute and/or commercialize technology:
      • Academic institution funding as a research project
      • Further government funding as a public benefit or service
      • Spin-out of technology with US Ignite encouragement, support, and fundraising
    • US Ignite Partnership board members, funders, and partners receive early exposure
Context and Applications

SuziIaconoNovember 3, 2011

US Ignite Initiative

Advanced Applications Testbed

Next Generation Applications


  • Compelling new apps
  • Collaborative teams
  • Leverage GENI technologies
  • Contests & competitions
  • Link existing gigabit cities
  • Link with GENI campuses
  • Coordinate industry participation
  • Engage foundations
  • Bring in additional cities
  • Bring campuses to the initiative
  • Transition research technologies to pre-commercial use
  • +Government participation coordination: NSF, OSTP, and other federal agencies
  • +Industry, non-profit, and municipal partner coordination: US Ignite Non-profit
  • +Research and technology support: NSF-sponsored GENI Project
next generation applications how to jumpstart development
Next Generation ApplicationsHow to jumpstart development?
  • Call for unsolicited proposals for next generation applications (directions to follow)
    • Holding the 3rd Ignite workshop starting today to shape projects
    • Focus on traditional NSF PI community; regular proposals to NSF
    • Fund 3 to 6 this fall after merit review
    • A second call in the spring; fund 3 to 6 more this year
  • Prizes for next generation applications
    • Mozilla will host the platform
    • Non-traditional community from NSF perspective
    • Ideation plus prototype development prizes
application teams are encouraged to live the future today
Application Teams are Encouragedto “Live the Future Today”
  • Applications
    • In areas of national priority
    • Must show direct benefit to some segment of society; application has to run somewhere and be used by people
    • Leverages advances in next generation technologies
  • Teams
    • Looking for people with great ideas
    • Developers who can turn ideas into next generation applications
    • Infrastructure providers
    • Anchor institutions willing to be living labs
    • Evaluation experts
sample areas of national priority
Sample Areas of National Priority
  • Health IT
  • Advanced manufacturing
  • Cyberlearning
  • Smart Transportation
  • Public Safety
  • Smart Grid and other Energy Initiatives
  • Community empowerment
  • Economic development
  • Disaster preparedness and response
Christian Heilmann

Developer Evangelist

US Ignite Communities

Chattanooga, TN

Lafayette, LA


Cleveland, OH

Washington, DC

Philadelphia, PA

Independent Initiatives to Drive Networked Innovation

US Ignite

Gig U

Google Fiber



Independent Initiatives to Drive Networked Innovation

US Ignite

Gig U

Google Fiber



Independent Initiatives to Drive Networked Innovation

US Ignite

Gig U

Google Fiber



Independent Initiatives to Drive Networked Innovation

US Ignite

Gig U

Google Fiber



Independent Initiatives to Drive Networked Innovation

US Ignite

Gig U

Google Fiber



We’re creating a Living Lab

by building social infrastructure through community engagement.

Living Lab

{Real World




Social Infrastructure




Social Infrastructure

Physical Infrastructure with the potential to connect us

Existing Social Infrastructure in the way we communicate today

New Social Infrastructure for how we’ll communicate tomorrow

Community Engagement

Establishing new Social Infrastructure that:

Increases adoption and utilization

Engages users in process of cocreation

Maximizes impacts of pilots on users

Sustains dialogs around projects

FiberCorps Stakeholders

Lafayette Consolidated Government

Lafayette Economic Development Authority

Greater Lafayette Chamber of Commerce

University of Louisiana-Lafayette

Community Foundation of Acadiana

Louisiana Immersive Technology Enterprise

LaHIE Pilot


Health Information



HealthCare Coalition

  • LGMC
  • HCA
  • Lourdes
  • Schumacher
  • Acadian
  • LHC
  • CBIT
  • ULL
» Render Farm »

{Digital Media Workforce Development}






Telemedicine Bridge


Stuller, Inc

LUS Fiber


{Increased convenience}

{Better health}

{Increased productivity}

The Future of the Internet is Today

Network Infrastructure

Computing Infrastructure

Research Infrastructure

Social Infrastructure

We, the US Ignite Communities, Want You!

Let us serve as your testbeds to partner in driving networked innovation.

Multi-Faceted Research Opportunities

Network, hardware and software

Analytics, visualizations, and informatics

Living Lab best practices and models

Psychology, design, and communications

Healthcare, education, industry, and more


[email protected] 202-834-0121


Call to Action

Glenn RicartOctober 2011

us ignite agenda
US Ignite Agenda

10 am - noon: US Ignite plenary

1:00 – 3:00 pm: Experimenters plenary

3:30 – 4:15 pm: Expectations, goals, resources

4:15 – 5:00 pm: Newcomer interests blitz

5:30 – 7:00 pm: US Ignite Poster Session


8:00 – 10:00 am: Coaching sessions

10:30 - noon:  US Ignite panel and wrap-up

what can you do
What Can You Do?
  • Suggest great next generation applications
    • National Priority areas
    • Things you can’t easily do with today’s Internet
    • Leverage
      • GENI technologies
        • Slicing
        • Programmability
      • GENI Racks and local / distributed cloud
      • Software defined networking (e.g. OpenFlow)
      • Speeds at or near a gigabit
form join teams developing these apps
Form / Join teams developing these apps
  • Teams might have people like:
    • Idea person
    • Developer(s)
    • Potential user(s)
    • Campus connection(s)
    • City connection(s)
    • GENI expert(s)
    • Sponsors at mission agencies, foundations, etc.
identify additional potential partners for us ignite
Identify additional potential partners for US Ignite
  • People with application ideas
  • Developer communities
  • Industry (carriers, vendors, etc.)
  • Foundations
  • Existing high speed / SDN deployments
three wishes
Three Wishes

Suggest great next-gen applications

Form / join teams to develop these apps

Identify additional potential partners

[email protected]